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MMiSL. Park It.

I have no idea what day we did this. It might have been the afternoon after our photo shoot. Actually, I think it was the day of the photo shoot. This park was really close to April’s dad’s house. Again, it was awesome. There’s got to be stuff just as cool in Portland or Salem. C’mon, Oregonians! Help a momma out!

1017471_569681633066_1460472514_n1014346_569681418496_718029823_nThe ladies just taking everything in. Side note, I have to say how much I love their swimsuits. I have been contemplating how I can keep them after this summer. I don’t want to cut them up for any sewing stuff, but I don’t want them just sitting in a closet either. And then Better Homes and Gardens had the answer.  And I can’t find a picture of it anywhere online, but they basically framed swimsuits their daughters had grown out of and put them in an upstairs hallway. And by they, I mean the people whose beautiful beach house was featured in the July issue of BGH.

1011383_569681458416_1834677939_nShe’s not a fan of getting splashed, but a little trickle of water at her feet is right up her alley.





And Hazel barely wanted anything to do with the water. I think she was a little offended that I dare suggest she get wet at all.




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Holla! We finally have internet! I missed you all so much!!! I hope you have missed me too and have been on pins and needles waiting with anticipation to hear about the rest of our St. Louis trip. If you haven’t well then… what the hell are you doing reading my blog? Just kidding. The summer weather makes me giddy and my sense of humor gets a little weird.


Day three found us going over to April and Andrew’s house to hang out in the morning and go to the Disney store. April’s Disney store is so much cooler than any of the ones I’ve been to in Oregon. They have an opening ceremony with a key and stuff when the store opens, there’s a coloring station, a tunnel going through all the stuffed animals, and a mirror. A mirror that reflects the corresponding princess when you wave her crown or scepter in front of it.


At the rate we’re going, the girls will be so Disney crazy by their third birthday (you know, the one where we’re taking them to Disneyland), that they will not be able to contain their excitement. I may be just as thrilled as they are. 🙂

Anyway, after the Disney store and some naps and some lunch, we headed over to The Magic House, St. Louis’ children’s museum. Which, again, totally kicked Portland’s children’s museum’s butt.  I mean, totally.

70First of all, this place is huge. It’s in this four story house that I think has some historical significance. 69



49We got off to a little bit of a bumpy start since I lost my lens cap after we had been there for only five minutes and we’re not going to talk about how I almost lost Hazel.

50We spent most of our time in the toddler area and the girls had so much fun running around and exploring. We barely saw April and Andrew while we were there because the kids just went in opposite directions. Ken and I were even separated for a big chunk of time.


52So many Hazels!


54This was pretty cute. There was a mouse birthday party going on in this little home. It was so darling and the attention to detail was charming and wonderful. I lost count of how many times Hazel opened and closed the little door.



Next to the toddler section they had a fake town set up. There was a bank, an electric company, a mechanic’s shop, a grocery store, a restaurant, a hospital, and a library. The girls were too young for it, but I think they enjoyed wandering around and watching the older kids do stuff.

59These were the stairs leading to the library. I don’t think I can appropriately express how much I love these stairs.

61Before we left, April dragged us up to the fourth floor to touch the electricity ball (that’s not really what it is called). This was Haley-girl and I waiting in line.

63Look how awesome her hair is!! It’s one of those electricity conductors that you touch and then your hair goes all crazy.

7259_569682092146_2011645244_nAnd Hazel with Daddy. All of the pictures of Hazel and Ken were a little blurry, but this is the one where she has a big smile, so that’s the one that wins.

The last thing we did before taking our wiped out kids back to the house for dinner, was go through the Fairy Tale exhibit they had.

65Jack and The Beanstalk Slide.

66Hazel exploring Cinderella.

I loved The Magic House. I wish we had something as cool in Portland. Sigh. I guess we’ll just have to go to St. Louis again.

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Christmas was wonderful this year! Absolutely wonderful!

Christmas has been done at my parents house for years and years, ever since my grandmother passed away. When my grandpa died a few years ago, my mom began to mutter and make noises about wanting to shake up our normal routine. We finally managed it this year. We went to Black Butte Ranch, which is somewhere my family has been going during the summer for years. We spent, I think, one Christmas there when I was much younger (Mom, correct me if I’m remembering this wrong), but we hadn’t done that in a very long time.

It was horrible getting there though. There was a downed tree in the pass, and stop and start traffic, and long story short it took us 5.5 hours. With two babies. Who aren’t fans of long car rides. BUT we made it and lived to tell the tale. And I only had maybe three heart attacks.


By the time we got there it was 5:30 (the girls eat dinner usually at 5), so I shoved food into them as quick as I could and then the girls got to play and explore.


Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend got it wrong. A girl’s best friend is the remote control.






Like Haley’s dancing feet? I do. I have dreams of future prima ballerinas. Or Rockettes. Or Riverdance. Or hoofers. Just nothing with the word exotic in front of it.






It’s the attack of the Haley-Monster!



Hazel’s new best friend, Katy. She loves my mom’s dogs so much. And Katy is so sweet and patient with her. And Charlie is just a spaz.


Part 2 coming soon!

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Beach, Please.

The weekend after the Fourth of July we took a quickie family vacation to the beach.  The thing that I didn’t fully grasp is that mommas don’t really get vacations if they have their kids with them.  They (we) usually end up working harder while on vacation.  At least I did.

To start off with, the girls actually did pretty well, all things considering.  They napped okay (considering we were in a totally new environment), but they did need to be rocked to sleep and were on totally different schedules, so one would wake up as the other fell asleep.  That is really where my exhaustion came from.  I was “on” all weekend.

Also, not that you can tell from any of our pictures, but the weather kinda sucked.  I mean, it was the Oregon coast so it’s to be expected, but seriously weather.  It’s July. Get with the program already.

It was nice to spend so much time with my family.  And to have all the extra arms and hands to help with the girls.  Though as my mom pointed out, it took an entire house to do what I do almost every day all by myself.  My response was something along the lines of a moment or two of silence followed by wondering how the heck I take care of two babies all by myself?!

Aunt Kathleen’s first time holding both girls at once.  It’s getting to be an arm workout.

My mom is such a good cook.  Seriously, I always overeat on vacations with her.  And Ken would want you all to know that he wrapped the silverware like they were babies.  That’s right.  They are swaddled in napkins. 🙂

Gramma bought the girls new toys while we were there and Hazel seems to prefer the elephant over the cow.  The cow kinda freaks her out.  I keep telling her hamburgers are the best, but she’s not convinced yet (and don’t worry, Ken was sitting right in front of her the entire time she was sitting in the chair).

The girls got to meet a whole bunch of my extended family while we were there.  Unfortunately, it was pretty close to bedtime and they were kinda cranky.  I fantasize about the days when I only need to put the girls down for two naps instead of 3/4.

Oh! And Hazel’s bottom teeth finally came in! Now we’re playing the waiting game with Haley’s top teeth (I swear it’s going to be any day now).

So, while it was nice to be with family and to eat lots of good food and drink some yummy beer, all four of us were really happy to come home.  And I swear Puzzle missed us… maybe.

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