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I am desperate for age appropriate activities that the girls can do without me (ie while I’m making dinner). I had been turning on an episode or two of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Dinosaur Train, but my little walking addictive personalities now ask for the tv all. the. time. Oh no, no, no, no! That will not do at all!

I was thinking of making a couple of sensory bins (with lids!) that I can store in a cupboard somewhere to pull out and stick in the corner of the kitchen when I need to make a meal and the girls are refusing to play independently. Thoughts? My plan is to hit up the Dollar Store soon and see what fun things I can find to stick in them. I’m a little nervous about having something that messy out for the girls to play with, but it’s the only idea I can come up with. I really liked this cornmeal bin with alphabet letters.  We’ve been singing the alphabet song and phonics songs a lot, so that would be nice to have to reinforce all this singing I’m doing.

I love this idea of making a bunch of small sensory bins to help toddlers learn their colors.

I like how colorful this one is too.

There are a whole bunch of themed sensory bins on Pinterest too, but it’s all Christmas or Autumn or Valentine’s Day. At least I’ll be able to change it up if this works.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for activities? Any been-there-done-that mommas have some great activities they’ve done with their toddlers that has minimal supervision requirements?


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I love the look of these chairs. I can just picture four or five them in a semi circle around a fire pit in the yard. Or sitting next to the girls’ kiddie pool so I can soak my toes while they pour water in and out of buckets.


How cute is this outfit? I’m in love with this skirt. It’s sold out on the website, but this is so darling. Maybe for Fourth of July next year. I’ll probably have to switch out the blazer for a cardigan. Blazers tend to make me look boxy.


This laundry room is almost too pretty to do something as dirty as laundry. I love the farmhouse sink. Sigh. Someday, right?


Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to quilt this summer? This quilt is the reason I want to learn. I would love to make this for the girls and I to bundle under in the winter while reading. There’s nothing better than a cozy blanket and a good book.

What are you guys loving right now? A new recipe? An old book? A summer time activity?

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PPS. I finally caught up with the times! We finally have a Facebook page! Please follow the link and “like” us. I’ll be posting links to blog posts and be uploading photos that didn’t make the cut to make it into the blog, but are still adorable.

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Foodie Friday

I’m going to try doing this for a while, I think. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with food. I start thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch when I’m only half way through breakfast. I like to watch cooking shows to relax and unwind, and pretty much every magazine subscription I have is for a food magazine.

I’ve been trying to pick at list one recipe off of my massive Pinterest collection.

I haven’t had any pasta since we were in St. Louis (how did THAT happen?) and even though it was 90 degrees that day, I decided to make bacon, basil, and brie pasta. I know!

Here’s the link to the original recipe. I followed it pretty closely, but I used shallots instead of an onion, mostly cause that’s what I had. I’m not a huge fan of onions, the bite is a little too intense for me, but shallots are definitely more my speed. I also added some extra cubes of brie to the pasta after I had combined everything. You can never have enough cheese, right?


This was delicious! The thing about Pinterest is that some of those recipes can sound so delicious and then turn out to be a hot mess. Though that might be more a reflection on the cook then the recipe.

2Not bad for a Monday night dinner.

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Oh, thank God, the obsessions has dwindled!  Cause friends, it was getting a little scary for about week there.  I still go on and pin things, but now it’s like once every couple of days.  Before?  It was like EVERY SINGLE SECOND the girls were asleep.  Not kidding.  Totally scary.

But because of the crazy obsession, I have some pretty kick ass boards now (if I do say so myself).

Like this Little Miss Sunshine first birthday party.  I wouldn’t do Little Miss Sunshine, but I love the colors and I think the pom-poms are seriously adorable.  I mean, come on, what Ebenezer doesn’t like pom-poms?!?

And then there’s my sick enjoyment of T-Rex jokes.  Poor T.  He went from being the bad ass of the Cretaceous period and now he can’t get no respect.

And then there’s my crafting board, which I am blaming all of my problems on… And world hunger.  I blame it for world hunger too.  This board has made me decide that I want to be a crafter and I feel sick and dirty, but in a secretly really thrilling kind of way.  You know, probably the way Sandy felt when she first put on her lycra body suit and started bumping and grinding with Danny in the fun house.  THAT kind of dirty.  So, I’m currently scoping out sewing machines so I can get one and proceed to make an entire closet full of dresses for the girls that will probably end up costing more than if I just went and bought them clothes at the store.  I’m sick.  I need help. And about five million dollars for fabric, a custom built and decorated house, an entire new wardrobe, enough groceries to feed Russia…

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