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I don’t know how I feel about this whole two year old thing. One minute I absolutely love it and it’s my favorite age and the next I feel like I’m going to strangle them. And everyone says three is worse! But I love this series of posts because it reminds me of all the funny, quirky, wonderful things they say when I’m about ready to collapse from exhaustion or when I feel like my brain is going to explode if I have to break up one more fight.

PS. Momma, I am so sorry for the times I messed with Kathleen just to get her upset. I had no idea what I was doing to you, I really just wanted to piss her off.

photo(2)while playing Hazel.

Hazel: (as her character) I have to go potty! (moves her toy to my cheek).

Me: Is my face the toilet?

Hazel: Yes!


Haley: I need my microphone glass.


Haley: Sissy, may I use it?

They say may when they are asking for something. It makes me melt. I love how polite they are.


Me: I’m scared.

Hazel: No, you not scared. You brave.


Haley: I’m fixing the table. There. All clean.


Haley: Is that me again? Oh, I so sorry!

Me: What happened?

Haley: I toot and poop again. I toot and toot and toot!


Me: Is it time to get out of the tub?

Haley: No, I just fell a little bit.

Me: Okay, well, five more minutes and then you need to be all done.

Haley: Okay, I just going to relax a little bit.


Haley: Bye, snail! Thank you, snail!


Me: What are you going to do?

Hazel: I come see you and roar. ROAR!


Me: Hazel, that is not listening. That is called being defiant.

Hazel: ROAR!

Me: Exactly. It took all the self control I have not to laugh when she did this.



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[Our neighbor has about nine pygmy goats. Goats who get out and into our yard at least once a day. They are harmless and runaway if the girls so much as look in their direction.]

Hazel: No, goats! Stop eating mine grass! That ours!


[I hear this all the time. From both girls, but Hazel started it. They want to know the title of every single song they hear, which is great because they can tell me when they want to hear a certain song, but exhausting when they ask it three times in a row for the same song.]

Hazel: What that song is?


Haley: Calm down, dear. Tell what’s happened?


Haley: Daddy, you funny?

Ken: Yes, I’m funny.

Haley: Haha. You think so.


Hazel: Go ‘side right now! One, two, three… [Give you one guess who she’s imitating here.]


Hazel: I can’t find my head, sissy.

Haley: Don’t worry, I find your head! Here’s your head.


Hazel: [whenever Ken coughs] Easy, Daddy, easy. I got you.


Hazel: Follow me, Daddy.

Ken: Where are we going?

Hazel: Um, I don’t know.

Me: Hazel, say ‘don’t ask silly questions, daddy’.

Hazel: [haltingly] Don’t ask silly questions, Daddy. [with authority] Now, come on!


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Haley: Um…  yeah.

Hazel: Um, no.

Haley: Um, yeah, sissy. You do like pancakes.

Hazel: Thanks, sissy!


Turning to look in the potty after she got done pooping.

Hazel: Whoa! Big!

I have a 12-year-old boy’s sense of humor. I thought this was hysterical. She sounded so impressed!


We just taught the girls how to do the Marco Polo call and response. We use it at the playground mostly, when one of them goes into a play structure where it’s hard for us to see them. It’s really cute. What’s even cuter is when they do it with each other, because then it usually ends up being something like this:

Haley: Marco!

Hazel: Polo!

Haley: Polo!

Hazel: Marco!


Haley: Hello, what you doing?

Hazel: Twirling.

Haley: Oh, can I do too?

Hazel: Sure!


Haley: giggle I naughty.

Me: You’re naughty?! Why are you naughty?

Haley: Because I being a stinker!

Hazel: I stinker too! And piglet.


Ken: Are you a wild child?
Haley: No, I a girl name Haley.


Hazel: Don’t eat my banana, Daddy! Eat you banana.

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The girls turned 18 months on Tuesday. It’s amazing to think a year and a half has gone by already.  I feel like they know a new word every day. Some of my favorites are “sparkly”, “fluoride”, and “thank you”. These three words sound especially cute when said in little voice and without the majority of their consonants. The girls are fun and active and smart and curious and, like their momma, s t u b b o r n. Yeah. That’s a really great combo. Especially when all three of us are tired, or hungry, or bored or any combination of the three. At least once a day, I find myself singing either under my breath (if I’m trying to calm myself) or at the top of my lungs (if I’m trying to release the frustration):

Momma said there’d be days like this. There’d be days like this, my momma said.

Hazel is going through this whiny, clingy, fussy phase that Haley went through a while ago. Separation anxiety has reared it’s ugly head as well. Don’t ask me how we can have separation anxiety when I spend all day, every day with them, but apparently it’s possible. It doesn’t help that Ken has been working a lot and working weekends and then when he is home, he’s tired. Which I totally get. He works really hard for us. To support us and care for us and for me to be able to stay at home with the girls. I think I’m feeling a little guilty about choosing to leave an income and making him support us again, and the guilt is keeping me from asking him for help with the girls and with the house. Which is stupid, right? Right.


I’m convinced that these frustrations have popped up because I was starting to get baby fever again. The universe saw where I was going and effectively put on the breaks. So, what am I going to do to deal with fussy babies who only want to be with momma? I’m going to make a cozy, comfy corner in the playroom with pillows and blankets and pile all of their books around us and not move except to get cheerios and yogurt and mac n’ cheese (Hazel calls every pasta dish noo-noos. I die from the cuteness just about every time).

I don’t even know where I was going with this post. I guess I was wanting to update on how we are. We’re steady. We have good days and bad days. We have days where I’m so in love with these little girls that I seriously contemplate sleeping on the floor of their room so I don’t have to be away from them. And we have days where I fantasize about running away to some place where there aren’t any diapers. Like I said,

Momma said there’d be days like this. There’d be days like this, my momma said.


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Happy Talk

First off, I think I was kinda serious in my posts last week.  I don’t why, cause we had a great week.  Ken wasn’t around very much cause of a work conference, but the girls and I made it through the week without any meltdowns.  Don’t get me wrong, there were tears cause, you know, they’re only 3 months old, but it wasn’t ever anything I couldn’t fix.

So to apologize for my debbie downer-ness, here is a whole bundle of cuteness wrapped up in a video.

This conversation had a lot more back and forth before we started recording.  I think Haley gets a little in awe of the camera sometimes, obviously it didn’t bother Hazel at all.  It’s still pretty cute.

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