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A couple of weeks ago I took the girls to the library.ย  Before I had kids, I loved going to the library. It’s one of my favorite cheap things to do. Now that I have kids? The library totally stresses me out, but I want the girls to love it as much as I do. I fantasize about the whole family going and spending Saturday morning at the library and leaving with more books than we could possibly all read in a week. I love establishing the building blocks now that the girls need to be life long readers (and between you and me, I know this is one thing I’m doing right. I may not know how to do a lot of things. I don’t know how to potty train them, I feel like I fumble through getting the right nutrients into them, and this whole disciplining thing makes me break into a cold sweat. But instilling a love of reading into a child? THAT I can do!).


I’ll paint you a little picture of what normally happens when I take the girls to the library, and please remember that 98% of the times the girls have gone to the library I am the only adult going with them. First off, to get both girls into the library from the car (and this is my method for getting them anywhere when I feel like they both need to be carried and the stroller is too much of a pain) I put someone in the ergo on my back and the other girl gets held in front of me. I hear a lot of chuckles as I traipse across the parking lot. Once we are in the children’s section of the library I put down the girl in my arms and quickly release the other from the carrier. I grab their hands as quick as I can and show them the books, which they stare at for .3 seconds before going over to chew/fling puzzle pieces around before darting off in two different directions. One usually bolts for the door to the parking lot. The other heads for the stairs to the rest of the library. The longest we have ever lasted is 10 minutes and we usually leave with one, two, or all three of us in tears and frustrated. If I’m lucky, I’ve managed to grab two books off of the shelves. And I check them out while holding two crying kids, hoping and praying that they are books the girls will be interested in because I have no clue what books I have randomly grabbed.


Got that picture? Good.


This last time we went I got to experience being THAT mom. You know the one. The mom whose kids look adorably pulled together, whose kids are quiet, well behaved, and are doing exactly WHAT SHE TELLS THEM TO! It is a magical experience, my friends. It was lovely to be the mom that the other moms are glaring at because her toddlers are being angels. I cherished it so much, mostly because I know it will probably never happen again, and because the moms that were glaring at me? They only had one toddler to wrangle. One! They had an even ratio! Do you have any idea how often I have stared wistfully at a mom with only one baby (while my two have fussed, cried, thrown a tantrum, demanded to be held at the same time) and thought how much simpler life must be to only have one baby to worry about? I have an insane amount of respect the mothers of triplet or quads. If my life feels nuts, I can only imagine what those mothers feel like during the hectic, whiny, fussy moments. And I feel for the mothers of one baby too, because I’m sure that feels hectic and crazy and out-of-control as well. I have often said to people who ask if having twins is hard that I am lucky because I don’t know another way to parent. This is my normal. And to those moms who I caught glaring at me at the library, I am not super mom, I am not the best mother ever, I just had dumb luck on my side. Also, a sand table on the patio just outside of the kids section doesn’t hurt either. ๐Ÿ™‚


Has anybody else experienced this phenomenon? It’s made me contemplate attempting the zoo by myself. See? One good outing and I’m letting it go to my head.


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Am I the only person who thinks a toddler with a library card is the cutest thing in the entire world? Cuter than sleeping otters holding hands, cuter than baby farm animals, and cuter than a pile of puppies.


I think the library is going to be a frequent hang out for us this summer.


I was checking out their calendar while Ken and the girls were playing with puzzles and the library does a couple of story book times during the week and does a free kids movie on Friday afternoons.


I’m having fantasies of the girls filling canvas tote bags with bags that we then cart home. And, of course, upon reaching home we will make cups of hot chocolate, pile onto the couch, and read and read and read. Please don’t tell me that’s horribly unrealistic. I love my little fantasy.


Also, Ken got me this awesome bag for Easter.

bag from Me And My 4 Boys on Etsy

If I wasn’t already an avid reader, I would become one just to have this bag.

Does anyone have other suggestions of cheap fun things to do with toddlers?

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Does anyone else know that song? It’s from a musical called She Loves Me that I saw a few years ago at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It’s a lovely show and this is one of my favorite songs from it and, now, every time I go to the library I find myself humming this song.

We got all bundled up to leave our apartment cause, friends, it is November in Oregon. Ugh.

I also find myself singing “the rain rain rain came down down down” a lot too.

(PS. this is kind of a long post, so if you would rather scroll past all my ramblings and just look at the pictures, I totally understand!)

We went to the library to have a rainy day play date with our friend Melissa and her kids, Evie and Jack. And, I must admit, I was very impressed with the library.

We got there a little before Melissa and her posse, so the H’s got some time to explore the kid section of the library. Haley is so native NorthWesterner with her downy vest and boots.

Did I mention I haven’t taken a lot of photos of the girls lately? I think once I got started it was really hard to stop. After all, I do still have a baby book to fill up. Their November page is looking very sad. Especially when considering that usually half way into a month I have to start budgeting picture spots.

She looks like such a big kid in this picture. I feel like it’s a glimpse into the future. Why, hello Toddler Haley, it’s so nice to meet you. GIVEMEBACKMYBABY!

This is the moment when Hazel realized that sister was playing with the really cool toy….

…. and crawled over to investigate/make her share.

Melissa and her kids arrived while I was getting my library card. Pause in the cuteness for a quick rant. The library CHARGES you for your library card. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the library? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I paid it and I’m sure the money goes to worth while things and it’s probably part of the reason this library was so awesome, but still! There is the option of having a free card, but you can only check out one book at a time. I just can’t live like that! Anyway, back to cuteness.

I came back to this adorableness. Melissa’s kids had apparently immediately parked it at the table and started playing with puzzles. That’s her little girl Evie, who I think is pretty stinking cute! She’s in the daycare at the school with the girls, so they know her. She was petting Hazel ever so gently on the head, but I kept taking photos in between pets.

And then Melissa was nice and gave one of her arm warmers to Hazel. It was like having a giant sock! Can you tell how thrilled Hazel was? And so she played with that for a while and then, in true Hazel fashion, wandered off to do her own thing.

Which was to pretend to be a book. Can you believe this kid started out the day sick? Yup, she woke up crying her sad cry and I went in to investigate only to find that she had thrown up at some point in the wee hours of the morning. It was sad and gross, but she was happy once I cleaned her up and ate normal the rest of the day and never had fever, so I have no idea what was up with the random puke.

Jack being so sweet and gentle with the girls and showing them how the toys work.

Hey, look! I’m in pictures too! Hooray for when Ken takes the camera!

We were probably only at the library for 30 minutes, which is the maximum limit on all four kids attention spans. But it’s so nice to have a friend we can have play dates with, and she used to be a stay-at-home-mom too so I can complain about how much I miss it and she doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy. Always a nice thing to have in a friend.

I did runaway from the playing for about five minutes to quickly peruse the cookbook section.

This was Ken’s armful when we left….

This was mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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