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I don’t know how I feel about this whole two year old thing. One minute I absolutely love it and it’s my favorite age and the next I feel like I’m going to strangle them. And everyone says three is worse! But I love this series of posts because it reminds me of all the funny, quirky, wonderful things they say when I’m about ready to collapse from exhaustion or when I feel like my brain is going to explode if I have to break up one more fight.

PS. Momma, I am so sorry for the times I messed with Kathleen just to get her upset. I had no idea what I was doing to you, I really just wanted to piss her off.

photo(2)while playing Hazel.

Hazel: (as her character) I have to go potty! (moves her toy to my cheek).

Me: Is my face the toilet?

Hazel: Yes!


Haley: I need my microphone glass.


Haley: Sissy, may I use it?

They say may when they are asking for something. It makes me melt. I love how polite they are.


Me: I’m scared.

Hazel: No, you not scared. You brave.


Haley: I’m fixing the table. There. All clean.


Haley: Is that me again? Oh, I so sorry!

Me: What happened?

Haley: I toot and poop again. I toot and toot and toot!


Me: Is it time to get out of the tub?

Haley: No, I just fell a little bit.

Me: Okay, well, five more minutes and then you need to be all done.

Haley: Okay, I just going to relax a little bit.


Haley: Bye, snail! Thank you, snail!


Me: What are you going to do?

Hazel: I come see you and roar. ROAR!


Me: Hazel, that is not listening. That is called being defiant.

Hazel: ROAR!

Me: Exactly. It took all the self control I have not to laugh when she did this.



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Oh, potty training. How you filled me with hope and dread all at the same time.

I did the naked weekend approach the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after the girls turned two. It was also the weekend that we got a ton of snow and were stranded at home anyway. so that worked out nicely. It actually went pretty well. Hazel caught on quickly and by the second day was going to the training potty whenever she had to pee. Getting her to poop in it took a while. She would hide and go on the floor and then come and get me so I could clean it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Haley would sit, but needed to be directed to sit. Reminding her was never enough.

Me: Haley, do you need to go potty?

Haley: No, I okay.

Every. Time.

So, we came out of the naked weekend with one girl mostly potty trained and one reluctantly kinda, sorta only-if-you-stayed-on-top-of-her trained. We even had successful trips out of the house to the park, the library, and play dates. I was feeling fairly confident that our diaper days were numbered (I was still using diapers for nap and night time).

Two weeks late, it was like someone slammed on the breaks. Haley would start to cry if I even mentioned the potty and Hazel couldn’t have cared less about where she peed, but they both still wanted to wear their underwear. It was so frustrating. I started a three strikes, you’re out policy. They got a choice in the morning between diaper and underwear. If they chose underwear they had it sit on the potty and if they didn’t want to, or had three accidents in a row, they went into diapers. It worked, a little, but it was exhausting and they eventually went back to being in diapers 100% of the time. And you thought I was being overdramatic calling this a saga.

I don’t know what happened. Maybe I tried to train too soon. but they were showing all the signs of being ready that I had read to look for. Eh. I guess it doesn’t really matter. Hazel is potty trained as far as poop is concerned. She rarely has a bowel movement (in case anyone is getting sick of the P word) in her diaper anymore. Over the weekend Haley suddenly started going in the potty again. Much to my surprise, she was dry when she woke up yesterday, asked for underwear, and in the potty all day with only one tiny accident.

I guess the point of this post is just to say that I’m following their leads. My sister-in-law said potty training clicked for Eva when she was about two and a half. Maybe the same will happen for the H’s. But if having twins has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how much I plan and organize if the girls aren’t ready, it ain’t gonna happen. And that’s beginning to be okay with me. We’ll get there when we get there.

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Toddlers, Man

I took this video last night at 6:45pm. Bedtime is normally at 7pm. So, Ken and I made the good judgement call to move their bedtime back thirty minutes, which was awesome because they fell asleep almost right away.

Anyway, enjoy the ridiculous cuteness of my babies!

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Wowie! We were busy this weekend! I got some very sweet cuddles from the girls while watching Little Einstein. This is how we watch shows now, mostly so I can guarantee I get cuddles from my girls. Because otherwise I can’t get any cuddles from these busy girls. Well, I do get fly-by kisses. ๐Ÿ™‚


We went to the beach on Friday afternoon with my parents to see my aunt and uncle.


3I love this picture! It’s getting printed and framed and I will pull it out when Haley is a teenager and brings over boys she likes.

4After we played and got lunch (OMG the girls were so good at the restaurant. I’m so relieved that we can eat out with them. You know, as long as we have the iphones, crayons, and paper to draw on), we took the girls on their first hike.




Then on Saturday, we had a really mellow morning at home, and after nap, took the girls on ANOTHER hike. Really, it was more of a walk. The girls didn’t even need to go in their carriers. And we even had to time to hit a local farm on our adventure.

