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Hazel is WALKING!!!! I’m thrilled, absolutely, completely, ridiculously thrilled! She’s officially a ‘toddler’. And I hope you all will join me in my embarrassing happy dance.



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50 Weeks


50 weeks. Wow.

I Googled today to see when babies go from being infants toddlers. The resounding answer was when they turn one. Cue this momma lying on the floor bawling her eyes out that her kids are growing up a chorus of Happy Birthday.


Haley is a walking machine. She can even turn herself in a circle. Excuse all the drool, those stupid molars still haven’t come through. They don’t seem to be hurting her, but she’s been drooling like a leaky faucet. She loves taking a bath, carrying around her lovey, and being chased.

Hazel can pull herself up to standing flawlessly and will walk holding onto to our hands, or furniture. She can balance by herself, but I think she’s afraid to take a step. No rush though. Whenever she’s ready is fine with me. She loves to play peek-a-boo, to eat, and she says “quack quack” when we sing Rubber Ducky.

They are ridiculously adorable with each other. They play with each other, laugh with each other. There are many evenings when I am so overwhelmed with love and delight that I feel sad for people who don’t get to experience the joy of twins. It’s so magical and wonderful. Which is wonderful considering how terrified I was during the pregnancy.

50 weeks. I guess I should get to work on figuring out their birthday party. Eek!


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48 Weeks

I hope everyone had a great christmashanukkahkawanzawintersolstice. I’m still slogging through all the photos from Christmas, trying to get them all edited. But it’s a BEAST, plus I’m trying to figure out the girls birthday party. I’m not going crazy with it, but I’m not a great party planner so it takes me longer than the average bear.

Haley is barely crawling anymore. She’s taking a lot of tumbles because of it, but she just gets right back up and keeps on trucking.


Hazel has become so outgoing and social. She is becoming so independent, she doesn’t want Momma or Daddy’s help with anything. Unless she gets stuck crawling under the chairs. Then she wants us. 🙂


The girls are playing with it each other so much more. Like right now, for instance, they are in the hallway giggling at each other. SOOOO cute!

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45 Weeks

Update: I’m in a much better mental place this week. I got my hormones all in order and had lots of chocolate and a cocktail or two and lots of sweet cuddles from girls (not all at once!). I am so overwhelmed and grateful by all the encouraging words I received from fellow mommas. Thank you so much!


So, remember last week when I said Haley would take her first step by Christmas? She took it! Last Wednesday she started taking steps! It’s amazing to watch her. Every day she gets braver and takes more risks! She claps for herself when she stands unassisted. There’s a little boy about 4 months older than her in the daycare and they are already besties. When she claps for herself, he claps for her too. Adorable! But taking her picture this week was a —–! We were laughing and having fun the entire time, but the girl will not stay sitting where I put her!


Hazel is finally fully recovered from her fever. She has been super sweet and funny this last week. She has started to do give her own version of loves where she will crawl over and lay her head on your leg, just for a moment, and then be up and off playing again. Melts my heart every time! She comes out of her shell around people a little bit more every week. It’s a lovely transformation to watch.


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44 Weeks

This walking thing is on like donkey kong! I’m calling it. By Christmas Haley-Elizabeth will be walking. That is my bet. She can stand up by herself and the other day she kept trying to pick up her foot while standing by herself. It’s just a matter of time.


Poor Hazel was sick the day I took this pictures. And no, I’m not the ridiculously cruel mom that makes my baby pose when she doesn’t feel well. She had a moment this day where she was acting like she felt better. She was smiling, laughing, playing Haley. I thought, oh! She must be feeling good maybe we can get her picture done. And then this happened the moment I put her down.



And I’m keeping it because these weekly photos are supposed to represent this first year and this was how she felt this particular week. I think she’s finally on the mend. But I must admit I have loved the time at home with the girls and the extra cuddles I have gotten from the girl who never cuddles with me. It was really nice to see her smile last night. And eat. And she pooped yesterday, which I also take as a sign that she’s starting to feel better… Sorry. Baby blog.

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