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We went to the PSU Farmer’s Market with our new young family friends on Saturday.

We ditched the jogging stroller because moving it through the crowds of people is oh, so slow and I get so frustrated. Also, the H’s don’t nap in the stroller. And it makes for a rough nap day because you have to go when the market first opens before it gets stupid crowded and you have to wait 10 minutes in line to get ANYTHING (I’m not exaggerating. I know the all caps makes it sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not). But if you get there just when the market is opening, you can slip in and get some coffee, or an agave cardamom latte, before there’s any wait and then wonder among the booths and look at the crazy colored produce and cry on the inside because in fantasy land you would love to do all your shopping at the farmer’s market, but in reality you can’t afford to and it kills you a little on the inside… Or, you know, something like that. So, no, we don’t usually buy anything at the farmer’s market, other than coffee and Ken’s behemoth of a breakfast, but I love going and looking and smelling.  Where was I going with this?

Oh! We ditched the stroller and put the girls in our Infantino carriers instead. It was so much better. I mean, yes my hips and my back were super pissed at me after two hours, but it was so much easier to maneuver around the market and the girls each took a solid 30 minute nap while we were there, which set us up for some great afternoon naps.

McMinnville is supposed to have a great farmer’s market on Wednesday afternoons. And did I mention McMinnville is in the middle of wine country? What? You didn’t know Oregon had a wine country? Well, we do, my friends, and it’s starting to rival Napa’s. Oh, snap! My hope is that we’ll be manage to sneak out of work early every once in a while to go to the farmer’s market.  And next summer I would love to have Saturdays when we pile the girls into the car first thing in the morning, come up to Portland, have fun in the farmer’s market, maybe go to the zoo, or the children’s museum, and then drive back around nap time. I know. But I’m a firm believer in dreaming big. So I’m dreaming.

tomatoes. I didn’t know tomatoes could be purple.

And yes, I did get a bunch on kale at the market and I made it for dinner with spicy Italian sausage and fettuccine in a light cream sauce. Thank you, Rachael Ray! Y’all can hate her all you want, I will love her until my stomach falls out, or explodes from eating too much food.

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Wow, we had a busy weekend!  Let’s start at the beginning.

My mom has her own company.  She started it when I was about three to avoid putting me (and eventually my brother and sister) in day care.  She takes video of horses at shows, clinics, she does sale videos for when people want to sell their horses.  So, almost needless to say, I’ve grown up around horses and spent more than my fair share of time at horse shows.  My sister and I have both done time worked as a secretary for our mom during bigger horse shows.

All this exposition is leading somewhere, I promise.

On Saturday we took the girls to their first horse show.  I figure we would take them before they were old enough to know what horses are and be able to ask for one.

Yup, no pictures of us with horses.  And Ken and I both have serious issues with how we look in this picture.  BUT the girls look cute.

The rest of Saturday was pretty mellow: grocery shopping, playing, trying to get the girls to nap.  I got some wonderful giggles out of Haley that evening.  It was pretty awesome.

And then there was Sunday.  My FIRST MOTHER’S DAY EVER!!! (Can you tell I’m excited? Cause I was.)

The girls gave me my first present: they each only woke up once that night and then they slept in.  I woke up at 7:14 in a panic because I hadn’t heard them.  I raced into their room to make sure they were still breathing.  They were.  They slept until 7:30 and 7:55.  Perfect present.

Ken gave me a present that was equally perfect as well.  After I got over my giddiness we got everyone dressed and went to the local farmer’s market that is by our house.

Nothing like a yummy gyro and cranberry scone for breakfast.  I know, it sounds gross.  But we didn’t have them at the same time.  And the gyro was a second choice.  The booth we were hoping was still there wasn’t, so we had to get something else. Saddest of stories.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at my sister-in-law’s.  We took the kiddos swimming, which wasn’t entirely fun.  The girls were tired and a little crank-tastic.  But they looked super cute in their new swimsuits and it was great to see Ken’s sister and our niece.  Which, by the way, finding rashguards for girls was a little harder than I thought it should be.  A. they were way more expensive than I thought infant swimsuits should be. B. the selection kinda sucked.  I ended up getting them at The Children’s Place because (again) A. swimsuits were on sale for $10. B. I had a 15% off coupon. C. they were doing free shipping.  Two swimsuits for only $17?  Yes, please!  The only downside is that they only had one style, so my girls match.  Not thrilled, but considering they will only be in these for about three months, I think I can live.

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Now I’ve got to get cracking on Father’ Day.  Ken set the bar preeetty high.

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This week was a little rough.  We had a lot more on our social calendar than normal (which is always kind of hard on all three of us).  Between the museum on Wednesday and swimming on Friday and the farmer’s market on Saturday (more on that later) any semblance of a schedule went out the window.  I’m so glad we did all those things, but they totally made naps wonky.  ALSO, Miss Hazel was up for FOUR HOURS Friday night for no reason other than she wanted to be held.  I think it was a reaction to the nap debacle after swimming.

I had a ticket to the ballet last night and I opted out of going.  It feels a little like throwing money away, but I was tired from Friday night. I spent most of yesterday a little on edge just cause I was tired and a little burnt out on babies, which is pretty normal for me by the time Saturday rolls around.  So I opted instead to stay home with Ken and make dinner and go to bed early.

But this is supposed to be my post about thankfulness, not about me griping about my life.

11. for the lunch date that my mom sent me and Ken on.

12. drinking vinegars

13. book stores

14. Haley’s smiles

15. other moms who blog about raising their children

16. farmer’s market

17. my family

18. showering

19. netflix to distract me when one of the girls takes 45 minutes to eat

20. writing

We went to the farmer’s market yesterday morning.  There were so many beautiful vegetables and flowers and all the vendors are so friendly and chatty.  I really enjoy going, I just wish I hadn’t been such a grumpy pants this time.

Hopefully, this week will be a little smoother.

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