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Toddlers, Man

I took this video last night at 6:45pm. Bedtime is normally at 7pm. So, Ken and I made the good judgement call to move their bedtime back thirty minutes, which was awesome because they fell asleep almost right away.

Anyway, enjoy the ridiculous cuteness of my babies!


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Because, seriously, then you get pictures like this,

DSC_0472and this,

480492_3653706428531_2002539519_nand these pretties from playing in the park last week with Aunt Kathleen.

1Seriously, though, I’m so grateful for my sister. She loves the girls so much and is so wonderful with them

2It’s a relief for me to know that when the girls are older and have life drama and boy issues that they don’t feel comfortable coming to me with that they can turn to their aunt to help them.

3And you’ll lead them down the right path, Kathleen, right? Right??? Well, she will because I have the natural ability to induce fear in my little sister that all older siblings have.

4Kathleen as always said she doesn’t want kids. She never played mommy or dream about getting married and have a family. But in the last couple months that “never in a million years” has turned into “well… maybe”. I have hopes and prayers that the maybe will turn into a “yes!”. I would love to return all the love and sweetness she has given my girls.

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My sweet, baby sister is another year older today.


The lady who takes a fair amount of the photos that end up on this blog.


And has been instrumental in helping me document the major events of my life.

It’s hard for me to believe that my little sister is in her early 20’s now.  That she is no longer this little baby.


Or a funny toddler.


But she is a grown person, with a ridiculous amount of photography talent (check out KKelly Photography’s Facebook page if you don’t believe me). She’ll be graduating from college next spring and I’m so excited to see where her career is going to go and all the opportunities she is going to have. She is an awesome example for the girls to see what you can accomplish with a little optimism and a whole lot of positivity and energy.

Happy birthday, Leigh! Love ya!


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It starts out innocently enough…

You’re hanging out, playing, minding your own business. All of a sudden you look over and realize: oh, hey, it’s my sister.

So you roll over to say hi and quickly realize it was a mistake (take note of Hazel’s face and where Haley’s hand is).

See how Hazel is starting realize there is something amiss?

“That’s my hand!”

I will let the rest of the photos speak for themselves.

And then Mom has to step in to break up the party.

No one said being a twin was easy.

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