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Hazel Genevieve

Hazel still remains our little sun spot.


She has an intense love for her sister and her Boppa (Grandpa). She has started calling for “sis-ee” when she wants Haley. The girls would exist on milk alone if I let her. We normally only buy 2%, but my mom gave us some whole milk last week that she had bought with the intent of using to make ice cream and it just didn’t end up happening. Oh my goodness. Giving Hazel whole milk is like giving a recovered addict a hit of whatever drug they use to crave. She was obsessed! It’s a little bit of a daily  struggle trying to get her to eat real food or drink water instead and all the while she continues her plaintive cries for “mo milk eease!” She loves to dance and has got some pretty sweet moves, if I do say so myself.


She’s the spokesperson of  the family. She answers any and all questions, whether they are meant for her or not. She’s still pretty timid when it comes to physical stuff: she won’t climb anything high or jump down from things. I kind of appreciate her cautiousness though, it means she isn’t giving me multiple heart attacks like her sister does.

She loves to organize. Ken and I will just giggle to each other (I mean, I giggle. Ken does whatever the manly version of giggling is) as she puts things where they belong. I took them to the Children’s Museum last month and Hazel would just pick up after the other kids at every station we were at.

She adores Minnie Mouse and her dog, Fifi. We have a tiny plastic Fifi figurine that she carries around with her most of the day. If she put it down somewhere she will come running up to me five minutes later with her hands stretched out, chirping “Fi Fi go?” over and over until the toy is located.


Some more nitty gritty details about my beautiful baby b.

Favorite Shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George, and Super Why

Favorite Books: The Berenstein Bears On The Moon by Stan and Jan Berenstein, Sylvie by Jennifer Sattler

Favorite Foods: Milk, “noo-noos” (noodles), and grapes. She doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, thankfully. She won’t   even finish an entire mini candy cane.

Dislikes: Putting on clothes, having her body moved, being put in her carseat, and Haley having a toy she wants to play with.

New Knowledge: The color blue, stars, circles, and can count to two… kinda.

And my favorite thing I have heard her say? “See-see, you?!” When she’s looking for Haley.



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Still Here!

cough. cough.

blow dust off of H-Squared.

Hey guys, what’s up? So, after my whirl wind of blogging nearly every day in May, I had my last day of work, and then we left to visit a dear friend of mine in St. Louis, and just got back on Monday and now (AHHH!!) we’re moving! So, posts the next week or so may be a little spotty. Bear with me. I will get back to regular posts. And I can’t wait to tell y’all about St. Louis!


PS. Also, So You Think You Can Dance is on which makes me a little distracted when I’m trying to write posts.



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Hazel takes my breath away at least once a day. For anyone who doesn’t know, if you are lucky enough to get pregnant with twins you have about a bagillion ultrasounds and the doctor will label the babies “A” and “B”. Which baby gets which label all comes down to who is closest to the exit sign. Haley’s butt was resting on my cervix, so she was “Baby A”. Even though this label is all about position and even though the girls are only a minute apart, Hazey has always been the baby in my mind.  She’s also felt like the bonus baby. I know Haley would have been apart of our family no matter what. I knew she was a girl from the start, I knew her name had to be Haley, she was ours without a doubt. But Hazel has always felt like someone we snuck away. Like we weren’t supposed to have her, but some how the stars aligned and we were given this beautiful, sweet, amazing little girl. I don’t want anyone to think this means that Haley is loved any less than her sister. She’s not. She is the daughter I always wanted. That I dreamed about and longed for. And Hazel is the daughter I didn’t know I needed, but boy, oh, boy, is she perfect for us.

She is such a chatterbox! I joke that she is definitely a girl because she needs to talk about everything she’s doing as she’s doing it. She’s super sweet, very affectionate. She will disappear every once in a while and I will find her in a corner, quietly playing with some toys or reading a book, totally content to do her own thing.5

She’s going through a little stranger danger right now, specifically with men. She eats pretty much anything, except for meats and she doesn’t seem to like melons very much. We’re still waiting for her to walk. She’s standing by herself and will walk everywhere if someone is helping her. Ken thinks she will walk on his birthday (Wednesday!) and I say she will walk on Easter. I hope it’s sooner, but I know my girl can’t be rushed, so I tried to pick a date that would give her plenty of time. But, y’all, I have an a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e dress for her to wear on Easter and it would just be the brown sugar on my bacon if she was able to walk while she was wearing it.


She has 6 teeth, is signing back “all done”, “more”, and “eat”, and shakes her head like a pro. Sometimes it means no, sometimes I think she just likes to get dizzy. Can’t you just see her in two more years twirling herself until she falls over giggling?

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We haven’t had an update in a while, have we?


Haley-Elizabeth is such an outgoing, happy, little girl. She loves other people and to be included in their conversation.


She loves to climb EVERYTHING! And she now knows how to get down as well. She’s walking like a pro. She says “uh oh” which just about kills us. It’s really cute.

As silly and happy as she is, she is also very sensitive. Both her soul and her skin. She takes hurts like they are the worse thing anyone could ever have done to her.


She’s turning into a picky eater. It’s frustrating and makes me worry about her, but at least she’ll eat as much fruit as I give her. It could be worse. She won’t eat meat, a fair amount of veggies, or pasta (I know! Could this possibly be my child?). But home girl will inhale as much fruit, cheese, yogurt, and (most) carbs as I give her. And water. I have no problem getting the girl to drink water and she refuses to drink juice. I know it could be much worse. I don’t worry so much about the meat because she loves chickpeas and beans and I know I can get the protein into her other ways, but the veggies I wish she would eat more of and the pasta. Cause, let’s face it, that’s just weird.


Oh! And she gives kisses now! I love it! It makes me so happy!

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