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Puzzle Nimbus

It occurred to me the other day that there is a member of our family that I have not formally introduced you all to.

IMG_1836Meet our first child, Puzzle, also known, affectionately, as the stupidest cat on the planet.

Ken and I got Puzzle a couple of months before we got engaged. Her litter was dumped at a local animal hospital and a friend of mine had taken them into foster and find homes for them. Puzzle was the last one and the runt and so cute! My friend kept telling me she was the cuddly one. That didn’t last long! Ken and I used to joke that we had gotten a jungle cat by mistake! She bit, she scratched, she didn’t like guests, she didn’t like kids. She liked me and Ken sometimes. She could be really sweet when she wanted to be and then a total bitch the next second. Okay, yes, I realize that I probably just described 90% of domesticated cats. But all this combined made me really nervous about having kids in the house.


She has ended up being so patient with the girls. She puts up with so much and is really good about just walking away when she’s had enough. And having her has been so helpful in teaching the girls how to be gentle. And they LOVE her!

IMG_1855Seriously. I think she’s their favorite thing in the house.

Unfortunately, Puzzle is not very bright. She will run into a close location when she’s running away from a baby. She will scratch at the cupboard for her food when there’s a full bowl in front of her. That she has just eaten out of. She has fallen off of the counter/heater/bookcase more times than I would really like to count because after so many I start to get embarrassed for her.


But she fits in perfect in family that has been formed by odd balls. And there is nothing better than curling up at the end of the day in bed, with a book, and a cat.


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Cause that’s what this post is. I mean, I guess it’s a little fashion themed, but I feel a little like a rubber bouncy ball that a five-year-old just threw with all the force in their tiny, adorable, compact little bodies and now I’m ricocheting off of walls and floors and ceilings… It’s ridiculous.

I have got to stop writing posts in between my first and second cup of coffee.

I want to show you guys the girls’ Halloween costumes SO BAD! But it’s August and it was 101 degrees last weekend and being the responsible momma that I am I bought Pacific Northwest Seasonally Appropriate costumes (okay, Gramma bought, but you know what I mean). I am not about to try to stuff the girls in these costumes in this heat just to take a couple of pictures. Also, we’re not *quite* sitting up yet (so close) and there’s going to be an extra special amount of cuteness once they can sit up and wear these costumes.

All that being said, I’m going to give y’all a sneak peek. Just a little teaser to make you start longing for crisp, October air, scarves, hats, boots, potato-and-leek soup…

Consider your peek sneaked! (Why does that sound dirty?)

On a not sneak peek note, check out the adorableness my friend Nichole made for the girls!

Scroll up and reread that line if you need to. That’s not a typo. She made them! By herself. And they look so much more awesome in person. I had no clue she had done this, or mailed them, and when I opened the box I might have screamed in a pre-teen I’m-going-to-a-Backstreet-Boys-concert kinda way. Maybe. It’s good thing my only witnesses do not yet possess the power of speech. It’s going to be a sad day when they can tattle on momma.

So what all this basically means is that there are some really cute photo shoots that need to be planned which translates into y’all having some very cute photo bombs in your future.

How’s that for a happy Monday?

This is our hutch. My parents have had it since I can ever remember and now it’s mine and someday I will figure out what I want to do with it. It definitely needs some TLC, I just can’t make up my mind what to do. Anyway. Currently it is where we stash all the stuff that we don’t want the Puzz-cat to mess with, like the camera bag and all the accompanying cords, any plug-in cord, my old laptop that I’m trying to salvage things off of, the hard drive that I’m moving said things onto. And it was working great. But look closely at the picture above. Do you see what I see?

I guess it wasn’t such a great plan after all. And do you see her proximity to the highchairs? Hazel was pretty excited to see her when it was lunch time. Almost as excited as she was to see the chinchilla a couple weeks ago. Have fun with that image! And no, I don’t have pictures, but there was a chinchilla in a cage, me kneeling down level with the chinchilla, and Hazel in the baby carrier facing out. I’m sure your imaginations can do the rest.




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My Buddy

(in case anyone is wondering, I read younghouselove.com during the girls’ naps)

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