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There is a wonderful, little swimming pool in the Sellwood neighborhood in Portland. Which, by the way, is my absolute favorite neighborhood in all of Portland. When Ken has had enough of this whole educating our youth thing and we get to move back to civilization Portland THIS is the neighborhood I want to live in.

1 I also took swim lessons at this pool growing up and the girls took their very first swim lessons here last summer, right before we moved.

2And, no, I don’t want to talk about how both the girls managed to totally submerge themselves under the water and give me the biggest heart attack ever.

3 They handled the accidental dunking really well and each time it happened they were within arms reach of one of us (me, Ken, and my mom). But it was still scary for momma.


6It took Haley a little to warm up to the pool, but she got the hang of playing in the water and loved it. Hazel never really warmed up to it. But she also doesn’t like the ocean so maybe she’s just not going to be a water baby.


8Ugh. She’s a little girl already. I miss my baby! But this little person I’m now living with is lovely and entertaining as hell. So… I guess I’ll keep her.

9This one is pretty great too.

10And of course, we had to follow up swimming with getting some fro-yo!

11This was the best way to finish up our summer. I loved all the time with the girls and getting to do an activity that is so quintessentially summer.


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There are days were I feel like I am in awesome shape. Days where I can’t believe it was only a year ago that I had gained 72 pounds from a twin pregnancy. Days where I feel fit and strong. And then I’ll be about to get in the shower or getting dressed and I’ll bend over to get something and look down.

And it looks like all of my stretch marks have gotten together for a group hug.

But on Sunday I got to do something where I felt strong and fit and capable no matter what my fat/cellulite/blubber count may be. I ran in my first 5k. And it. was. awesome!

1Best socks ever.

This year was the 35th Shamrock Run. My mom and my sister did it last year, but since I was only a month and a half into this whole raising twins thing and could only fit into 2 pairs of pants, neither of which could be classified as work out pants, I didn’t tag along. But I was ready and able this year!

2I left on Saturday to spend the night at my parents house, which was also, incidentally, the first night I have ever spent away from the girls, but more on that later.

And then my sister, my mom, and I woke up early Sunday morning and drove into Portland. Which I have to say, I miss. A lot. It’s such a great city. Going there always feels like going home.

3Don’t I look like a runner? It’s amazing what the right clothes can do. 🙂

The Shamrock run consisted of a Leprechaun lap (lap around the block for kids), a 5k stride, a 5k run, an, 8k, a 16k, and a half marathon. I’m not sure what the other numbers are, but there were 12,000 people registered for the 5k run and another 4,000 in the 5k stride. It was an amazing experience.


The energy on the water front was so positive and there were parents running with their kids and people were laughing and dressed up in costumes and music playing. It was definitely a party and since I’m not a fan of the whole bar scene this is definitely a St. Patty’s celebration I can get behind.

6Taking shots of espresso before the race. Sorry again about your tongue, Leigh.

Here is the photographic evidence of those 12,000 people.




10And then the awesomeness of getting to run down Broadway – in the middle of the street – during daylight. It was a great way to go through a city I love. And I didn’t do too shabby either. For a girl whose body isn’t really made for running (bad knees, bad hips) and who, um, kinda, sorta, totally didn’t do ANY training for this, I didn’t totally embarrass myself. I ended up walking once in between Morrison and Taylor and finished the run in 36:11. And that includes having to pause for a train to go through an intersection. It took me roughly 11:29 per mile. I am very proud of that!

11And then we got free beer. At 10:30 in the morning. WINNING!





Then, in true Kelly fashion, we had to go replace any and all calories we might have burned off.

16This was delicious. I love me a good bloody mary. You know the reason this is my brunch drink of choice? I don’t have to share it with anyone! My sister isn’t into the whole tomato thing if it’s not ketchup, Ken doesn’t like vodka, and my mom has ludicrously high standards when it comes to her bloody marys. She doesn’t like them spicy and I love them spicy! Plus it’s an excuse to eat pickled vegetables. Yum, yum, yum!


Mom and Kathleen’s respective plates.

19This is mine. I had to wait forever for it, but it was so worth the wait. It’s fried chicken benedict. Yeah. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture again.


21And I ate the whole thing. President of the clean plate club, right here! I had to open up my third stomach to eat everything, but I’m nothing if not committed to my endeavors. Also, if you eat stuff fast enough you can finish it before your body figures out that you’re full. It’s an art, people.

22And then the regret of finishing it set in.

I loved the Shamrock Run. I will absolutely do it again next year and might even see if I can find a couple other 5ks to run in this year. Anyone have any recommendations?


PS. On the way home I saw this license plate: EKLY. Totally my car.

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I love cookbooks.

Like, a lot. As much as I love to read and books and literature I would almost always choose a cookbook to curl up in bed with. I read new ones from cover-to-cover.

I enjoy the little anecdotes before recipes and the pictures – Oh, the pictures! It’s my porn.

I am currently waiting for my copy of the Smitten Kitchen cookbook to arrive and, y’all, the suspense is killing me! Never again will I pre-order something from amazon (or let Ken pre-order something for me from amazon). Why? Because the book was released on Tuesday and what’s that? Oh, it’s Sunday and I still don’t have my copy! Doesn’t pre-ordering something imply that you will have it the day it’s released? Or are my expectations too high?

Deb has posted a couple of sneak peeks of recipes on her blog and they sound delicious! All of them! You want an example? I don’t understand how everything this woman writes about tastes delicious. Wait, actually, I do. It’s cause she makes everything, like, 10 times before she posts about it.  I think it has been well established that I do not have the patience to mess around with that kind of shenanigan. And she does this with a three-year-old. Whatever.

