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  • There are not enough hours in the day. I mean, there kinda is because I’m absolutely wiped by the time the girls go to bed, but there’s not because I have this long list of stuff I want to do and I rarely get past the first two or three. I’m talking about stuff I want to do, not the stuff I need to do…. It would probably help if I didn’t spend nap time getting sucked into the Facebook vortex.
  • Speaking of the great time suck, I deleted the FB app off of my phone and am training myself to only check FB on the computer. It’s cut down how often I am on, which cuts down how much residual drama stress I take on. Also, there is a direct correlation between how much I am online to how fussy the girls are.
  • I am ridiculously excited to take the girls to Disneyland next year. Like… can’t even focus on anything else I’m so excited. Pray that this passes quickly cause it’s still 8 months away and I have other things to think about between then and now.
  • I’m really excited for Easter this year. Haley had a high temperature last year on Easter and was as miserable as can be. I feel like we didn’t even really get to do it last year. I have all sorts of plans this time around. Hopefully, everyone will stay healthy!

  • Does anyone have thoughts on when to transition to big girl beds? Everything I’ve read recommends to just keep them in their cribs until they climb out or seem uncomfortable, but we have some traveling to do this summer and Haley has learned how to climb out of the pack and play. Would life just be easier if I moved them out of their cribs before hand? Also, toddler beds or twin beds? Thoughts? I know I’m over thinking this, but that’s what I do! I would love advice from parents that have been there, done that.
  • I lost 5 more pounds, which makes a total of 15 pounds lost since January 1st. This also means that I now weigh less than I did in 8th grade! I have five more pounds that I want to lose to get to my goal and then it’s just maintaining/building muscle. I’m in love with my muscles! I saw my oblique line the other day and had an epic dance party over it. I feel strong with muscles, and sexy and empowered and like Wonder Woman/Catwoman(Michelle Pfieffer, not Halle Berry)/Mystique all combined.

  • That being said, I had a wild mushroom flat bread pizza last night that was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten and panna cotta made with goat cheese and my mouth died and went to heaven without me.
  • Spring is here. I love it!

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50 Weeks


50 weeks. Wow.

I Googled today to see when babies go from being infants toddlers. The resounding answer was when they turn one. Cue this momma lying on the floor bawling her eyes out that her kids are growing up a chorus of Happy Birthday.


Haley is a walking machine. She can even turn herself in a circle. Excuse all the drool, those stupid molars still haven’t come through. They don’t seem to be hurting her, but she’s been drooling like a leaky faucet. She loves taking a bath, carrying around her lovey, and being chased.

Hazel can pull herself up to standing flawlessly and will walk holding onto to our hands, or furniture. She can balance by herself, but I think she’s afraid to take a step. No rush though. Whenever she’s ready is fine with me. She loves to play peek-a-boo, to eat, and she says “quack quack” when we sing Rubber Ducky.

They are ridiculously adorable with each other. They play with each other, laugh with each other. There are many evenings when I am so overwhelmed with love and delight that I feel sad for people who don’t get to experience the joy of twins. It’s so magical and wonderful. Which is wonderful considering how terrified I was during the pregnancy.

50 weeks. I guess I should get to work on figuring out their birthday party. Eek!


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48 Weeks

I hope everyone had a great christmashanukkahkawanzawintersolstice. I’m still slogging through all the photos from Christmas, trying to get them all edited. But it’s a BEAST, plus I’m trying to figure out the girls birthday party. I’m not going crazy with it, but I’m not a great party planner so it takes me longer than the average bear.

Haley is barely crawling anymore. She’s taking a lot of tumbles because of it, but she just gets right back up and keeps on trucking.


Hazel has become so outgoing and social. She is becoming so independent, she doesn’t want Momma or Daddy’s help with anything. Unless she gets stuck crawling under the chairs. Then she wants us. 🙂


The girls are playing with it each other so much more. Like right now, for instance, they are in the hallway giggling at each other. SOOOO cute!

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32 Weeks

I am embarrassed to say that I thought this week was 31. Somehow, I lost track of how old they were and had to do some searching through my archives to figure it out. But lo and behold they are 32 weeks old and getting completely impossible to corral. Ken scared the you-know-what out of me on Sunday. He called me into the girls’ room and Haley was standing up in her crib! Thankfully, she did not put herself there, her daddy did, but she was still able to hold on to her crib and stand, without further assistance. So scary!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my little stoic baby has kind of turned into a goof ball. It’s really fun to watch her babble and play with her feet and do this adorable nose wrinkle, squinty-eyed smile. I love that I caught it on camera.

*I don’t know why Hazel looks yellow, but I will fix it before I put it into the baby book*

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