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We went to the zoo again a couple of weekends ago. I bought the family membership so now I can indulge my zoo obsessed heart whenever I want! I mean, uh… now we can treat the girls to the zoo whenever they want. Right.


We went right when the zoo opened on a Sunday morning. Definitely the time to go to the zoo. Way fewer people, more of the animals are out and about, if it hadn’t been raining it would have been perfect.


IMG_2602Somehow, the fish ended up being completely fascinating.

IMG_2604And the goats. Haley is so blurry because she was freaking out with excitement over the goats in the barnyard section of the zoo. We also got to take our new stroller for a test ride. It’s totally useless in the ran because the shades don’t shade shit, but it’s the width of a standard wheelchair so I can fit places that my behemoth of a jogging stroller can’t fit. So good for crowded places and getting through the door at Starbucks (which makes this stroller worth it’s weight in gold!), but not so great on walks or in the rain.

IMG_2610She’s small, but mighty! 🙂

IMG_2613We were looking for the polar bear, but got really excited about spotting the red ball in it’s habitat. Because ball is Haley’s favorite word. Hazel’s favorite is cracker… if anyone was wondering.




I did flaunt sleep schedules for this trip. The girls normally go down for a nap around 10, but we got to the zoo at 9 and didn’t leave until 12.


They both did really well and were happy and not too fussy (the elephant ears probably saved us in giving them enough of a sugar high to get past the cranky/overtired stage). But then at the end, Hazel crashed.


She’s in there somewhere.


And all four of us definitely got soaked, though Hazel less so since she had a daddy umbrella.

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Pirate Fest

Yesterday we went to the annual Portland Pirate Festival.  Are you ready to be confused? The festival isn’t held in Portland. Nope. It’s held in St. Helens, Oregon.  I know, but it was in Portland until just last year when they moved to old town St. Helens. Ken has been involved in running this every year since I have known him. Yup, that’s right, ladies. I married a pirate!

But since Ken helps run this it means that he left on Thursday and, even though St. Helens is only 45 minutes away from Portland, he stays there the WHOLE FREAKING WEEKEND! Mostly cause his hours are so long and it saves gas and stress. But he was missed in the Potts’ house. Big time. So yesterday was the first time we had seen him in three days.

I didn’t dress the girls up like pirates, but their clothes are nautical themed. Haley’s dress has sail boats and pelicans on it. Hazel’s shirt has a sea horse. And Haley has a bib on because she got a stuffy nose Friday night and has been a snotty drool-y mess all weekend.

My friend Valerie and her husband Chris came with me. Val came with me last year when I was pregnant and not feeling the heat. She and I have been friends since kindergarten. That’s 23 years, people! She is awesome and it makes me happy that she is still in my life and in the girls’ lives.

Haley getting cuddles from Daddy! She’s more interested in the belly dancers that were performing nearby. She and Hazel also get excited when I watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I’m starting the dance brainwashing early. This is Ken’s I’m-working-like-a-crazy-person clothes. There will be a picture of him in pirate gear. Be patient.

Since the girls had been troupers and suffered through a 45 minute car ride, we went to sit in the grassy area by the pavilion stage. They got to be harness free and Ken got to cuddle with them. It also meant Val and Chris could go grab something to eat and sit and chill. I call this Hazel’s Gone With The Wind hat.

Watching the belly dancers. Look at Haley’s feet. She’s turned out in first position. Love it! Hazel’s not impressed, clearly. That nose wrinkle says it all.

Important thing to know: Haley really digs playing with water bottles.

One more important thing to know: she looks really cute with Ken’s Indiana Jones hat on.

After the girls, and Momma and Daddy, had eaten, we loaded them back up in the stroller went to walk through the market place.

I feel it’s important to let you know that I have never dressed up for Pirate Fest. Why? Mainly because it’s the only pirate event I go to and I don’t really see the need to get an outfit that I only wear once a year. Also, because I would want to do it right. Like the outfit above. But the pretty pirate costumes are freaking expensive. I bet that outfit, all together, costs between $200-$500. Not. Gonna. Happen. But they are pretty to look at and I do like looking.