8I couldn’t resist, guys. The little pumpkins were too cute and Hazel got really excited when she saw them and picked out one for her and picked out one for “ha-ee”. And she actually picked them out. I would hold out a pumpkin and she would say yes or no. It was too cute!

9Sunday, I was super exciting and went grocery shopping. BY MYSELF! Without pulling two toddlers along with me and trying to rush through all my errands before they get fed up with being patient. I even made time to do some Christmas present browsing.

10How cute are these? And one has brown eyes and one has blue! Like my girls!

12And I found these at Goodwill. $5 for a pair of Tiny Toms! And they fit Hazel! She finally has a pair of sparkly shoes that fit!

13No weekend is complete without some good ol’ rock throwing!


So, tell me guys, what should we do next weekend?


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The girls turned 18 months on Tuesday. It’s amazing to think a year and a half has gone by already.ย  I feel like they know a new word every day. Some of my favorites are “sparkly”, “fluoride”, and “thank you”. These three words sound especially cute when said in little voice and without the majority of their consonants. The girls are fun and active and smart and curious and, like their momma, s t u b b o r n. Yeah. That’s a really great combo. Especially when all three of us are tired, or hungry, or bored or any combination of the three. At least once a day, I find myself singing either under my breath (if I’m trying to calm myself) or at the top of my lungs (if I’m trying to release the frustration):

Momma said there’d be days like this. There’d be days like this, my momma said.

Hazel is going through this whiny, clingy, fussy phase that Haley went through a while ago. Separation anxiety has reared it’s ugly head as well. Don’t ask me how we can have separation anxiety when I spend all day, every day with them, but apparently it’s possible. It doesn’t help that Ken has been working a lot and working weekends and then when he is home, he’s tired. Which I totally get. He works really hard for us. To support us and care for us and for me to be able to stay at home with the girls. I think I’m feeling a little guilty about choosing to leave an income and making him support us again, and the guilt is keeping me from asking him for help with the girls and with the house. Which is stupid, right? Right.


I’m convinced that these frustrations have popped up because I was starting to get baby fever again. The universe saw where I was going and effectively put on the breaks. So, what am I going to do to deal with fussy babies who only want to be with momma? I’m going to make a cozy, comfy corner in the playroom with pillows and blankets and pile all of their books around us and not move except to get cheerios and yogurt and mac n’ cheese (Hazel calls every pasta dish noo-noos. I die from the cuteness just about every time).

I don’t even know where I was going with this post. I guess I was wanting to update on how we are. We’re steady. We have good days and bad days. We have days where I’m so in love with these little girls that I seriously contemplate sleeping on the floor of their room so I don’t have to be away from them. And we have days where I fantasize about running away to some place where there aren’t any diapers. Like I said,

Momma said there’d be days like this. There’d be days like this, my momma said.


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A couple of weeks ago my mom, sister, and I took the girls to the aquarium.ย  It was supposed to be a “hooray it’s summer” kind of thing, but it, of course, poured. Buckets. Because the rain follows me wherever I go. If my family wants to go on a sunny vacation, they don’t invite me. I’m kidding. They still invite me, but it does rain.

We still had fun, but part of the Oregon Aquarium is outside, so we got soaked while we had fun.


Once upon a time, this aquarium was home to Keiko. You know, this guy. Since then his habitat was turned into a series of underwater tunnels.


4I think the girls and I were equaled in our awe and excitement. Not that you can tell from Hazel’s Stone Cold Steve Austin face.


But it was pretty cool to be surrounded like that. I love sea life. I find oceanic life completely fascinating, but I like being separated by glass. I get a little nervous being submerse in a foreign ecosystem.

9 The first tunnel was a replica of a reef habitat. I can’t remember what the second one was, but there was a fake sunken ship in it and some beautiful fishes. And the third tunnel was the sharks! Little sharks, but shark none the less.


Is it wrong that I’m teaching the girls that a shark says “chomp chomp”?

1112There was also a sign that said that the otters were experiencing high hormones and to not antagonize them because they will then lash out at their handlers and fellow otters. And Ken thought my PMS was bad! ๐Ÿ™‚

14We spent the longest with the seals. This torpedo of blubber kept swimming slowly towards the glass until his forehead gently touched the partition and his skin rippled up like an accordion.ย  He would hang out like that for a moment and then slowly swim away.


I’m choosing believe that he was playing and not so bored that he was slamming his head into the wall.


I wish you could hear the giggles. It was adorable.



18So here’s some craziness for you. These guys were in the shark tunnel when we went through a second time. The guy with the hose is cleaning the tank. See the guy just behind him? The one carrying the big stick? That is his body guard. Who answers that want ad? Shark tank cleaner sounds like a scary job all in itself, but then there’s guy who defends the cleaner in case the sharks decide the want a snack. I just hope they both have awesome health insurance and disability insurance. And please-god-don’t-let-a-shark-bite-me insurance.


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