So, cross your fingers for me that tomorrow I will have her wonderful cookbook and can begin drooling over all the recipes I will want to make. For anyone who is interested, Deb will be at Powelll’s tomorrow (Monday) at 7:30 for a book signing. I’m not going because I live 1.5 hours away from Portland now and I’m not willing to drive for 3 hours for a 2 minute chat at the end of a full work day and taking care of my daughters.  But someone should go for me and tell me if she’s as lovely in person as she is on her blog.

In the mean time, I will be here.  Drooling.

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Beer Fest

The Saturday before we moved went to a Brew Fest at Oaks Park, which is a small amusement park right next to where the girls took their swim lessons. Clearly, the girls couldn’t actively participate and I couldn’t either cause I was taking antibiotics and the pharmacist warned me that if I mixed alcohol with my prescription the result would be violent vomiting. :-/ So Momma didn’t get any beer. But honestly, it turned into a train fest instead.

There is a rinky dink little train that goes around part of the park and since the rest of the amusement park was closed they had the train operating for free. 🙂 So, naturally, we had to take the girls on their first ever train ride!

Train seats are really interesting when you’re 8 months old.

Daddy, Gramma, and Haley rode in front while Hazel, Aunt Kathleen, and I rode behind them.

Ignore everyone else in this picture and just check out Haley’s blue steel stare.

Grandpa was a trouper and stayed with the stroller for us, though I think he would have been to long for the train anyways. Ignore that he looks like a creeper in this photo, he’s not, Aunt Kathleen just likes to make him look like one.

Can you tell how perfect the weather was from these pictures? I miss it so much.

I love this picture of the three of them with their heads together. I had such a close relationship with my maternal grandmother and I’m so excited for the girls to have a similar relationship with my mom.

Is it just me or is there something sad and beautiful about an empty amusement park?

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During our last week in Portland, my parents and I took the girls to the Rhododendron Gardens which is right by the neighborhood I grew up in. It was another one of those full circle things that I am going to miss so much.  It look pretty much exactly the same, except you’re not allowed to feed the ducks anymore.

Which is probably for the best cause those suckers are aggressive and scary.

We went stroller-less just so we wouldn’t be limited in where we could go in the gardens. I also think the girls prefer to be “worn”. I feel like it’s more interactive for them. The blurry blonde at the bottom of this picture? It’s Haley’s hair. 🙂

Haley was actually really excited to see the ducks. She’s just playing it cool so they don’t think she’s desperate. I love the hair. And the face. And the drool. But I really love the hair. Even if it makes people think she’s a boy.

And then there’s Hazel with her little Caesar do. She loves her grandparents, both girls do, and it warms my heart to see them get excited and laugh and wiggle. All three of them, because my mom gets just as excited. My dad is always happy to see them too, but he draws the line at wiggling.

We were having a very serious conversation about ducks. Actually, I think I was telling her to not mess with the geese.

Yup, Haley’s hair again. Cause I’m obsessed.

It’s not blooming season, so all the rhododendrons were looking a little sad, but some still had some fun, funky color to them. The upside to going when it’s the off season? No admittance fee. And yeah, the fee to get in is only $3 bucks, but for cheapskates like us there is nothing better than the word “free”.

I could stare at this face all day.


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We went to the PSU Farmer’s Market with our new young family friends on Saturday.

We ditched the jogging stroller because moving it through the crowds of people is oh, so slow and I get so frustrated. Also, the H’s don’t nap in the stroller. And it makes for a rough nap day because you have to go when the market first opens before it gets stupid crowded and you have to wait 10 minutes in line to get ANYTHING (I’m not exaggerating. I know the all caps makes it sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not). But if you get there just when the market is opening, you can slip in and get some coffee, or an agave cardamom latte, before there’s any wait and then wonder among the booths and look at the crazy colored produce and cry on the inside because in fantasy land you would love to do all your shopping at the farmer’s market, but in reality you can’t afford to and it kills you a little on the inside… Or, you know, something like that. So, no, we don’t usually buy anything at the farmer’s market, other than coffee and Ken’s behemoth of a breakfast, but I love going and looking and smelling.  Where was I going with this?

Oh! We ditched the stroller and put the girls in our Infantino carriers instead. It was so much better. I mean, yes my hips and my back were super pissed at me after two hours, but it was so much easier to maneuver around the market and the girls each took a solid 30 minute nap while we were there, which set us up for some great afternoon naps.

McMinnville is supposed to have a great farmer’s market on Wednesday afternoons. And did I mention McMinnville is in the middle of wine country? What? You didn’t know Oregon had a wine country? Well, we do, my friends, and it’s starting to rival Napa’s. Oh, snap! My hope is that we’ll be manage to sneak out of work early every once in a while to go to the farmer’s market.  And next summer I would love to have Saturdays when we pile the girls into the car first thing in the morning, come up to Portland, have fun in the farmer’s market, maybe go to the zoo, or the children’s museum, and then drive back around nap time. I know. But I’m a firm believer in dreaming big. So I’m dreaming.

tomatoes. I didn’t know tomatoes could be purple.

And yes, I did get a bunch on kale at the market and I made it for dinner with spicy Italian sausage and fettuccine in a light cream sauce. Thank you, Rachael Ray! Y’all can hate her all you want, I will love her until my stomach falls out, or explodes from eating too much food.

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