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Weekend Update

Ken was home this weekend! It’s the first weekend he has had off from work in three weeks! It was great!

He gave me Saturday off from the babies. I was getting a little burned out and cranky and generally un-fun. If you follow HSquared, or are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram then you saw me go from this:


to this:


I love it! I feel lighter, I don’t look in the mirror and thing “ugh”. My long hair was becoming frustrating to me since I didn’t have the time or, let’s be honest, the inclination to style it. Especially since the girls like to brush my hair and pet my head. Ken compared me to both Mary Tyler Moore and Velma Kelly.

I got to meet up with my sister and have lunch with her, which almost never happens. It was nice to go into Portland and do things on my own and just hang out.


Sunday we just hung out and did some errands and stopped by one of the local farms.

602535_573501697626_554008346_nI think next summer, I’m going to plant a whole mess of daisies and sunflowers in front of the house. This sight just makes me so happy!

603361_573501792436_551386976_nI’ve been working out steadily for the last week and I feel like I’m working my ass off and getting stronger and it’s making me really want to be putting healthy food in my body. I still really believe in the Paleo philosophy, but I’m reluctant to get those stomachaches again. I planned lots of cleaned eating meals this week and I felt really good after dinner last night.


The oven-roasted carrots and parsnips were so good! Almost better than french fries, and I love me some french fries! They were just roasted with oil, salt, and pepper, but then, in the last five minutes of roasting, you get to drizzle thyme-garlic oil over the top. It’s sooo good! And my picky eaters actually ate some of the parsnips!

How was your weekend? We get a bonus day with Ken today, so we are off to the beach! Happy Monday!



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After we got done in town the girls were tiiiired. As in, needed to be entertained on the way back to the farm so they didn’t fall asleep kind of tired.  But after nap, boy oh boy, it was time for some fun!

15She looks like she’s dictating to her daddy. Also, the girl loves sour apples. She was begging us to give her apples from off of one of the apple trees.

16Does anyone from Wilco read my blog? Because I have your new spokes baby right here!


18The girls are only a smidge horse obsessed. It’s only the ONLY thing they want to do at the farm. Don’t worry anyone, Gramma was just outside of camera range ready to jump in if Summer happen to swing her head the wrong way. We’re very aware of keeping the girls safe around the horses and teaching them to respect such big animals.

19The blueberry consumption was a little out of control that entire week. I won’t go into detail about what that did to the presents they leave me in their diapers. Oh, speaking of diapers, I put them in underwear one morning last week to see if maybe we’re ready to potty train. We’re not. They could care less and it was way too stressful for me. I lived in total panic that someone was going to poop during the 0.05 seconds I wasn’t paying attention and it would instantly be smeared on the wall, the curtains, the cat… Back in diapers they go!

20It’s the sweetest when they cuddle with each other. I just gush all over the place. This was after playing outside for a couple of hours, while we were waiting to eat dinner. We were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because we’re obsessed. They eat so well at my parent’s house, but it’s so easy to do because my mom loves to feed everyone. We will be sitting eating dinner and there will be pasta, corn, two types of salad and she’ll still be wondering if there’s enough for all of us.


After dinner, we followed Gramma out to the barn to keep her company while she cleaned stalls. The girls were fascinated by horse poop. Would it have mattered if they had been boys? Because the interest points seem to be about the same: cars, dirt, rocks, poop.



23That was my rocking horse when I was little. My dad spent the night before I was born putting it together. It confuses the girls however because their rocking giraffe plays music and they didn’t understand why this one didn’t. Oh, to be a kid in the 21st century.

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The very first day of spring break we went to hang out at my parent’s house and, oh, the fun we had!


Please be warned, this is a whole lot of cute pictures and a whole not a lot of words. You have been warned.






Look at Haley in the background. 🙂





Haley is so over Charlie now. We’ve finally gotten him to not be scared of the babies anymore and every time he gets too close to her she waves him away like he’s the most annoying thing in the world.







Nature rocks!

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All photography credit goes to KKelly Photography.

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