This was part of a puppet show set up. They didn’t perform while we were there, but Ken said the puppets were really cool, kind of a cross between Fraggle Rock and Labyrinth.

Love her.

Such a doll.

And of course we got ice cream! (Our lunch was super yummy fish tacos for me and garlic/coconut prawns for Ken, but like a dummy I forgot to take a picture.) Ken got espresso explosion and I had strawberry cheesecake. Guys, this is the single scoop. You don’t want to order the double scoop unless you haven’t eaten in a week.

Haley thought ice cream was a good idea too, which is good, cause Ken and I are kinda ice cream junkies. It’s nice to know that it is a passion we can look forward to sharing with our children. Apparently Hazel is more of a sunglasses junkie.

My favorite picture, possibly, ever. My beautiful girls with their pirate daddy. Oh yeah, and the girls are sitting in a rocking pirate ship. Just kill me now. I can’t handle it.

Captain Hazel is ready to take the helm….

… and try to put it in her mouth. 🙂
Did anyone else do anything fun this weekend? Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone gets to spend today with their family. We are looking forward to dog piling on Ken when he gets home this afternoon!

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The Bite

I love The Bite of Oregon

We never have enough money to really pig out. We might actually plan ahead next year and save so that we can try more than a handful of booths.  But it’s a festival of food. It’s awesome. Whether you try everything or only a few.

It’s on the waterfront in downtown Portland, but the city charges for parking on the west side. Every. Day. Of. The. Week. So, we park on the east side and walk across one of the bridges.

All those white tents? That’s The Bite.  Isn’t Portland pretty? I really love this city. I have lived in a few others in different parts of the country and that was fun, but there was a reason why I came back home. Mostly because my family is all here, but also cause of how pretty this city is.

We got there 10 minutes before the gate opened. I told the girls to look excited about all the food. At least Haley is trying.  I told Ken to look excited too.

Sorry that there isn’t a picture of me excited. Cause I was. Super excited. Almost as I excited as I get when there is a plate of hot bacon in the house.

We tried a couple different things, but weren’t really adventurous this year. I told Ken that next year we are going to branch out. For instance? Well, the New Orleans restaurant had alligator on a stick. Not something I would order normally, but at a food festival why the hell not?! Next year, I’m getting the freaking alligator.

What we did get was still good.

These were philly sandwiches from the ACF Chef’ de Cuisine booth.  I got the veggie, Ken got the steak. They were good, but nothing spectacular. We got them mainly cause we were both starving when we got there and needed to eat before we could make a decision about anything else.  The cheese sauce wasn’t very good either.  Okay, so maybe some of what we got wasn’t that great, but this was the only let down.

This was from Rogue Brewery. It’s a Kobe beef haute (get it?) Dog with blue cheese and caramelized onions. Ken wasn’t too impressed, he said a hot dog is always just a hot dog. Me? I love hot dogs. And I love blue cheese. Actually, I love all cheeses. There has not been cheese invented that was too stinky for me! I thought it was good. We also got a shrimp melt from The Original Shim and Crab Co. Y’all, I wish I had gotten a picture because it was fan-freaking-tastic! Best thing we had there.

And, of course, the girls had to eat while we were there.

One of these years I am going to buy the weekend pass and go to watch the iron chef competition, but it just hasn’t worked out for me yet. Hopefully next year.

Hazel looking around after eating. The girl does not like to be confined to the stroller for very long. She usually gets to break out at some point when we’re out and about. Haley’s fine with hanging out, as long as she can grab her feet. 🙂

On our way out we got our tradition berry ka-bob. We got the white chocolate covered strawberries. The booth that makes those has THE BEST white chocolate I have ever tasted. I don’t know how they do it, or what they do, but it’s delicious and I would eat it out of a tub if I could. Maybe with that plate of hot bacon on the side. Hard to believe I’m not pregnant, isn’t it?

Hazel actually refused to go back into the stroller when it was time to go, so I offered to carry her. She fell asleep before we had gotten past the fencing. And I carried her all the way back to the car, dead asleep. 17 pounds of baby gets really heavy, really fast.

Isn’t she pretty?

