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Oh, potty training. How you filled me with hope and dread all at the same time.

I did the naked weekend approach the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after the girls turned two. It was also the weekend that we got a ton of snow and were stranded at home anyway. so that worked out nicely. It actually went pretty well. Hazel caught on quickly and by the second day was going to the training potty whenever she had to pee. Getting her to poop in it took a while. She would hide and go on the floor and then come and get me so I could clean it up. 🙂

Haley would sit, but needed to be directed to sit. Reminding her was never enough.

Me: Haley, do you need to go potty?

Haley: No, I okay.

Every. Time.

So, we came out of the naked weekend with one girl mostly potty trained and one reluctantly kinda, sorta only-if-you-stayed-on-top-of-her trained. We even had successful trips out of the house to the park, the library, and play dates. I was feeling fairly confident that our diaper days were numbered (I was still using diapers for nap and night time).

Two weeks late, it was like someone slammed on the breaks. Haley would start to cry if I even mentioned the potty and Hazel couldn’t have cared less about where she peed, but they both still wanted to wear their underwear. It was so frustrating. I started a three strikes, you’re out policy. They got a choice in the morning between diaper and underwear. If they chose underwear they had it sit on the potty and if they didn’t want to, or had three accidents in a row, they went into diapers. It worked, a little, but it was exhausting and they eventually went back to being in diapers 100% of the time. And you thought I was being overdramatic calling this a saga.

I don’t know what happened. Maybe I tried to train too soon. but they were showing all the signs of being ready that I had read to look for. Eh. I guess it doesn’t really matter. Hazel is potty trained as far as poop is concerned. She rarely has a bowel movement (in case anyone is getting sick of the P word) in her diaper anymore. Over the weekend Haley suddenly started going in the potty again. Much to my surprise, she was dry when she woke up yesterday, asked for underwear, and in the potty all day with only one tiny accident.

I guess the point of this post is just to say that I’m following their leads. My sister-in-law said potty training clicked for Eva when she was about two and a half. Maybe the same will happen for the H’s. But if having twins has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how much I plan and organize if the girls aren’t ready, it ain’t gonna happen. And that’s beginning to be okay with me. We’ll get there when we get there.

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Happy Easter

This was the Easter I was hoping for last year. You know, when Haley had a temperature and was an absolutely miserable mess. This year was different. This year everyone was healthy, the girls were excited, engaged, and absolutely loving all the fun that comes with holidays.

1Their baskets were pretty low-key. I learned my lesson at Christmas. It doesn’t take much to keep them entertained and if I try to show them too many things they get overwhelmed. So, it was just little things and then Snow White for them to share (which we are watching while I write this). After they went through their baskets, we did a trail egg hunt in the playroom to practice for later. What’s that, Mom? You want us to go pick up eggs with candy in them? Don’t have to ask us twice!


3Ken’s parents had flown in on Saturday and so after the girls ate as many jelly beans as they could sneak past me, we loaded up and started the two hour-ish drive to his sister’s house. I think this was the first holiday Ken’s entire family has been together for in maybe four years? Maybe five. Certainly since all the grand-kids have been born.

The girls were really excited to see everyone. They love their cousin Eva something fierce. We didn’t waste too much time before letting them go into the backyard for another egg hunt. I think these photos speak for themselves, so I won’t slow anyone down with my words.




9And then this is probably my favorite picture of the day:

15This caption for this photo is: Touch my candy and you die.

I did put aside most of my food issues (hooray!) and eat lots and lots of yummy food that I normally don’t eat. It was glorious! I loved every bite, but I am definitely feeling a little food hungover today (is that a thing?).

16I did miss getting to see my family, but my mom did babysit the girls Friday night so Ken and I could go to Cirque Du Soliel (amazing!!!) and the girls got Easter presents from my mom that night. They had so much fun that they didn’t even say anything about missing me the next morning. The first thing they said was “Where Gramma go?”. I’m chopped liver.  But I’m okay with that.


19Hazel helping Ken fly the remote control helicopter his dad had. She loved it. I have back yard envy. There’s a fence, it’s safe, and it’s small enough that I could see the girls from inside, but large enough that they had plenty of room to run. Sigh. Someday.

I hope everyone had a great Easter, as well!


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Haley: Um…  yeah.

Hazel: Um, no.

Haley: Um, yeah, sissy. You do like pancakes.

Hazel: Thanks, sissy!


Turning to look in the potty after she got done pooping.

Hazel: Whoa! Big!

I have a 12-year-old boy’s sense of humor. I thought this was hysterical. She sounded so impressed!


We just taught the girls how to do the Marco Polo call and response. We use it at the playground mostly, when one of them goes into a play structure where it’s hard for us to see them. It’s really cute. What’s even cuter is when they do it with each other, because then it usually ends up being something like this:

Haley: Marco!

Hazel: Polo!

Haley: Polo!

Hazel: Marco!


Haley: Hello, what you doing?

Hazel: Twirling.

Haley: Oh, can I do too?

Hazel: Sure!


Haley: giggle I naughty.

Me: You’re naughty?! Why are you naughty?

Haley: Because I being a stinker!

Hazel: I stinker too! And piglet.


Ken: Are you a wild child?
Haley: No, I a girl name Haley.


Hazel: Don’t eat my banana, Daddy! Eat you banana.

