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Speaking of summer, we are going to spending much of this one at my parents’ farm, I think. Mostly, because the girls love, love, love being outside, and there are horses and a dog at the farm. There is also an insane amount of joy when the girls and my parents get to hang out together.

5916_4924384634692_1163911079_nWhen we were there a couple of weeks ago, they became obsessed with the horses water buckets (gag!) so Gramma went and got a clean bucket for them to play in.


Three generations.

And we spent lots of time putting mint leaves and rosemary and apple buds into the clean water.


Oh, the baby bellies!


Haley loves water. Nothing would make her happier, I think, then if I just filled up the tub in the morning and let her hop in an out of the bathtub all day.



Haley has grown so much in the last couple of months. I’m continually amazed by her comprehension and how much she knows. For instance, a couple of days ago we were playing on the porch and she started saying “moo” and pointing at the sky. I looked and, sure enough, you could still see the moon on the horizon. How the heck does she know about things like the moon? It hasn’t been something I’ve been talking to her about. It’s something she just picked up from reading Good Night Moon and who knows what else. She picked up on the sign for hot in a day and now does it whenever she sees me drinking coffee. And she fake snores now! It’s so cute!



Hazel likes to bust a move. She loves music and dancing. Any time we get in the car she’ll start doing the sign for music until I oblige and turn on their Baby Einstein CD. She’s super social, loves to wave at people and blow kisses. More importantly she gives kisses to people she loves. And she closes her mouth while she’s kissing.  She’s very patient and loves her sister. She follows Haley around and a lot and is more than happy to do something if sister is doing it too.  Hopefully, Haley won’t abuse that devotion too much (oh please oh please oh please). She’ll repeat pretty much anything I ask her too, but she doesn’t initiate a lot of talking. She’ll do signs though.



The climbing is ridiculous. Nothing is safe anymore. Thankfully, she hasn’t discovered that climbing out of her crib is an option… yet.



See? They love their grandpa so much!






I hate this picture of me, but I love the look on Hazey’s face.


PS. All photography and editing credit goes to my sister. Sorry, Kathleen. I was too lazy to edit the pictures myself.

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I’m ringing in the new year with a cold. Ugh. I never got sick before this fall. I had a super woman immune system after working with young kids for 8 years and now I’m snotty and sniffy and congest-y and all sorts of other things that end with y. I’m such a sexy beast in bed with my snorting and sneezing, let me tell you. Ken is a lucky, lucky man. The extra unfairness of this particular cold? I didn’t even catch it from the girls! They have been snot free (other than teething) for two weeks. I feel betrayed by my immune system. And no, we’re not going to discuss the fact that if I drank more water and less coffee I would probably be healthier. And we’re also not going to talk about how fitting in some exercise would also help. We are definitely NOT bring up that I should be eating more dark, leafy greens and less white bread.  And I guess if we’re not talking about all of those things then we should probably talk about babies instead.

best. segue. ever.

The weekend before Christmas, Ken’s parents came down from Alaska to visit. They were going to be spending actual Christmas with Ken’s sister and her family, but we had an early one with them. Our one full day with them we went to the Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville. DSC_0018

Ken tried valiantly to reign in the geeking out, but my man likes things that fly.  That’s Hazel’s little head sticking out of Ken’s jacket. Don’t let all the green fool you, it was super windy and coooold that day. And the girls fit in Ken’s coat with them when he has one in the carrier. So they get to be in a little daddy-H burrito.


I have to admit, it’s kind of cool that you can sit and eat your lunch and look at a bunch of shiny airplanes.


The museum is the home of the Spruce Goose. You know, the ridiculously huge airplane that Howard Hughes built. The one made out of wood that should really not fly, but managed to stay off the ground for a whole mile.  The one from The Aviator. I tried so hard to get a picture that showed just how enormous it is. But it was tough because the dang thing is so big!



I don’t know what the deal was with this set up, but I love this picture. I don’t know why, but i do.





Haley with her Nanita.



Hazel with her daddy and Papa Bear.

Prepare yourself for the cutest sequence of photos I think I have taken of the girls ever in the last month. I may have to get one, or two, or all of them framed I love them that much. I will get on the computer just to look at these photos.






Couldn’t you just? I mean, aren’t they the? Wouldn’t you love to? My loves!


Hello random black and white photo. It just felt right to make it different. On a side note, this plane pin-up girl is my dream body image. Not a movie star or a super model, but one of these classic pin-up girls. I love this look.


I love this too. Little Haley in the middle of all these huge airplanes. It’s also probably one of the last photos I’ll get of her crawling. Girl only crawls now if she wants to get somewhere extra fast, but other than that it’s all walking all the time.



The space section of the museum (which is actually an entire separate building) is where Ken started to loose his cool. I think it’s one of his great disappointments that he’s not an astronaut. He gets super excited over anything space related. You know, the way I get about things bacon related. 🙂


See where the railing is? That’s the main floor of the museum. They had to make a hole to fit the rocket into the building and they still had to take off the cone for it to fit.  Talk about feeling small.


Ken and Hazel by the, uh, thrusters? Is that the right word? You know. The part of the rocket where the fire comes out and makes it go up. I know. My technical jargon is just mind blowing.


Does this make us bad parents? That we let our youngest child crawl underneath a rocket? We think this might have been a parenting fail, but…


Look at how excited she is! And Ken. Ken was pretty excited too.

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During our last week in Portland, my parents and I took the girls to the Rhododendron Gardens which is right by the neighborhood I grew up in. It was another one of those full circle things that I am going to miss so much.  It look pretty much exactly the same, except you’re not allowed to feed the ducks anymore.

Which is probably for the best cause those suckers are aggressive and scary.

We went stroller-less just so we wouldn’t be limited in where we could go in the gardens. I also think the girls prefer to be “worn”. I feel like it’s more interactive for them. The blurry blonde at the bottom of this picture? It’s Haley’s hair. 🙂

Haley was actually really excited to see the ducks. She’s just playing it cool so they don’t think she’s desperate. I love the hair. And the face. And the drool. But I really love the hair. Even if it makes people think she’s a boy.

And then there’s Hazel with her little Caesar do. She loves her grandparents, both girls do, and it warms my heart to see them get excited and laugh and wiggle. All three of them, because my mom gets just as excited. My dad is always happy to see them too, but he draws the line at wiggling.

We were having a very serious conversation about ducks. Actually, I think I was telling her to not mess with the geese.

Yup, Haley’s hair again. Cause I’m obsessed.

It’s not blooming season, so all the rhododendrons were looking a little sad, but some still had some fun, funky color to them. The upside to going when it’s the off season? No admittance fee. And yeah, the fee to get in is only $3 bucks, but for cheapskates like us there is nothing better than the word “free”.

I could stare at this face all day.


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