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Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you.

  1. This song is from the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid. There is so much longing and hoping and wishing in this song. And hasn’t everybody had that thought of “if only you knew”? There’s something about the story that has always spoken to me. Ariel’s enthusiasm and drive about making her dreams come true… and, while, yes, her ultimate goal is boy-related, but I believe she is a character that would have the determination for anything she wanted. She is a role model I would encourage the girls to have. She is warm, loving, brave, determined, independent… who doesn’t wish for their child to turn out like that? Also? Alan Menken is a genius. Just sayin’.
  2. It’s the bridge of this song by Laura Marling that gets me. “Lover please, do not fall to you knees. It’s not like I believe in everlasting love.” Not a sentiment I share, but I get no end of flashes of story ideas when I listen to this song.
  3. Ah. This song, for me, is the epitome of having a crush. The crazy, slightly desperate feeling you have. I can hear it in the accompaniment too.
  4. Regina Spektor’s music kills me. I can’t really explain what it is about this song that I love.
  5. This song from Seussical. It’s one of the few songs that I actually can’t sing along with because I, inevitably, start to cry. It’s another one of those want and desire songs that fills me with such emotion that all I can do is cry.

Since finding the songs was so fun, I thought I would also do five dances that speak to me, but I could only think of 3 that touched me or made me as excited as the songs did, but they are awesome dances.

  1. Sara Bareillis is one of my favorite singers and So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows. This piece, choreographed by Mia Michaels in magic.
  2. The musicality and timing of this piece by Kate Jablonski is perfection.
  3. Another SYTYCD piece. This makes me wish I had even a little talent with dancing happen. But I don’t.

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  • I have moved 8 times in the last 10 years and I hate it. I am so thrilled that we have a 5 year contract at the school and will not have to move for a substantial amount of time.
  • I am going to miss our neighborhood so much! We are currently living 10 minutes away from the house I lived in as a child. The girls took their first swim lessons where I took my first swim lessons (198), have gone to baby play where I took community classes, and have played in swings that I have played on. I love the full circle-ness of it all (199) and will be sad to move away from it.
  • Haley’s over-sensitivity is totally hereditary. I am the exact same way, especially if I am stressed out. Good thing Ken and Hazel are so constant (200).
  • As convenient as the computer is for writing, I still have a love affair with pen and paper. It is my preferred method of writing. I love the way ink looks as it hits the paper wet and shiny, then slowly dries to opaque. I also love the sound of pen moving over paper.
  • There is the possibility that I may get to teach dance at the new job as an extracurricular class. That is my first love of teaching. Dance has always been such a rewarding/cathartic experience for me. I love getting to pass that joy onto others.
  • There is nothing as healing as holding a little hand. Yesterday, my sister-in-law and niece came over, initially so Ken and I could pack and she would watch the girls, but I was having a hard day and hang out with them instead. At one point we went to go get coffee and my niece and I went for a walk, her little hand in mine (201). Those few, sweet moments were the best at making me feel not so stressed/sad/exhausted.
  • I want to find a really great friend in McMinnville. Seriously. My two closest friends live really far away from me. One is 2,000 miles away and the other lives in a different country (and she and I have not actually met face to face). I love them both, but I want a great friend that I can go have a coffee date with without having to take an airplane to get there.
  • It has been a long standing tradition of mine to have Gilmore Girls playing in the background while I pack up the apartment. There is something very soothing about that continuing even though many other things in my life are different.

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Last week, as previously mentioned on the blog, my mom, brother, sister, and I went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry): After Dark. It’s held on the last Wednesday of every month. The museum stays open after hours for adults only and there’s wine and beer. It’s pretty awesome.

My mom and I are really excited about our wrist bands.

My brother is decidedly more mellow than we were, but he usually is. Kathleen was just happy she got him to smile.

Of course the first thing we had to do was get some beer. It is my family, after all.

I need a new excited face.

We started off by going to the permanent exhibit and practicing our weather forecasting skills… with our beer in our hands. Duh.

The traveling exhibit right now is Nature Unleashed. It was all about natural disasters. There was no photography allowed and my sister (who took the majority of the pictures) is a good rule follower, so we didn’t take pictures. But it had different sections devoted to the different type of disaster: earthquake, volcano, hurricane, tsunami, and tornadoes. It was very interesting and fascinating and completely terrifying.

There was also a J’ai Ho Dance Party.

A Bollywood DJ/choreographer was there and his troupe performed and then they taught all the civilians an entire minute of Bollywood choreography. Hysterical!

John got snagged at the beginning and is dancing with the choreographer.

And then the hilarity insued as we started learning the choreography. Let me tell you, Bollywood is no joke. It is a cardio workout. And involved a lot of shaking what yo mama gave you. Lucky for me, she gave me a lot!

I love when my sister makes this face. It cracks me up. Every time I look at this picture I giggle.

Guys, a word of advice: when someone asks you if you can do something in a performance setting, you should lie. Lie like your life depends on it. Don’t get overly excited and demonstrate what they’re looking for. Because then you end up on stage doing the choreography you just learned with everyone staring at your butt.

What did I demonstrate? The sprinkler. Nothing cool or requiring a specific amount of skill. The sprinkler. But guys, I rocked that sprinkler. Hard.

And after my 5 minutes of fame, I was approached by a 60-year-old Indian man who proceeded to tell me how well I danced Bollywood style. Really he was telling me that my hips don’t lie. You know the night is a success when the older men awkwardly compliment your butt.

I left after the dance party because I do have infants who still wake up at night and it was Ken’s last night at home before he departed for pirating.   But Kathleen and I did discover that there is a club in Portland that does Bollywood dance classes once a month and we will be investigating and possibly J’ai Ho-ing it up once again.

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