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Weekend Update

We were Ken-less this weekend so all the pictures were taken on my iPhone. This little girls move way too fast for me to bother with the fancy-pants camera when I’m flying solo.

The weekend started out with me getting  night off (woo-hoo!) from baby duty and going to visit my mom and sister while they were working.

1Ah, the joys of being self-employed. Getting to work and drink beer at the same time. 🙂

The girls and I spent Saturday with my family and the girls were decked out in their Duck gear!

2Seriously, is there anything cuter than these little bodies?


4Sunday we went to the zoo and, no, I was not crazy enough to attempt that by myself. One of my friends went with me to help wrangle. We had a blast! They ditched the stroller pretty quickly and did fairly well with holding hands and following directions. I think it’s one of the most successful trips to the zoo we’ve ever had and I’m so excited that we might get to stop using the stroller so much.


6The downside of having them out of the stroller so much is that it is really hard to take pictures, but I had fun just being in the moment.  Clearly, I suffer when my sister isn’t around to document for me. Also, when do bribes start to work? When can I say “if you let Momma take a picture of you I’ll give you a sticker?” and they will be all over it?

7PS. How pretty is Haley’s hair! It’s getting so long, I love it!

PPS. Is anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance? I’m so excited for the finale this week! If Amy doesn’t win, I may cry.

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Weekend Update

Ken was home this weekend! It’s the first weekend he has had off from work in three weeks! It was great!

He gave me Saturday off from the babies. I was getting a little burned out and cranky and generally un-fun. If you follow HSquared, or are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram then you saw me go from this:


to this:


I love it! I feel lighter, I don’t look in the mirror and thing “ugh”. My long hair was becoming frustrating to me since I didn’t have the time or, let’s be honest, the inclination to style it. Especially since the girls like to brush my hair and pet my head. Ken compared me to both Mary Tyler Moore and Velma Kelly.

I got to meet up with my sister and have lunch with her, which almost never happens. It was nice to go into Portland and do things on my own and just hang out.


Sunday we just hung out and did some errands and stopped by one of the local farms.

602535_573501697626_554008346_nI think next summer, I’m going to plant a whole mess of daisies and sunflowers in front of the house. This sight just makes me so happy!

603361_573501792436_551386976_nI’ve been working out steadily for the last week and I feel like I’m working my ass off and getting stronger and it’s making me really want to be putting healthy food in my body. I still really believe in the Paleo philosophy, but I’m reluctant to get those stomachaches again. I planned lots of cleaned eating meals this week and I felt really good after dinner last night.


The oven-roasted carrots and parsnips were so good! Almost better than french fries, and I love me some french fries! They were just roasted with oil, salt, and pepper, but then, in the last five minutes of roasting, you get to drizzle thyme-garlic oil over the top. It’s sooo good! And my picky eaters actually ate some of the parsnips!

How was your weekend? We get a bonus day with Ken today, so we are off to the beach! Happy Monday!


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This weekend was all about this guy:


That’s MY daddy! We went and spent some time at The Farm so we could be with the birthday boy on his special day. To celebrate we drove into Portland to have brunch at an awesome little restaurant we use to go to all the time before we moved to the middle of nowhere.  Everything is always delicious and they make insanely good bloody mary’s. But I didn’t have any this weekend. Because I am a light weight. And Ken was with us to drive. Being responsible is a big drag sometimes.


The girls did great at the restaurant. Hazel got a little tired of being stuck in her chair, but just whined at little bit.


Haley was a dream! I was really pleased and surprised with how well behaved she was.


And they thought the pancakes were pretty awesome. Though the waitresses kept trying to bring me syrup for them. Yeah, sticky, super sweet syrup with 1.5 year olds? I don’t think so.


But Hazel did enjoy the rest of the sour cream from my chorizo breakfast burrito. YUM!

What did you guys do this weekend? Any birthdays? Outings? I saw Newberg had their Old Fashioned Festival this last weekend, but I didn’t know about it until I already had all of our plans lined up (story of my life!). Next year, I am going to find out about these things ahead of time!

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Weekend Recap

We went to the beach over the weekend, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea since we were all suffering from various degrees of sickiness. 253218_567814624566_1779874538_nSee? See how done she was with me already? We weren’t even there yet! The first night was pretty awful. The girls fought going to bed pretty hard and then Haley kept whining in her sleep and waking me up and then I would stress that she was going to wake Hazel up. I finally got up around midnight and crawled into the other bed with her. Ugh. Co-sleeping is so not my jam. I would love for it to be, because I love the cuddles, but there is so cuddling in sleeping with Haley. She tosses and turns and kicks and punched me in the eye at one point. Also, she woke up at 5:30am! Cue me curling into a ball and whimpering and wondering what I did to make the universe lash out so cruelly.

970868_567814644526_9817148_nAt least my aunt and uncle’s house has cable and I could watch Food Network. And thank god for coffee!

971322_567814759296_2003026568_nThere was lot of laying around and cuddling and letting the girls watch far too much tv.



309938_567814904006_1578664933_nAnd you know rain puddles make everything better.


943130_567814958896_4152254_nMonkey see, monkey do.

The weather was pretty wretched too and going to the beach is really frustrating because the girls just want to play in the water and it is way too cold for me. I tried. I thought my feet were going to fall off in the first 5 seconds. Haley didn’t have any such concerns.

Thank god they have each other! When Momma and Daddy are super pathetic, it’s awesome that they still have someone to play/be a goof ball with.






970084_567814869076_338944773_nOf course, sitting on mom is always still fun.




And cleaning the carpet is fun too.


I hope everyone else had a fun and decidedly less snotty weekend than we had. I’m just about jumping out of my skin because I only have 2 weeks left of work and then I get to see a very, very dear friend and meet her little boy, and then we move! Ah! So excited!


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