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The Best Toys…


…aren’t even toys.

1Behold what a packet of 80 pom-poms and a mini muffin tin will do for you! 20 minutes of giggly, playful sweetness.

4Which I don’t have to tell you mommas is worth given the full blown toddler-ness we’re experiencing right now. PS. do you see the yellow pom she has tucked under her chin?

5There are days were I just throw up my hands and think it would be so much easier if I was working and didn’t have to deal with the meltdowns for 12 hours every day, but, as we all know, I have done that and it is not easier. And even on the suckiest, meltdown-y-ness (totally a word) I would rather be wading through the tantrums and emotional turmoil (theirs, not mine) then be anywhere else.

3But I would love to hear any tips or tricks anyone has for alleviating the tantrums! I have been turning to tv during the worse times of the day, which I do not want to become a habit, but I do need to do things like make meals without having crying children clinging to my legs (Hazel).


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We have been bitten by the art bug. I have always been a big fan of art, I cannot draw to save my life, but I would buy coloring books in college and use them during finals weeks to de-stress. It’s a great creative outlet for someone who isn’t gifted in that way.

If you follow me on Instagram (hsquaredblog) then you probably saw this photo the other evening.



6They are artistic genius, right??

5They like to hold up random crayons and for me to tell them what color it is. It’s like a color quiz. I don’t know what would happen if I ever didn’t know the answer. Sometimes, one of them will give me this sly look and hold up a crayon really fast, almost like they are saying “haha, I’ll stump you now! You can’t possibly know what this color is!”

4Of course, easily accessible crayons means there is a lot of this going on. Thank the lord for the dollar tree brand of magic erasers! And the girls know that the crayons are supposed to stay on the paper. Every time I ask them where the crayons go they point to the easel. They know, they are just being brats.

And our art work doesn’t just stay in the crayon medium.




I love it! I’m turning a wall in the playroom into an art gallery. And I bought water colors over the weekend. It’s about to get crazy up in here!

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Toddlers, Man

I took this video last night at 6:45pm. Bedtime is normally at 7pm. So, Ken and I made the good judgement call to move their bedtime back thirty minutes, which was awesome because they fell asleep almost right away.

Anyway, enjoy the ridiculous cuteness of my babies!

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A couple of weeks ago I took the girls to the library.  Before I had kids, I loved going to the library. It’s one of my favorite cheap things to do. Now that I have kids? The library totally stresses me out, but I want the girls to love it as much as I do. I fantasize about the whole family going and spending Saturday morning at the library and leaving with more books than we could possibly all read in a week. I love establishing the building blocks now that the girls need to be life long readers (and between you and me, I know this is one thing I’m doing right. I may not know how to do a lot of things. I don’t know how to potty train them, I feel like I fumble through getting the right nutrients into them, and this whole disciplining thing makes me break into a cold sweat. But instilling a love of reading into a child? THAT I can do!).


I’ll paint you a little picture of what normally happens when I take the girls to the library, and please remember that 98% of the times the girls have gone to the library I am the only adult going with them. First off, to get both girls into the library from the car (and this is my method for getting them anywhere when I feel like they both need to be carried and the stroller is too much of a pain) I put someone in the ergo on my back and the other girl gets held in front of me. I hear a lot of chuckles as I traipse across the parking lot. Once we are in the children’s section of the library I put down the girl in my arms and quickly release the other from the carrier. I grab their hands as quick as I can and show them the books, which they stare at for .3 seconds before going over to chew/fling puzzle pieces around before darting off in two different directions. One usually bolts for the door to the parking lot. The other heads for the stairs to the rest of the library. The longest we have ever lasted is 10 minutes and we usually leave with one, two, or all three of us in tears and frustrated. If I’m lucky, I’ve managed to grab two books off of the shelves. And I check them out while holding two crying kids, hoping and praying that they are books the girls will be interested in because I have no clue what books I have randomly grabbed.


Got that picture? Good.


This last time we went I got to experience being THAT mom. You know the one. The mom whose kids look adorably pulled together, whose kids are quiet, well behaved, and are doing exactly WHAT SHE TELLS THEM TO! It is a magical experience, my friends. It was lovely to be the mom that the other moms are glaring at because her toddlers are being angels. I cherished it so much, mostly because I know it will probably never happen again, and because the moms that were glaring at me? They only had one toddler to wrangle. One! They had an even ratio! Do you have any idea how often I have stared wistfully at a mom with only one baby (while my two have fussed, cried, thrown a tantrum, demanded to be held at the same time) and thought how much simpler life must be to only have one baby to worry about? I have an insane amount of respect the mothers of triplet or quads. If my life feels nuts, I can only imagine what those mothers feel like during the hectic, whiny, fussy moments. And I feel for the mothers of one baby too, because I’m sure that feels hectic and crazy and out-of-control as well. I have often said to people who ask if having twins is hard that I am lucky because I don’t know another way to parent. This is my normal. And to those moms who I caught glaring at me at the library, I am not super mom, I am not the best mother ever, I just had dumb luck on my side. Also, a sand table on the patio just outside of the kids section doesn’t hurt either. 🙂


Has anybody else experienced this phenomenon? It’s made me contemplate attempting the zoo by myself. See? One good outing and I’m letting it go to my head.


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