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College football season has ended, but Haley is already practicing her duck call for the fall. We love our ducks!


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During our last week in Portland, my parents and I took the girls to the Rhododendron Gardens which is right by the neighborhood I grew up in. It was another one of those full circle things that I am going to miss so much.  It look pretty much exactly the same, except you’re not allowed to feed the ducks anymore.

Which is probably for the best cause those suckers are aggressive and scary.

We went stroller-less just so we wouldn’t be limited in where we could go in the gardens. I also think the girls prefer to be “worn”. I feel like it’s more interactive for them. The blurry blonde at the bottom of this picture? It’s Haley’s hair. 🙂

Haley was actually really excited to see the ducks. She’s just playing it cool so they don’t think she’s desperate. I love the hair. And the face. And the drool. But I really love the hair. Even if it makes people think she’s a boy.

And then there’s Hazel with her little Caesar do. She loves her grandparents, both girls do, and it warms my heart to see them get excited and laugh and wiggle. All three of them, because my mom gets just as excited. My dad is always happy to see them too, but he draws the line at wiggling.

We were having a very serious conversation about ducks. Actually, I think I was telling her to not mess with the geese.

Yup, Haley’s hair again. Cause I’m obsessed.

It’s not blooming season, so all the rhododendrons were looking a little sad, but some still had some fun, funky color to them. The upside to going when it’s the off season? No admittance fee. And yeah, the fee to get in is only $3 bucks, but for cheapskates like us there is nothing better than the word “free”.

I could stare at this face all day.


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Happy random Friday post!

Guys, I had to redo Hazel’s 25 weeks picture. I HAD to! I was uploading it into their baby book and it’s a horizontal picture. All the other pics are vertical. I had been trying and trying to justify it to myself to make it okay and I just couldn’t keep lying to myself. So we did it again.

On another note, can we talk about how much I love the onesie she has on? It’s a Disney onesie from this three pack on winnie the pooh themed clothes my mom bought for the girls. They are soft, there are two rows of snaps so it can grow with them, I love the colors, but it’s blue and the other one is orange. So any time they wear them people inevitably think they are boys (though people think they are boys when they’re all in pink, so whatever).

This is what I did the other day to make it obvious.

That’s right. I busted out the bows before we left the house (seriously, though, aren’t those great colors?)

And we stopped to watch ducks on our walk. Don’t you love the randomness of this?

And the girls were enthralled for a whole five minutes.

And then we got home and Haley proceeded to show me what exactly she thinks of having to wear bows on her head.

Happy Friday!!

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