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I don’t know how I feel about this whole two year old thing. One minute I absolutely love it and it’s my favorite age and the next I feel like I’m going to strangle them. And everyone says three is worse! But I love this series of posts because it reminds me of all the funny, quirky, wonderful things they say when I’m about ready to collapse from exhaustion or when I feel like my brain is going to explode if I have to break up one more fight.

PS. Momma, I am so sorry for the times I messed with Kathleen just to get her upset. I had no idea what I was doing to you, I really just wanted to piss her off.

photo(2)while playing Hazel.

Hazel: (as her character) I have to go potty! (moves her toy to my cheek).

Me: Is my face the toilet?

Hazel: Yes!


Haley: I need my microphone glass.


Haley: Sissy, may I use it?

They say may when they are asking for something. It makes me melt. I love how polite they are.


Me: I’m scared.

Hazel: No, you not scared. You brave.


Haley: I’m fixing the table. There. All clean.


Haley: Is that me again? Oh, I so sorry!

Me: What happened?

Haley: I toot and poop again. I toot and toot and toot!


Me: Is it time to get out of the tub?

Haley: No, I just fell a little bit.

Me: Okay, well, five more minutes and then you need to be all done.

Haley: Okay, I just going to relax a little bit.


Haley: Bye, snail! Thank you, snail!


Me: What are you going to do?

Hazel: I come see you and roar. ROAR!


Me: Hazel, that is not listening. That is called being defiant.

Hazel: ROAR!

Me: Exactly. It took all the self control I have not to laugh when she did this.


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[Our neighbor has about nine pygmy goats. Goats who get out and into our yard at least once a day. They are harmless and runaway if the girls so much as look in their direction.]

Hazel: No, goats! Stop eating mine grass! That ours!


[I hear this all the time. From both girls, but Hazel started it. They want to know the title of every single song they hear, which is great because they can tell me when they want to hear a certain song, but exhausting when they ask it three times in a row for the same song.]

Hazel: What that song is?


Haley: Calm down, dear. Tell what’s happened?


Haley: Daddy, you funny?

Ken: Yes, I’m funny.

Haley: Haha. You think so.


Hazel: Go ‘side right now! One, two, three… [Give you one guess who she’s imitating here.]


Hazel: I can’t find my head, sissy.

Haley: Don’t worry, I find your head! Here’s your head.


Hazel: [whenever Ken coughs] Easy, Daddy, easy. I got you.


Hazel: Follow me, Daddy.

Ken: Where are we going?

Hazel: Um, I don’t know.

Me: Hazel, say ‘don’t ask silly questions, daddy’.

Hazel: [haltingly] Don’t ask silly questions, Daddy. [with authority] Now, come on!


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Haley: Um…  yeah.

Hazel: Um, no.

Haley: Um, yeah, sissy. You do like pancakes.

Hazel: Thanks, sissy!


Turning to look in the potty after she got done pooping.

Hazel: Whoa! Big!

I have a 12-year-old boy’s sense of humor. I thought this was hysterical. She sounded so impressed!


We just taught the girls how to do the Marco Polo call and response. We use it at the playground mostly, when one of them goes into a play structure where it’s hard for us to see them. It’s really cute. What’s even cuter is when they do it with each other, because then it usually ends up being something like this:

Haley: Marco!

Hazel: Polo!

Haley: Polo!

Hazel: Marco!


Haley: Hello, what you doing?

Hazel: Twirling.

Haley: Oh, can I do too?

Hazel: Sure!


Haley: giggle I naughty.

Me: You’re naughty?! Why are you naughty?

Haley: Because I being a stinker!

Hazel: I stinker too! And piglet.


Ken: Are you a wild child?
Haley: No, I a girl name Haley.


Hazel: Don’t eat my banana, Daddy! Eat you banana.

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#1. I am seriously on the fence about whether or not we will have more kids. There are times when I can easily picture another child in the mix and I imagine how sweet the girls would be with a little brother or sister. However, the further we get out of the baby phase, the more reluctant I become to go through the newborn process again.

#2. It’s only a week into December and I have already watched A White Christmas three times.

#3. Haley will call out “love you, Mama.” when I leave the room at nap/bedtime. Melts my cold, wicked heart every time.


#4. We discovered at Zoo Lights that the girls are highly suspicious of costumed characters (they had a some people dressed as a penguin, otter, and a cow). Now I’m nervous about taking them to see Santa. Anyone have any tips? I’ve been talking up Santa for a while now and they recognize pictures and Hazel says “ho ho ho” when she sees him.

#5. It’s been in the 30s for the last week or so. Cold weather makes me cranky. Is it wrong if I combat the crankiness by sitting on the floor with the girls eating candy canes all afternoon?

#6. Hazel now knows the words to Jingle Bells! LOVE!


