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I’ve missed two days! But I think anyone who knows me is aware that this is kind of how I am. I set this goal or say ‘I’m going to do blah de blah de blah every day!’ and I start off really strong and then start to loose focus and drive and that’s kind of where I am now. But I am going to try to finish strong! I’m also going to do yesterdays prompt and todays because they both interest me and I already have yesterdays written in my head so why not!

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something.

Here is my rant, which a couple of people have heard recently: This country’s set up for maternity leave and stay at home moms sucks! The only way a woman can get paid for maternity leave, in Oregon at least, is to get disability insurance BEFORE she gets pregnant. Because, if you have a child, you are clearly disabled. I mean, what sane person would want to have children? I mean, unless the woman has a killer job where the management is awesome and does some pay for maternity leave. Clearly, that was not the case with me. Yes, we have made the one income thing work before and we will make it work again and the lower income is worth every. single. day I get to spend with my children. And really this anger at how the system is set up is more because I hate having the girls in daycare. I hate that at 15 months old they are forced into the Monday-through-Friday-8:30-to-5:30 grind.  Dear lord, doesn’t that start soon enough? Anyway, that’s my rant. That’s what has been rolling around in my head for the last couple of weeks.

Day 23, Thursday: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

I actually think the things I value most are the things I’ve learned in school. Not necessarily in the classroom, but just from the action of going to school.

  1. Be on time. For everything. Not only is it polite, but it will end up saving you and other people from wasting time waiting around. Everyone is busy. Everyone has a million things going on. If someone is making time for you, please have the courtesy to be on time.
  2. Honor your commitments (I still struggle with this). Follow through with what you will say you will do or on what you have been asked to do.

I have a lot of emphasis right now on raising the girls to be polite. And teaching them now what it means to be polite. Which is forcing me to be a little more aware of when I am, unintentionally, being rude. What do you guys think? What’s the best thing you’ve learned?


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3adf6-blogeverday Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them


So, I kind of already did this HERE.  And I know I didn’t post yesterday, but Ken is under the weather and Hazel and I just finally ditched our own rotten colds. There are dresses to sew (more on that later), boxes to pack, and suitcases to pack (more on that later too).  These next two weeks are going to be crazy busy. The plan is just to hold on tight, close my eyes, and hope we’ll all still be intact when the dust settles!

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3adf6-blogeverday Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why

7935_1108918770430_7327404_nThis picture. Why? Why is the super dorky picture my favorite? A) This was an awesome summer. I don’t remember a whole lot of particulars, but I do remember that the weather was awesome, my sister was home before going to college, I was in a musical, and loving my job and bike riding as my means of transportation. B) I was in great shape. I think that summer was the best I’ve ever looked. C) It’s the two other people who understand me the best. The two I don’t have to explain anything to because they know what the thought process was… Most of the time. D) We’re doing what we do best: being silly.

Favorite pictures of the girls, you ask? (Oh, you didn’t actually ask to see baby pictures? Too bad!)

403894_3385884973162_877702413_nThis one of Hazel. I love how chunky her face is and how unimpressed and disgruntled she is, because Miss Charmer was not always how she is now. This stoic-ness was her base personality for many, many months. And it makes me giggle every time.


207172_3525244537064_1300237290_nAnd this one of Haley. Because of her bluest blue eyes and because you can totally see her fun-loving, mischievous personality shining through. You just know this girl is going to be trouble! Also, the natural light in our Milwaukie apartment was the best thing ever.

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3adf6-blogeverdayDay 16, Thursday: Something difficult about your “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it

Okay, please don’t anybody throw anything at me or get mad, but there’s not a whole lot about my “lot in life” that is truly that difficult. I mean, yes, I have twin toddlers, and Ken is a teacher and soon that will be the only income for our family (though hopefully not for long). I have worries and things that are difficult, but it’s just part of life, right? Hazel will not always try to arch out of stroller because someday she won’t need to ride in the stroller. Haley will not always fall on the floor of the kitchen because someday she’ll be able to tell me right away that she wants a banana. Ken and I will (oh, please, dear god, let this be true) not always be budgeting our money down to the last penny because someday we will make more money than we are right now.

Alright, so it would be really nice if I could be a natural blonde again so I don’t feel the need to dye my hair. And lasik surgery would be AWESOME!  So, I guess those things could be my difficulties, if y’all are really needing one.

Notice how optimistic I am now that I only have 2.5 weeks before I get to go back to the best. job. ever?

PS. Gramma and Grandpa came over yesterday and brought ice cream and strawberries. It’s one of the first times I’ve heard the girls actively say “yum!” while eating!


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My Day

3adf6-blogeverdayDay 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life


5:00-5:30am – I wake up sometime in this window. It’s the only way I can have a cup of coffee in peace. I’m also a slow waker upper, if I wake up at least an hour before the girl than I am ready to go by the time they are.

6:15-6:30am – The girls wake up (and no, I have not gotten around to blackout curtains yet).

6:30am – Breakfast!

16:30 – 7:30am – Consists of me getting the girls and myself dressed, playing, and trying to remember that I need to have breakfast as well. Some mornings I’ll give them a bath. Like if Haley decided it was a good morning for putting yogurt in her hair.

8:00am – I start stocking up my bag for the day.

28:30am – The girls and I go to the daycare.

