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I am issuing myself a challenge for the rest of the month.

I am going to commit (fully) to working out on a regular basis, not just sporadically. Why?

  1.  I always feel better after I work out. I mean, who feels like they just wasted their time after working out?
  2. When I’m working out regularly I have more energy, more stamina, I can play with the girls for longer before I’m a puddle of exhaustion.
  3. Even on crap-tastic days, if I’ve worked out that day, at least at the end of it I can say I’m a little bit stronger than I was at the beginning of the day.
  4. I know I’ve said this before, but I want to girls to have a strong momma. I want them to know what it looks like to be strong, to take pride in taking care of the bodies they’ve been given. What better way to teach this then to do it?

My other challenge is to write for at least 10 minutes every day. And blog writing does. not. count.

I will be reporting how the rest of the month goes. I’m relying on you guys to help me be accountable for this. Wish me luck!

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I have a tumblr account. Feel free to check it out, but I must warn you that it’s not much to look at.  My Instagram pictures post there and links to my blog posts and that’s about it. I mainly have it so I can follow other tumblr blogs about tv shows I love, tv shows I should watch already so I can start loving them, and YA fiction. But that’s not the point of this.

My point is that I have been wondering lately about this blog. I love writing it and having my own forum hear to talk about my life with the H’s, but I wonder if it means anything to the small group of people who read it (Mom, this last sentence does not apply to you). To paraphrase a lovely movie, I live a small life. A life that I have a lot of joy in and take pleasure in, but in the grand scheme of things is very small and quiet and probably not of much importance to the vast majority of people. But in cyber stalking myself the other night (is that even possible?), I stumbled, or tumbled, I guess, upon this quote that I originally had built my tumblr account around:

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath

And there is the answer to my wonderings. I knew it all along. I feel a little like Dorothy right now being told by Glinda that she always had the power to go home. Does anyone else have a small, quiet life they share? Leave a link to your blog in the comment section. I would love to read it!



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If a blog were a living thing, I think mine would officially be dead. It would be limp, gray? grey? whatever, and very, very dead.

Moms who read this (if there are any left), how do you work full time and blog? I need a schedule. I also need to just write. I somehow got it into my head that I don’t do anything worth reading anymore, but then some of my favorite posts on other blogs have been about totally mundane things. I also need to improve my Photoshop skills. If I can find out how to make mood boards I think I would have a lot more to post about. Because then I would start telling you all about how much I freaking love clothes! Seriously, my clothes board on Pinterest has 487 pins. 4.8.7. It’s sick… But back to blogging!

So, yeah, I should work on that. I WILL work on that. Because I miss the old blog. I miss writing. I miss letting my freak flag fly it’s funky self all over the interwebs.  Do not worry, loyal readers. HSquared will be back soon… Hopefully, there will still be people who care about my writing.

In closing, I will leave you with this. Because they are cute (if ridiculously cranky right now) and because (in my world) what’s the use of a blog post with no pictures?




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Circle of Moms

Okay, I realize I’ve been harassing bugging ENCOURAGING you guys to vote for me hardcore on this Circle of Moms thing.  I thought some insight into my obsession might be due.

I’ve pretty much always had a job.  I got my first job my senior year of high school and have been working almost constantly ever since, and when I haven’t had a job it’s been because I was in a play/musical or at school.  And being in school didn’t mean I was slouching around, I took 18-20 credits every semester.  I was a busy girl.  So this whole SAHM thing that I’m doing now is a little weird for me.  I loved my job at the daycare (most days), and deciding not to go back was really hard for me, but ultimately it was the best decision for our new family.  I’m definitely not any less busy than I’m use to being, but it’s different kind of busy (and not earning my own money is a little hard for me to wrap my head around).

All that being said, I have a lot of my non-mommying self-worth wrapped up in this blog right now.  I’ve found a release in writing about my days with the girls that I desperately needed, but it feels a little like talking into a void.  I’m sure this isn’t an unusual feeling.  I assume most bloggers feel this way when they first start writing.

But getting votes in this Circle of Moms list?  I feel like I’m being heard.  Even if people don’t comment on my blog, the fact that I can go on the contest page and see my votes go up and my standing change… It means the world to me.  Well, maybe not the world.  It means a whole continent to me!  I’m very grateful and touched by everyone who clicks on that little thumbs up icon next to H-Squared.  Even if I don’t make it to the top 25, it’s still nice to know my (now) very different life is being observed.

So, thanks guys! You rock!


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