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For those of you who haven’t watched The Jungle Book 157982378457 bazillion times, the movie starts off with Bagheera the Panther volunteering to take a very reluctant Mowgli back to the man village. Proof that I have seen this movie too much? I didn’t even have to look up how either of those names are spelled (though the girls on insist on saying “Mow-ga-li”). The first night of their trip, Bagheera shoves Mowgli up into a tree to sleep, but the are found by Kaa the Python who attempts to hypnotize Mowgli so he can eat him. Bagheera wakes up in time to stop Kaa who then becomes angry and directs his hypnotic gaze on Bagheera. Mowgli comes out of his own catatonic state in times to thwart Kaa again, who slithers away angrily (FUN FACT! Sterling Holloway voices Kaa and he is also the original voice of Winnie The Pooh and the Cheshire Cat). Mowgli slaps both of Bagheera’s cheeks urging him to “Wake up, Bagheera. Wake up!”

This is acted out in great detail at least once a day. And I try desperately to make sure I am not cast as Bagheera, because little hands aren’t as gentle as they think they are.

baheeraThey act out everything. From movie scenes, to conversations in books we read on a daily basis. Hazel has mastered her Baranstain Bears imitation and will sit at meals reciting the books to herself. Haley will spontaneously burst into songs from Frozen, The Jungle Book, and Snow White. Their versions of what we watch and read are my favorite.


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