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I forgot to include these pictures in yesterdays post! I can blame that on the move, right? And on not enough coffee. Ever. Like, in the history of the world.

Once we arrived in St. Louis, my friend, April, came to pick us up with her little boy. April and her hubby, Andrew, really went above and beyond for us. Not only were they letting us use one of their cars (so we didn’t have to rent one), but they also had two extra carseats, pack n’ plays, and April’s dad let us stay at his house while he went and stayed at his girlfriend’s. Best friend on the entire planet!

The only downside of staying at her dad’s house? He doesn’t believe in curtains. Andrew was kind enough to put up some curtains for us.


Tin foil curtains, that is. Hee hee. It speaks to my inner white trashiness. But it worked. Most mornings it helped the girls sleep in until 7:30 or 8 St. Louis time. Which, granted, is 5:30-6 Oregon time, but at least it wasn’t 6am St. Louis time, which was really what we were trying to avoid.


The three BFFs got to work playing together right away! Caden gave Haley lots of kisses, pretty much all weekend, much to his Mommy’s disappointment. She has dreams of Caden and Hazel falling in love, getting married, and having lots of big cheeked babies. 🙂 There’s still time, April, there’s still time.

We had hot dogs, hamburgers, and broccoli for dinner and beer. Lots and lots of beer after traveling for 7 hours with two toddlers and getting up at 2am.  But we were there!


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Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less

Um… yeah. I got nothing. So, instead of following today’s prompt, I’m going to post cute toddler videos instead! Enjoy!



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Hazel is WALKING!!!! I’m thrilled, absolutely, completely, ridiculously thrilled! She’s officially a ‘toddler’. And I hope you all will join me in my embarrassing happy dance.


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