9:30am – The kids all sit down for snack after we get back from our morning walk, if the weather’s awful we will go to the gym and let them run around for a while, if it’s nice then they run around in the softball field.


410:30am – Hazel is down for a 30 minute catnap (the longest she will sleep at daycare).

512pm-1pm – Lunch time! We eat lunch in the dining room and then Ken takes Hazel for a little walk and I take Haley back to our apartment to put her down for a nap. The girls get at least one nap a day in our apartment because their sleep sucks so much at daycare. We went through about three months of napping them in the daycare and it was awful and they were miserable because they were so tired and I was miserable and frustrated.


1pm-2pm – Hazel and I go back to the daycare and play with the kids and she gets a ton of attention and then we go back home so she can nap.

2pm – I walk Hazel to sleep so that she doesn’t wake up Haley.

83:30pm-5pm – We are back in the daycare for afternoon snack and end of the day stuff.

5pm – Dinner time! Sometimes, we will go for a walk after dinner or come back to the apartment to play. On this particular day I was having a hankering for some cookies and we had some Andes mint chunks to use up.

97pm-7:30pm – Bedtime is somewhere in this time frame, kind of depending on how long naps were. Leading up to bedtime we will read a ton of books, play in the tunnel, maybe watch a short show in Netflix. They are totally weaned off of bottles now, which is awesome and went a lot smoother than I was expecting.


11This is the face Hazel gives me when she’s about to run away from me when I’m trying to put her jammies on.

8:30pm – Once the girls are asleep, Ken and I will sometimes watch something, or he will read while I work on a sewing project. Our evenings are very mellow.

9:30pm – Bedtime for Momma!

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Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

These are in no particular order. Just things that make me giddy.

1. So You Think You Can Dance

Seriously. Season 10 starts tonight and I am so excited I may pee my pants.

2. Kate Jablonski’s Buildings

There is something about this song couple with this choreography. Also, Kate Jablonski is one of my favorite choreographers. She’s a genius.

3. Burlesque

I love, love, love this movie! I love how the choreographer ripped off so many Fosse moves and the glitter and the false eyelashes and how Kristen Bell is such a bitch and how Christina has, possibly, the worse wig EVER! But mostly I love Julianne Hough and Stanley Tucci being gay. Ken has seen this movie more times then any man should have to, and he still lets me watch it when he’s around. That’s true love right there, my friends.

4. Powell’s Books

For anyone who reads my blog who is not from Portland, Powell’s Books is the largest bookstore west of the Mississippi River. It’s the whole freaking block and it’s awesome. Ken and I would often go hang out at Powell’s for an afternoon, pre-baby. Though he could spend all day in there, while I tap out after about an hour. I just get too overwhelmed by all the books I can’t afford to buy.

5. First cup of coffee in the morning

It’s extra wonderful because I wake up a good hour before the girls and it’s quiet and everyone in my home is asleep. No one needs anything from, no one is invading my space (except the cat). It’s just me, my coffee, and Pinterest.

6. Puppies

I know this is probably the most cliche “what make you happy” thing out there, but I LOVE dogs. Don’t ask me how I ended up a cat owner. I mean, I like cats. I tolerate cats. I looooove dogs. Especially big dogs. I desperately want a mastiff once the girls are ready to have a dog in the house.

7. Baby pile

There are these moments in playing with the girls where I will get rushed by both of them and they will fling themselves into my arms or lap with absolute trust that I will catch them. In those moments that amount of love I feel for them threatens to overwhelm me.

8. Castle

I mean, come ON! Have you guys been watching this season?!?! I’m not even going to write anything about it because I will just gush and fangirl all over the place. Besides, Ken is woefully behind and I don’t want to say anything that will spoil it for him.

9. Sunflowers

Favorite flower. There was one time when Ken and I were still dating and we were going out for a date. I cannot for the life of me remember what the date consisted of, but I do remember that he surprised me with sunflowers and red vines. Is it any wonder I married the guy?

10. Cooking Shows

A perfect vacation for me would be checking into a hotel that gets Food Network or the Cooking Channel and that’s it. I wouldn’t do anything else. I would lay on the bed and watch cooking shows until I became consumed with hunger and then I would go and get good food and go back and watch more.

What makes you happy?

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3adf6-blogeverdayDay 13, Monday: Issue a public apology.


I would like to apologize to the various boys I obsessed over through high school and college. I am really sorry. Here’s the deal, I have wanted to fall in love for, well, ever. Literally. I cannot remember a time when I did not want to find that man I couldn’t live without and marry him and have babies with him. Though for the first chunk of my life I wasn’t so clear on the details of having babies. And me being the over-eager planner that I am? I had high hopes for every. single. crush. Now when I saw obsess, I don’t mean restraining order, I mean pathetic, homeless puppy. Which is awkward and, in hindsight, totally embarrassing.

Also? None of you guys were worth the time and energy I spent on you. I’m sorry. The truth hurts. Not one of the crushables got my sense of humor, understood a lot of my references, or thought what I had to say was very interesting. And to be honest, I didn’t get them either. But in the end it’s okay because all of those experiences led to finding the person who does get my humor, who laughs at with me, thinks and says things at the same time I do, and is happy to see me every morning. Well, maybe not the mornings when I drink all the coffee. 🙂 Isn’t that something?

Definitely makes all the past hurts worth it. Just to hear him say “I do.”


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