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I was going to try to put all of our Fourth of July into one post, but there are too many pictures. Let me rephrase that, there are too many absolutely adorable pictures and I am incapable of narrowing it down anymore than I already have. Sorry. If you have something against looking at pictures of cute babies… then I suggest you seek psychiatric help. Side note: I should probably stop calling them babies, right? Otherwise, they’ll be sixteen and I’ll be on here sniffling about pictures of my cute baby driving and my cute baby breaking curfew (please, no).


We went to my parents for the day. The town they live in does a fun street fair thing and the library has an awesome sale (I got 6 new books for the girls for $2.10!). There’s a parade and food and wiener dog races (totally not making that up).


There’s lots of stuff for kids to do to, but the girls are still just a tad too young. Next summer I think they will be old enough to do a lot of the activities, but no parade for a while. It’s not until 2pm, which is right at the tail end of nap time.



8Dancing to a little CCR. They liked the canned music better than the live. Though to be honest, the one band we heard was pretty awful. The H’s may be young, but they still have their music standards.

9These dresses are the ones I made back in May. Did I tell you guys about that? I probably didn’t because my sewing skills are shaky and I feel weird writing sewing stuff because I’m terrified the experts will laugh at me and that the new sewers (like myself) will ask for advice. The dresses are just simple pillow case dresses, since I have mastered sewing a straight line, with their Easter sweaters on top.

10This picture is totally like life. Hazel being all sweet and introspective and Haley being crazy.

11I can tell when they are starting to get tired now because they don’t fight being put in the stroller and they don’t constantly ask to get out.

12I had planned to let the girls try some cotton candy, but since the adult I would have actually bought the cotton candy for (and then made her share with the girls) had filled her cotton candy quota the night before and didn’t want any. *coughKATHLEENcough*  But they did have a little bit of kettle corn and thought that was pretty awesome. Don’t we all, girls. Don’t we all.


14I love this picture. My mom and I were standing at the bottom of the slide getting laughed at.

What did you guys do for the holiday?

Part two will be pictures from hanging out at the farm. 🙂



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Ugh. I suppose we do need to talk about last Thursday. Honestly, it was, without a doubt, the worse one I have ever had. And that counts last year when I was behemothly pregnant and uncomfortable and cranky.

The day started out well. Since we work at a boarding school we didn’t have Thursday and Friday off. It’s not like they can send the international students home for four days. It’s actually really nice what the school does. They invite all of the parents to the school for Thanksgiving and have a big, traditional dinner in the dining room. Staff have the option of eating in the dining room or in their own homes.  The fall play also performed that weekend and I got tapped to help with hair and make-up, which I love doing, but it ended up making our Thanksgiving non-existent.

Let me start at the beginning!

So, we started late on Thursday. I didn’t have to be at the theater until 10:30, so I left Ken with napping babies and went to style 1930’s hair and apply Ben Nye make-up. Ken brought the girls to the theater around 11:30 so he could help with some of the technical aspects of the show. That part was fun. It was nice to have Hazel playing in a bin of towels and babbling to the high school girls while I wielded the curling iron. And I heard Haley had a lot of fun in the house, using the theater chairs to walk up and down the rows. At 1:30 we swapped rolls and I took the girls back home for their afternoon nap. The plan was to go over my boss’s house for dinner with her family before she and I would go back to the theater to do some touch ups before the show.

The girls woke up from their nap (they slept for an hour! In the midst of the sleep regression! It was a Thanksgiving miracle) and the following happened.


I figured out the trick to getting Haley to wear headbands. I have to put them on her when she’s looking in the mirror and then talk to her about how pretty she looks. It actually works! She gets really excited and smiles and bounces and leaves the freaking headband alone.

See Hazel? See the look of discovery in her eyes? And poor Haley is blissfully unawares.

She’s interested enough that she dropped the burp cloth.

Aaaannnddd that was the end of Haley’s headband. But it was cute while it lasted.

After the photo shoot, I loaded the girls up in the stroller and we went over to my boss’s house and played with her kids while we waited for her husband to get dinner together and for Ken to finishing dealing with tech stuff. Guys, it never happened. Ken never finished. I had dinner with a bunch of people I barely know. All of them were very nice, but I’ve only known them for a month and a half.  Ken never showed up and the moment I tried to eat was the moment the girls decided they were interested in the fire place (with a fire in it). It was also my first Thanksgiving away from my family and the food wasn’t all that great. It all just combined into a horrible disappointment.

But I could have handled everything else if Ken had been there. Not having him there, not having the key component of this little family that we’re building present for a day that has always been about family for me. It was heartbreaking for me.

We ended on an up note. After the play started and the girls had gone to bed, Ken went down to the dining room and got a left over pumpkin pie. We grabbed two forks, sat on the couch, and ate it straight out of the tin. Not a bad end to a disappointing day, but my mom’s pumpkin pie is still far superior.

I’m so cooking next year.




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Okay, I’ll admit it. Momma loves her some Katy Perry (much to Ken’s dismay and disgust).  Though I did just hum this in my head on the national holiday. I didn’t expose his ears to the happy, pop music he so despises (unless it’s Carly Rae Jebson, evidently happy, pop music is okay if it’s Canadian). Ken, it could be worse.  I could be singing Spice Girls cause, let’s face it, I still know ALLLLL the words.

Wait, what is this post supposed to be about? Fourth of July? Got it! Moving on!

Yes, that is Hazel decked out in her patriotic outfit.  Is the bow too much? Guys, I’m having to resort to head wear on the girls. Cause dressing them in pink isn’t enough, people are still thinking they are boys.  We went into the grocery store last week and I can’t for the life of me remember what Haley was wearing, but she had her pink jacket on and Hazel was in blue jeans and a purple jacket with pink and teal polka dots on it.  Y’all, people were still asking me if Hazel was a boy! Why can’t people just say “oh, what a cute baby” and leave it at that?  I truly believe that twins make people forget their manners.

Wow, I kinda suck at staying on track in this post.

We went down to Canby for General Canby Days (FYI- Canby is where my parents live and is named after General Canby.), which is the little fourth of July festival the town does.  There’s food booths and kitschy stuff to buy and the library has a huge book sale.  The girls actually took a nap in the new carriers (I know! I was so impressed!) and after they woke up we headed back to my parents’ farm.

This was the first in a series of photos in which Hazel decided she wanted to roll over only to discover that sister was in her way.  This is becoming a common theme… for both of them.  See how cute they are?  And guess what?  Yup, someone thought I had boy/girl twins.

My sister’s (Kathleen, what are we calling him now?) friendly man-type person modeling the newest way to store your beer.  Why have a pocket-protector when you can have a beer-protector? Yes, this is the kind of ridiculousness that happens all the time when a person experiences prolonged exposure to the Kelly family.

And, of course, we had the traditional dessert.  This time next year the girls will get to have some too.  My mom uses unsweetened whipped cream instead of frosting.  I like it better.  Plus, frosting kind of grosses me out… unless it’s really good, cream cheese frosting.

I have to say the girls did great! They napped, they weren’t super fussy.  We only started to have meltdowns once we were home and they had been bathed and were snuggle-y in their jammies.  First Hazel didn’t approve of the penguin book we were reading (only .25 at the library book sale!) –

And then after I got her calmed down, Haley lost it and it was officially time for bed!

Yes, they slept through the fireworks, but I did not.  I can’t wait for next summer when they are walking around.  There’s always live music at the festival stuff and I saw an 18-month-old little girl dancing in the grass and got so excited thinking that next time that could be the girls.  Or, you know, we might be the kid next to her, flat on his back, having a temper tantrum.  Whichever.

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