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Weekend Update

Ken was home this weekend! It’s the first weekend he has had off from work in three weeks! It was great!

He gave me Saturday off from the babies. I was getting a little burned out and cranky and generally un-fun. If you follow HSquared, or are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram then you saw me go from this:


to this:


I love it! I feel lighter, I don’t look in the mirror and thing “ugh”. My long hair was becoming frustrating to me since I didn’t have the time or, let’s be honest, the inclination to style it. Especially since the girls like to brush my hair and pet my head. Ken compared me to both Mary Tyler Moore and Velma Kelly.

I got to meet up with my sister and have lunch with her, which almost never happens. It was nice to go into Portland and do things on my own and just hang out.


Sunday we just hung out and did some errands and stopped by one of the local farms.

602535_573501697626_554008346_nI think next summer, I’m going to plant a whole mess of daisies and sunflowers in front of the house. This sight just makes me so happy!

603361_573501792436_551386976_nI’ve been working out steadily for the last week and I feel like I’m working my ass off and getting stronger and it’s making me really want to be putting healthy food in my body. I still really believe in the Paleo philosophy, but I’m reluctant to get those stomachaches again. I planned lots of cleaned eating meals this week and I felt really good after dinner last night.


The oven-roasted carrots and parsnips were so good! Almost better than french fries, and I love me some french fries! They were just roasted with oil, salt, and pepper, but then, in the last five minutes of roasting, you get to drizzle thyme-garlic oil over the top. It’s sooo good! And my picky eaters actually ate some of the parsnips!

How was your weekend? We get a bonus day with Ken today, so we are off to the beach! Happy Monday!


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So as I mentioned in this post, my mom helped me decorate our balcony for my birthday. Or patio. Whatever. I call it both so for the purposes of this post balcony and patio are interchangeable.

This is what we have lived with for over a year.

I know, right?! It was basically Puzzle-land. She was the only that used it and it kinda killed me a little that we had space in our apartment that was going unused. So, when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I knew shopping was out of the question (traditionally for my birthday my mom takes me clothes shopping, but I knew any clothes bought right now would just be transitional for me and I really hate shopping with the way my body currently. Hopefully, it will be a different story at Christmas), I asked if she would help me decorate the patio. Balcony. Whatever. Interchangeable.

On the day of my birth, after we got home from swimming, I abandoned Ken to the mercy of the twinks and we went to a flower stand and got verbena, lavender, what we thought was rosemary, but turned out to be another breed of lavender, daisies, and two hanging baskets.  We then went to Freddy’s and got spray paint, potting soil, basil, sage, and chives. My mom gave me extra pots she had lying around as well as buying me a table and two chairs.  When we got home it was spray painting time!

I did not take pictures of the process. Guys, I barely remembered to take “before” pics. Plus, it was hot and our balcony gets nothing but sun in the afternoon and wind kept blowing spray painting fumes into my face. I’m lucky I got everything done without getting dizzy and doing a swan dive off the balcony. 🙂

Anyone who follows us on Instrgram (hsquaredblog) will have already seen some of the “after” effects. Ken and I have had several dinners out on the patio after the girls have gone to bed for the night.

SOOO much better, right? Right?!

I felt like this guy deserved a close-up. This is The Beast. He is the beautiful hanging flower basket over the table. He kinda makes me swoon every day.  So much beauty, but he is ginormous. Hence the name.

P.S. Sorry for the smudge on my lens. I would retake these expect A) I’m not a photographer so I don’t really care. B) I’m lazy. C) I have twins (that excuse works right?)

P.P.S. The discrepancy in the before and after pics is because I discovered Photoshop while writing this post. Better late than never, right?

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