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The very first day of spring break we went to hang out at my parent’s house and, oh, the fun we had!


Please be warned, this is a whole lot of cute pictures and a whole not a lot of words. You have been warned.






Look at Haley in the background. 🙂





Haley is so over Charlie now. We’ve finally gotten him to not be scared of the babies anymore and every time he gets too close to her she waves him away like he’s the most annoying thing in the world.







Nature rocks!


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Spring break is over! I’m heartbroken! It was a great week and so much fun to spend the time completely and totally absorbed in my girls. I have so much to tell you guys about that I might get to have to make a list in order to remember it all! We started out the break by escaping to the beach for the first weekend. The instant the hour hand hit 5, we were in the car flying down the hill.


Have I mentioned that we now live only an hour from the beach? A freaking hour and we’ve barely gone since we moved. It’s a travesty! …. Um, I may be a tad over-dramatic this evening.

The last time the girls had been to the beach was back when they were 5 months old. Which was actually kind of a wretched weekend because they got on opposite nap schedules and napped like crap and I was practically, okay probably actually, in tears by the end because I was so exhausted. This time was so much more fun. Toddlers pretty much rock!


We didn’t even really DO anything. We walked on the beach. We played. The girls ignored us. We cuddled on a bed watching Babe (ba ram ewe). We went out for lunch and to buy some fresh crab. It was a super mellow weekend.


The wagon was only fun on the first trip to the beach. Haley no longer likes to carted around and if Haley is free Hazel must be free as well. Also, Hazel is STILL not walking.



I love pictures of the girls in the middle of open spaces. I love their smallness in the big world. And how fearless they are in the face of their smallness. I was telling my mom a couple of days ago that I’m always disappointed in myself for not being braver (read “Emily is a big, fat chicken”) and I want to raise the girls in such a way that their fearlessness continues. I don’t want them to carry around the same fears that I do.



All she wanted to do is go into the water and she got so mad that I wouldn’t let her. Don’t let the sun fool you, it was still cold.







This was the parent’s dinner Saturday night. Yum! I mean, really, is there a more perfect meal?



I can’t wait until this summer when the girls can go out in their super cute swim suits. This summer is going to be the best!

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Have I ever mentioned how badly I have have been wanting to take the girls to the zoo? Like, since I first got pregnant I have harassed  pestered enthused Ken to death talking about when the girls will be old enough to go to the zoo. I have been obsessed.

A mom from my twin group was coming up to Portland for spring break with her family and we have been talking about meeting each other and our twins for months and it was all really just a thinly veiled excuse to go to the zoo! (sorry, Julie.)


So the zoo during spring break is packed! The parking lot at the zoo is pretty tiny and it is shared between the zoo, the children’s museum, and the forestry center. When it gets too packed then you have to drive to a different parking lot and take a shuttle to get to the zoo. It’s ridiculous! Ken and I ended up parking at a nearby park and walking across the park to get to the zoo. I guess in a world where karma can get you this isn’t the best idea, but we did it anyways. We ended up having time to kill at the zoo entrance because Julie’s family and my mom had to deal with the shuttle, but the girls didn’t seem to care.


They could have watched this stupid duck in the mountain goat enclosure the entire day. Who cares about the rest of the animal kingdom. Ducks rule!

But then everyone else showed up and Julie and I finally got to meet each other! My twin group is pretty unique (I think) in that it’s all online. We have a Facebook group page that’s private, but there’s about 60 of us and we’re scattered all over the county and some in Canada, and all of our twins were born within 2ish months of each other. It’s a great support system and I love it, but since we are all from all over the place very few of us have actually met. Meeting Julie was like reuniting with a dear friend, not like meeting a new one. I also jokingly (kinda not really who am I kidding?) refer to her sons as my future sons-in-law. 🙂  We quickly camped out on the lawn in front of amphitheater for lunch and then went to go see the new baby elephant, Lily.



The mama elephant, I think her name is Rose, had only just gotten pregnant with Lily the November before the girls were born and she was born in February, I think. Can you imagine?!?! So glad I am not an elephant.




This was the coolest thing that happened at the zoo.

DSC_0087So cool! Also a little scary that there was only some glass separating my children from one of the worlds fastest predators.


But still pretty neat, even if the cheetahs were pacing back and forth like a starving person in front of bakery display window.


She’s still not walking, but she’s so cute and she crawls really fast and sways her head back and forth and shouts “da-do, da-do!” as loud as she can.

DSC_0098Gramma brought cheese crackers (fatty fat ass crackers) to the zoo. The girls were obsessed. Especially Hazel. Every time she saw that red lid she started shouting “cracka cracka!” until she got one. It’s the same when she sees the bag of pretzel sticks.


I love this picture. I love the absolute delight in Hazel’s smile and the absolute disapproval on Haley’s face. I imagine this will happen a lot as the grow up and get excited about different things.


Overall, I was really happy with the trip to the zoo. I’m seriously contemplating getting a family membership which would pay for itself if we only went once a month and I would love to go every weekend. Seriously. We only saw maybe a quarter of the zoo between moving strollers through the crowds, lunch, and needing to leave for naps. And as the weather gets nicer it would be great to have some place outdoorsy to go.

And yes, I did totally cave into the “first trip to the zoo” craziness and make Ken stop in the gift shop on the way out. I bought Hazel a stuffed otter and Haley a stuffed hippo. They are adorable and Hazel fell asleep cuddling hers on the way home.

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Well, I was going to put together some super cute collages of what I’m putting in Ken and the girls Easter baskets, but the super cute things that I picked out for them at Target? No where to be found on the website! At. All. Grr. So frustrating! Why is the universe thwarting me when all I want to do is make cute things?!?!?!

I have a plan B, it’s just involves me getting off of my butt and taking pictures (lord forbid).

It’s been spring break this week and I have been home with the girly-girls every day and LOVING it! But staying at home with two 14-month-old is a heck of a lot more work than it was to stay home with 0-9 month-olds. I feel like there should be a “duh” after that sentence. It’s fun, but busybusybusy. On a side note, the girls have started hitting and I’m really struggling to get them to stop. I don’t think they are making the connection between what they are doing and me calling it hitting. I know it’s just repetition and remaining consistent until I’m blue in the face, but it’s so frustrating. Also frustrating that Ken is the only one who isn’t getting smacked. They hit each other and me, but Daddy remains unscathed. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.

There are some fun posts in the works about our activities this past week. We have gone to the zoo with a momma from my twin group and her boys, Ken and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (woot-woot!), and my mom, sister, the girls, and I had a girls only day trip to the beach, and, of course, Easter! Phew! I guess I better get writing!


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