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The Best Toys…


…aren’t even toys.

1Behold what a packet of 80 pom-poms and a mini muffin tin will do for you! 20 minutes of giggly, playful sweetness.

4Which I don’t have to tell you mommas is worth given the full blown toddler-ness we’re experiencing right now. PS. do you see the yellow pom she has tucked under her chin?

5There are days were I just throw up my hands and think it would be so much easier if I was working and didn’t have to deal with the meltdowns for 12 hours every day, but, as we all know, I have done that and it is not easier. And even on the suckiest, meltdown-y-ness (totally a word) I would rather be wading through the tantrums and emotional turmoil (theirs, not mine) then be anywhere else.

3But I would love to hear any tips or tricks anyone has for alleviating the tantrums! I have been turning to tv during the worse times of the day, which I do not want to become a habit, but I do need to do things like make meals without having crying children clinging to my legs (Hazel).


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