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An Eon Ago

Okay, maybe just a month ago, Ken’s parents came to visit. And during the week they were here Nanita, Auntie Mandy, and cousin Eva came over to spend the night. And I got a couple of photos of Nanita and all the grand-girls.


3These little ladies are getting so big. I can’t believe we’ve passed the half way mark, we are closer to 2 than we are to 1. Whoever said the second year goes by faster than the first was absolutely right, but it’s still just crazy to me that time is going by faster.

4 They picked up so many new words over this last weekend. All of a sudden they are adding S into words they already know. So Haley is now saying “yes” and Hazel is saying “yesh” instead of just “yeah!”. They now know house, back, rabbit, fish, whale, shark, and juice. It’s madness!


6They are such little loves… when they want to be. They give the sweetest hug and kisses. We were playing the other night and Haley kept grabbing my face with both hands and pulling me in for a kiss. Be still, my heart! And dear, sweet Hazey will come and plop down in your lap and look around surveying her domain from her throne.


But, despite the sweetness in these pictures, we are definitely dealing with toddlers now. There are meltdowns galore if they do not get there own way, if I don’t let them watch tv, if they don’t get to go outside, if I won’t stop folding laundry IMMEDIATELY and read to them.

8I tremble in my shoes to think about what it’s going to be like when they are 2 because I keep hearing 2 is hard and that 3 is harder than 2! Lord help me.

9Though for moments like this, I will suffer through a million tantrums.

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Instagram Dump






PS. I have not forgotten about Hazel’s update. Just struggling to find the right words to adequately describe her.

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41 Weeks

Oh my gosh, I suck! This whole working full time and still blogging thing? Ugh. There’s definitely a learning curve and I keep trying to get on it, but someone slicked the curve with bacon grease I keep flying off. It’s frustrating, but tasty…. Why do I write things like that? I have a head cold. I’m blaming all nonsense sentences on the head cold.

I know she has a sock in her mouth, but let’s talk for a moment about my future shoe shopper. She loves socks. I’m not kidding. She will crawl in momma and daddy’s bedroom because she knows that we suck at picking our clothes up off the floor and will search for a sock. Once she finds said sock, she will carry it around the apartment with her. And will be happy as a clam. I even brought a lone sock to the daycare for when she gets fussy. Since the whole point of these photos is to document how the girls change and grow, I thought a photo of Hazel with a sock was very appropriate.

And this one got picked because Ken and I laugh every time we look at it.


PS. The other reason I have been sucking at keeping up the blog is because we haven’t done anything since we moved. Literally. We go to work and do the crazy working-parents-with-twins madness Monday through Friday. And then we do chores and such on the weekend. so. completely. boring. I’m working on it. Do not lose hope. This blog will return and very soon. I have a plan. Ken should be afraid.

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