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Take Them Away!

3adf6-blogeverdayDay 26, Sunday: Something you read online.


I found this blog post via Pinterest earlier this week and have find of  been obsessed with it ever since.


I have always been of the opinion that you do not need a ton of gadgets to take care of a baby. There’s so much crap on the market that new parents get bombarded with, advertisers doing everything they can to convince these parents that their child will die/never sleep/cry all the time if they do not purchase said product. We were pretty minimalist with the girls. We had one swing, two bumbos, two boppy pillows, two space saver high chairs and that was it, as far as that type of stuff goes. I swaddled them using muslin blankets, if one was in the swing that meant I was usually rocking the other to sleep. We did the sound machine thing for a while, but it was just a free app on the ipad.  I also have always believed that kids don’t need their own personal toy store in their room.  We don’t have THAT many toys for the girls and there are times when I still feel like they have too much sometimes. I’m not saying this to be all holier-than-thou. I have lots of friends who have all the gadgets and their kids are just as happy and content as my girls. I’m not saying there’s a right way and wrong way. This is just what I feel and believe is right for us.

I think what I enjoyed the most about reading this post was that it wasn’t a mean decision. Yes, there was a catalyst to make her take everything away, but it was something she had thought about and has turned into a positive thing, and a positive experience for her daughters. The headline is a little deceiving if you haven’t read the whole thing. Her daughters still have toys, but they kept the toys that require some imagination. The dress up clothes, the legos, the play kitchen, and play food. And I love it. I love that her daughters are learning from a young age that it is not the stuff that is important, but the people around you.

I have long been feeling that the girls stuffed animal collection is out of control already and this post was the push I needed. A big bag of stuffed animals is going to be making its way to Goodwill before we move. We will keep the loveys and a couple of dolls and a handful of the stuffed animals that were gifts from grandparents.

What do you guys think? Is taking toys away too harsh? Did you cheer Ruth on while reading about boxing up the toys?


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