And then, of course, is Miss Haley. Who refuses to admit that she ever gets tired (see what I mean about the feet).  Can’t wait for next year when the girls can play in the kids area and eat some of the yummy food with us!

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Park it

This was a couple of weeks ago, but my mom, sister, and I decided to take the girls to a nearby playground one day while they were visiting.  Can you tell I do a lot with them?  Cause I do.  I think I see the two of them more now then I did before the twinks were born.  Not that I’m complaining.  It’s nice to have Gramma and Auntie Kathleen super involved with the girls.  My whole family is really supportive and I know my dad would drop everything and come to help me if I called him. I like that the girls are going to be close to their grandparents like I was with mine.

So, since the weather was so nice we loaded up the girls in the stroller with a blanket and some toys and walked down to the playground.

Playing airplane.  You like Haley’s drool?  It’s become a safety hazard playing with that girl.  There’s always the risk of getting slimed.

I love this picture of Hazey.  She looks so sweet and not like she’s a rolling machine/monster.  Seriously, diaper changes have turned into an athletic event.  I consider it a personal victory if we get ‘er done in less than five minutes with her diaper on straight and all of her clothes back on.  Sometimes I give up and just ditch whatever was on the bottom.  It will be nice once summer weather is here and we can just rock the naked baby look.

Do you like how Gramma and Hazel are having fun and Haley’s having none of it?

My sister has had this obsession love of squirrels for years.  Literally YEARS.  And the squirrels by our apartment have no fear.  This playground is actually part of a school and the library is across the street so you can get thisclose to the squirrels and they could care less.  So, Kathleen was taking some glamor shots of this guy and after, like, five photos she lowered her camera, realized just how close she had gotten, gave a little squeal of excitement, and the squirrel look at her like “oh dear god, where did you come from?!?” and scampered off.

This was the first time we tried swings, but this playground doesn’t have the baby seats.  Hazel does not approve of having to swing with momma.  That’s okay.  She will someday, for five seconds and then she’ll be too big to want to play with me.  Sigh.  I can’t believe they have been alive for five months already.  Seriously, time.  Stop it.

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Last Thursday my mom and sister and I went to Carlton so my mom could get some video footage of the town.  She also wanted some footage of the local wineries, but the weather wasn’t quite what we were hoping for, so instead we walked around the town and then went to Argyle for a wine tasting.  Argyle does champagne.  It’s really yummy.  Definitely my favorite.  And yes, the twinks went with us.

While my mom was taking footage, my sister and I spotted a park with baby swings (which the girls had yet to be introduced to), so of course we had to try them out!

*all pictures were taken by my sister*

And then, of course, me and my sister being dorks outside of Argyle.  Because that’s what we do.

Sorry, Leigh.  I couldn’t resist.  Love you!

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This week was a little rough.  We had a lot more on our social calendar than normal (which is always kind of hard on all three of us).  Between the museum on Wednesday and swimming on Friday and the farmer’s market on Saturday (more on that later) any semblance of a schedule went out the window.  I’m so glad we did all those things, but they totally made naps wonky.  ALSO, Miss Hazel was up for FOUR HOURS Friday night for no reason other than she wanted to be held.  I think it was a reaction to the nap debacle after swimming.

I had a ticket to the ballet last night and I opted out of going.  It feels a little like throwing money away, but I was tired from Friday night. I spent most of yesterday a little on edge just cause I was tired and a little burnt out on babies, which is pretty normal for me by the time Saturday rolls around.  So I opted instead to stay home with Ken and make dinner and go to bed early.

But this is supposed to be my post about thankfulness, not about me griping about my life.

11. for the lunch date that my mom sent me and Ken on.

12. drinking vinegars

13. book stores

14. Haley’s smiles

15. other moms who blog about raising their children

16. farmer’s market

17. my family

18. showering

19. netflix to distract me when one of the girls takes 45 minutes to eat

20. writing

We went to the farmer’s market yesterday morning.  There were so many beautiful vegetables and flowers and all the vendors are so friendly and chatty.  I really enjoy going, I just wish I hadn’t been such a grumpy pants this time.

Hopefully, this week will be a little smoother.

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