#7. I need to start a workout routine again and Ken wants to as well. We are toying with the idea of saving up to buy a stationary bike. Does anyone have any recommendations?

#8. I am missing my April like crazy. This is her favorite time of year and I have her Christmas card up from last year. It has a collage of pictures of her son on it and now every morning the girls will point at it and yell “Caden!” Why is St. Louis so far away???


#9. I am brainstorming goals for next year. I finally feel like I’m ready to dive back into being Emily instead of just being Momma. It only took me two years, people!

#10. It’s not until next summer, but I am so excited that So You Think You Can Dance got picked up for another season!


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An Eon Ago

Okay, maybe just a month ago, Ken’s parents came to visit. And during the week they were here Nanita, Auntie Mandy, and cousin Eva came over to spend the night. And I got a couple of photos of Nanita and all the grand-girls.


3These little ladies are getting so big. I can’t believe we’ve passed the half way mark, we are closer to 2 than we are to 1. Whoever said the second year goes by faster than the first was absolutely right, but it’s still just crazy to me that time is going by faster.

4 They picked up so many new words over this last weekend. All of a sudden they are adding S into words they already know. So Haley is now saying “yes” and Hazel is saying “yesh” instead of just “yeah!”. They now know house, back, rabbit, fish, whale, shark, and juice. It’s madness!


6They are such little loves… when they want to be. They give the sweetest hug and kisses. We were playing the other night and Haley kept grabbing my face with both hands and pulling me in for a kiss. Be still, my heart! And dear, sweet Hazey will come and plop down in your lap and look around surveying her domain from her throne.


But, despite the sweetness in these pictures, we are definitely dealing with toddlers now. There are meltdowns galore if they do not get there own way, if I don’t let them watch tv, if they don’t get to go outside, if I won’t stop folding laundry IMMEDIATELY and read to them.

8I tremble in my shoes to think about what it’s going to be like when they are 2 because I keep hearing 2 is hard and that 3 is harder than 2! Lord help me.

9Though for moments like this, I will suffer through a million tantrums.

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The girls have their 15 month doctor’s appointment this morning and I will post stats later. I’m really looking forward to finding out how tall Haley is, the girl has shot up like a weed in the last month! But I wanted to write down their language development at this point. I have no idea what is considered normal, but I feel like they learn a new word every day! There is still a lot of grunting and whining, but I know soon they will have the words they need to replace those and make our communication smoother, if not easier.

Signs They Know:

  • More
  • All done
  • Eat
  • Please
  • Milk

I’m trying to teach them “help” and “thank you”.

Words They Say

  • More
  • Mama
  • Dadu (Daddy)
  • Pupu (Puzzle and Granpa)
  • Diaper
  • Cracker (their favorite word ever)

Words They Repeat

  • Gramma
  • Moo
  • Neigh
  • Quack
  • Meow
  • Woof Woof

They also know where their nose, head, and bellies are. We’re working on eyes, ears, and mouth and are about a 50/50 success rate. It’s so much fun watching them learn!

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Here’s the first cute picture.  If you want to see the second you have to read through my ramblings first!

One of my really good friends posted on FB the other day asking her momma friends where they stand on swearing in front of their kids.  So, of course, I started thinking: where do I stand on swearing in front of the girls?

I believe there are two different types of swearers (for people who swear).  There are the major leagues and the minor leagues.  My sister would fall into the major leagues.  These are the people who LOVE to swear.  They love the short syllables, the explosive consonants, and the creativity that they can have with their swear words.  More swear words should be invented cause they are just so gosh darn fun (can you tell I am not in the major leagues?)

The minor league swears are generally people who don’t drop the f-bomb unless it’s EXTREMELY warranted.  They usually stick to words like bullshit, damn-it, crap… you get the idea.  I’m definitely a minor league-r.  And I do swear in front of the girls.  I know, they’re not old enough to understand what I’m saying, but soon they will be and if I’m going to curb the swearing I had better start now.  I don’t do it a lot, but I do use the words mentioned above.

Someone had a great point about swearing in front of your kids (I don’t remember who), but their point was that the kids are going to hear those words eventually, would you rather they hear them from strangers on the street/friends’ houses or hear it from their parents who can explain what the words mean and when they are appropriate?  I don’t think it’s logical to tell the girls they can never swear.  If that’s a choice they make, then great, they have more self-control than I do, but I would be SUCH a hypocrite if I told them to never do it.

I’m not looking for advice, I’m just hypothesizing, like I said, obviously this is a long way out, but I’m nothing if not a planner so I figured if I can figure this out now it will save me brain power down the road.  And I’m going to need all the brain power I can get to keep up with these girls!

What about other moms?  What do you do/planning to do about swearing?

Don’t forget to vote for the potty-mouth blog!  Only 4.5 more days!

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