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Yes, I already miss the sun. And yes, I am aware that I said I was over summer and ready for fall. I lied. Sue me.

1Plus, it’s really hard to take pictures when it’s all gray and dark outside.


4Haley and Miss Pumpkin Pie.




This probably should have been a wordless Wednesday post since I don’t have a lot to say, but I love these pictures. I love how sunny and carefree they look.


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ba766-blogeverday Day 28, Tuesday: Only pictures








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44 Weeks

This walking thing is on like donkey kong! I’m calling it. By Christmas Haley-Elizabeth will be walking. That is my bet. She can stand up by herself and the other day she kept trying to pick up her foot while standing by herself. It’s just a matter of time.


Poor Hazel was sick the day I took this pictures. And no, I’m not the ridiculously cruel mom that makes my baby pose when she doesn’t feel well. She had a moment this day where she was acting like she felt better. She was smiling, laughing, playing Haley. I thought, oh! She must be feeling good maybe we can get her picture done. And then this happened the moment I put her down.



And I’m keeping it because these weekly photos are supposed to represent this first year and this was how she felt this particular week. I think she’s finally on the mend. But I must admit I have loved the time at home with the girls and the extra cuddles I have gotten from the girl who never cuddles with me. It was really nice to see her smile last night. And eat. And she pooped yesterday, which I also take as a sign that she’s starting to feel better… Sorry. Baby blog.

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We are finally hopefully maybe starting to come out of the sleep regression that the girls have been going through for the last two weeks. Though, in a crazy twist of fate, night sleep has not been affected (thank god!). Naps have been ravaged. 30 minutes. On the dot. Twice a day. And that is all the day sleep my girls have been getting for the last two weeks. One hour of day sleep. They have weathered it really well until this last week. Can you see it in poor Haley’s face?

The nannies in the daycare kept trying to tell me she was coming down with pink eye. Nope, she’s just exhausted! She took a two hour nap Sunday afternoon. I really hope that means she’s pulling out of it.


And then there’s this sweetheart who is starting to turn into such a goof ball when we’re at home and it’s just the four of us. She has started wrinkling her nose when she smiles. It’s SO cute! And she snorts when she laughs really hard. Over the weekend she took great delight in watching me stack things and then knocking them over and laughing hysterical when I said “uh oh”. Love, love, love! Every month I think about how wonderful they are and how much better life is than it was six months ago and I think it can’t possibly get any better/more fun… and then it does.

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42 Weeks

My babies will be one year old in 10 weeks.

How did they get so big?

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40 Weeks

Okay, quick update:

Haley is experimenting with letting go of stuff and seeing how long she can balance standing up. It’s not for very long, but the fact that she’s trying is a little terrifying. She’s clapping almost on command now. She was sick last week from getting vaccines/flu shot, but thankfully on Sunday she seemed to finally be back to her normal self. At her 9 month check up she was 28 inches long and weighed 18lbs and 14.5oz!

Hazel is doing a normal crawl! She still does her army crawl (or swiffer, as it is affectionately called at home) when she wants to get somewhere fast, but it’s so nice to see her move with her tummy off the floor occasionally. She started trying to pull herself up this week! It’s so hard and she gets frustrated, but she’s trying and she loves all the praise she gets when she manages it. She is now 27 inches long and weighs 18lbs and 14oz.

My ‘toy’ of choice this week was Ken’s leatherman. It was genius. Easiest photo shoot ever!

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