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This Week

This week was the longest and the fastest all at the same time. And the roller coasterest. Cause that’s a word. As of now. I started out so sad that my babies are growing up and getting bigger.



This first year has been so magical and wonderful and my life has such direction and purpose ever since these darling girls arrived. And then I moved on to being so proud of who they are and what they will someday become.


And then we had the birthday and I was so excited because I LURV me a birthday!


I love that there is one specific day that you get the celebrate the existence of someone. And then we had staff meeting that evening for work and I was so bitter and angry that I had to be away from my girls on their special day…. Guys, this went on all week. Up, down, up, down. Dear lord, it’s a miracle Ken still smiles when he sees me!

We had their well baby check up on Thursday. Haley weighs 20lbs 3.5oz and is 29.5 inches tall. Hazel weighs 19lbs 10oz and is 29 inches long. Raise your hand if your surprised Hazel weighs less cause she doesn’t feel like she weighs less!


We got the clear from the doc to turn Haley around in her car seat, but poor little Hazel has to gain 6 more ounces.


I’m so obsessed with being able to turn around and see her face without having to turn into a freaking contortionist to do it.  The vaccines have turned them into fussy monsters and blown our good naps to crap and I was super stressed out about it (we’re also slowly weaning them off of bottles. AKA kill me now!) and having a horrible Friday and then we got done with work, came home and they were happy and wonderful and funny and sweet.


It was one of my I’m-so-incredibly-happy-I-have-twins nights.


Birthday party is today. There will be cake and tutus and friends. All there to celebrate my babies. 🙂

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Just some recent Instagram pics….

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