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3adf6-blogeverdayDay 12, Sunday: What do you miss?


I miss doing theater. A lot. I have never been one of those people to go from show to show to show. I managed it once right out of school and was completely exhausted by the end of it. I think I did 4 shows in a row or something like that. But I averaged around 3 a year, which was enough to keep me involved, but allowed me to have a normal life in between.


I’m the third chef from the front.

I think I miss it more because I have no idea when I will get back to it. What age will it be okay to the girls for me to be at rehearsal 6 days a week? When am I going to decide that the drive into Portland is worth it to be in a production? What role/show is going to be so tempting that I don’t care about the timing or the time commitment?


1.5 months pregnant with the girls.

I like t0 think that someday the girls will want to do a show and we’ll be able to do one all together, but I also love how I can come across as whoever I want to be when I do a play or a musical. The majority of the cast is usually people I’ve never met so I can decide to be different, if I want to. I never am. I am always who I am despite my intentions of being more outgoing or doing more after-rehearsal socializing.


Someday, I hope to be back, but for now I am treasuring all of the experiences I have had, all of the people I have gotten to pretend to be, and missing it.


What do you miss?

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Ugh. I suppose we do need to talk about last Thursday. Honestly, it was, without a doubt, the worse one I have ever had. And that counts last year when I was behemothly pregnant and uncomfortable and cranky.

The day started out well. Since we work at a boarding school we didn’t have Thursday and Friday off. It’s not like they can send the international students home for four days. It’s actually really nice what the school does. They invite all of the parents to the school for Thanksgiving and have a big, traditional dinner in the dining room. Staff have the option of eating in the dining room or in their own homes.  The fall play also performed that weekend and I got tapped to help with hair and make-up, which I love doing, but it ended up making our Thanksgiving non-existent.

Let me start at the beginning!

So, we started late on Thursday. I didn’t have to be at the theater until 10:30, so I left Ken with napping babies and went to style 1930’s hair and apply Ben Nye make-up. Ken brought the girls to the theater around 11:30 so he could help with some of the technical aspects of the show. That part was fun. It was nice to have Hazel playing in a bin of towels and babbling to the high school girls while I wielded the curling iron. And I heard Haley had a lot of fun in the house, using the theater chairs to walk up and down the rows. At 1:30 we swapped rolls and I took the girls back home for their afternoon nap. The plan was to go over my boss’s house for dinner with her family before she and I would go back to the theater to do some touch ups before the show.

The girls woke up from their nap (they slept for an hour! In the midst of the sleep regression! It was a Thanksgiving miracle) and the following happened.


I figured out the trick to getting Haley to wear headbands. I have to put them on her when she’s looking in the mirror and then talk to her about how pretty she looks. It actually works! She gets really excited and smiles and bounces and leaves the freaking headband alone.

See Hazel? See the look of discovery in her eyes? And poor Haley is blissfully unawares.

She’s interested enough that she dropped the burp cloth.

Aaaannnddd that was the end of Haley’s headband. But it was cute while it lasted.

After the photo shoot, I loaded the girls up in the stroller and we went over to my boss’s house and played with her kids while we waited for her husband to get dinner together and for Ken to finishing dealing with tech stuff. Guys, it never happened. Ken never finished. I had dinner with a bunch of people I barely know. All of them were very nice, but I’ve only known them for a month and a half.  Ken never showed up and the moment I tried to eat was the moment the girls decided they were interested in the fire place (with a fire in it). It was also my first Thanksgiving away from my family and the food wasn’t all that great. It all just combined into a horrible disappointment.

But I could have handled everything else if Ken had been there. Not having him there, not having the key component of this little family that we’re building present for a day that has always been about family for me. It was heartbreaking for me.

We ended on an up note. After the play started and the girls had gone to bed, Ken went down to the dining room and got a left over pumpkin pie. We grabbed two forks, sat on the couch, and ate it straight out of the tin. Not a bad end to a disappointing day, but my mom’s pumpkin pie is still far superior.

I’m so cooking next year.




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A few random thoughts…

  • I find it highly amusing that the week I post about the girls’ schedule it goes all wonky and I spend the better part of the week putting us back together.
  • Ken took me to see Next To Normal on Wednesday night.  For those who don’t know, it’s a rock musical about a family dealing with mental illness.  Obviously, not an upper.  We knew this going in.  For some reason, it never occurred to us that this might not be the best musical for new parents to go see considering the mental illness in the show is triggered by the death of an infant.  Oh yeah, we bawled.  I choked on my own snot.
  • Haley has started to try to laugh, but can’t quite figure out the mechanics.  She coughs instead.  It’s super cute cause it’s a fake sounding cough. I can’t wait for her to figure it out.
  • Both girls are working really hard on rolling over.  It’s pretty awesome!
  • It occurred to me earlier this week that if things had worked out differently with my job situation the three of us would have gone back this week.  While there is a part of me that misses the social aspect (I worked with a pretty fantastic group of women), the longer I am without a paying job, the less I want one.  I really enjoy being the one who raises our daughters.  I dig that I’m the one who gets to pick what they learn and how they learn it.  It’s a pretty sweet gig.  You know, when they’re not both crying.
  • I have video of Hazel during tummy time that I will post soon, but I thought y’all should know that I’m really excited about it!
  • Zumba on Xbox Kinect is pretty awesome!


There are my random musings for the week.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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