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There are days were I feel like I am in awesome shape. Days where I can’t believe it was only a year ago that I had gained 72 pounds from a twin pregnancy. Days where I feel fit and strong. And then I’ll be about to get in the shower or getting dressed and I’ll bend over to get something and look down.

And it looks like all of my stretch marks have gotten together for a group hug.

But on Sunday I got to do something where I felt strong and fit and capable no matter what my fat/cellulite/blubber count may be. I ran in my first 5k. And it. was. awesome!

1Best socks ever.

This year was the 35th Shamrock Run. My mom and my sister did it last year, but since I was only a month and a half into this whole raising twins thing and could only fit into 2 pairs of pants, neither of which could be classified as work out pants, I didn’t tag along. But I was ready and able this year!

2I left on Saturday to spend the night at my parents house, which was also, incidentally, the first night I have ever spent away from the girls, but more on that later.

And then my sister, my mom, and I woke up early Sunday morning and drove into Portland. Which I have to say, I miss. A lot. It’s such a great city. Going there always feels like going home.

3Don’t I look like a runner? It’s amazing what the right clothes can do. 🙂

The Shamrock run consisted of a Leprechaun lap (lap around the block for kids), a 5k stride, a 5k run, an, 8k, a 16k, and a half marathon. I’m not sure what the other numbers are, but there were 12,000 people registered for the 5k run and another 4,000 in the 5k stride. It was an amazing experience.


The energy on the water front was so positive and there were parents running with their kids and people were laughing and dressed up in costumes and music playing. It was definitely a party and since I’m not a fan of the whole bar scene this is definitely a St. Patty’s celebration I can get behind.

6Taking shots of espresso before the race. Sorry again about your tongue, Leigh.

Here is the photographic evidence of those 12,000 people.




10And then the awesomeness of getting to run down Broadway – in the middle of the street – during daylight. It was a great way to go through a city I love. And I didn’t do too shabby either. For a girl whose body isn’t really made for running (bad knees, bad hips) and who, um, kinda, sorta, totally didn’t do ANY training for this, I didn’t totally embarrass myself. I ended up walking once in between Morrison and Taylor and finished the run in 36:11. And that includes having to pause for a train to go through an intersection. It took me roughly 11:29 per mile. I am very proud of that!

11And then we got free beer. At 10:30 in the morning. WINNING!





Then, in true Kelly fashion, we had to go replace any and all calories we might have burned off.

16This was delicious. I love me a good bloody mary. You know the reason this is my brunch drink of choice? I don’t have to share it with anyone! My sister isn’t into the whole tomato thing if it’s not ketchup, Ken doesn’t like vodka, and my mom has ludicrously high standards when it comes to her bloody marys. She doesn’t like them spicy and I love them spicy! Plus it’s an excuse to eat pickled vegetables. Yum, yum, yum!


Mom and Kathleen’s respective plates.

19This is mine. I had to wait forever for it, but it was so worth the wait. It’s fried chicken benedict. Yeah. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture again.


21And I ate the whole thing. President of the clean plate club, right here! I had to open up my third stomach to eat everything, but I’m nothing if not committed to my endeavors. Also, if you eat stuff fast enough you can finish it before your body figures out that you’re full. It’s an art, people.

22And then the regret of finishing it set in.

I loved the Shamrock Run. I will absolutely do it again next year and might even see if I can find a couple other 5ks to run in this year. Anyone have any recommendations?


PS. On the way home I saw this license plate: EKLY. Totally my car.

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