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December To Remember

Ah! It’s December! Thank the lord, because my Christmas spirit was about to explode all over everyone and it would have been messy and embarrassing for all parties involved. If you follow me on Instagram (hsquaredblog – seriously, get on that already), then you know we wasted no time in getting our tree over the long weekend.



We went to Bigfoot Farms in Dallas. It is family owned and so well organized AND we only had to pay $20 for our tree. Holla! The girls can still go to college 🙂


I introduced the girls to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and they love it. So much so, that I got this text from Ken last night.


I’m so proud!

Have you guys seen the Santa advent on Pinterest where you glue a cotton ball onto his beard every day? I decided that was going to be our best bet. I love the idea of doing advent activities, but all the ones I get excited about doing, the girls are too young for. Hopefully, we’ll be ready next year.

National Novel Writing Month went great! I completed the word count goal two days early (first time ever!), though the story itself is not complete yet. There’s some loose ends to be tied up and a long lost parent to be revealed and I really should do a second draft. However, I neglected many things during November, like myself, and the house, and the husband, and the blog. I need to give all these things some attention before I return to my story.

I am in the middle of working on the long promised H’s update. They have grown and changed so much this month. I thrill everyday hearing them say new words and make new connections about their world.

Happy December, everyone!!

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One of the activities Black Butte Ranch was doing to inject everyone in the butt with Christmas spirit was a carriage ride. My mom and I were really excited about that. So excited that we mentioned it again. and again. and again. That and if we showed up 15 minutes early we got a free espresso drink. My sister is reading this and rolling her eyes. We talked about it a lot.


Turns out there were no espresso drinks, but there was free hot chocolate, apple cider, and coffee. As long as it still has the word free in front of it, I’m a happy camper.


There’s a lake out there… somewhere.




And my mom and I continued the obnoxiousness by singing Christmas carols. While my brother and dad talked about politics. We were in a carriage with jingle bells, being pulled by two horses through snow. We were morally obligated to sing.


I will say that I think the girls were a little too young for this. They were super bundled and we had blankets over them, so it wasn’t an issue of weather, but it was an issue of time. The carriage ride last 20 minutes and they get bored sitting on our laps real fast. Hence the singing and letting Hazel think I was going to let her have some of my cocoa.








She’s going to be so embarrassed by this ensemble when she’s older.






My sister was teasing me because every time she turns the camera towards me I stop talking and smile. It’s a survival technique when your sister is a photographer. A girl’s got to do something to cut down on the unattractive/awkward pictures.



My Momma. 🙂




These guys were covered with sweat. They were working HARD!



Up next is part 3: Christmas Eve!

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Oh yeah… I was supposed to continue sharing my Christmas. Oops. My only excuse is that work started up again after a heavenly break. Blarg. Who thought up this whole you-have-to-work-to-make-money-so-that-your-family-won’t-starve thing? Boo on you, whoever you are! Boo, I say!

Christmas Eve dawned snowy and bright, much to my mom and Ken’s joy. They love the snow. But I think Charlie The Labrador loves it more. Seriously, there is no greater joy than a big puppy bounding through a foot and a half (at LEAST!) of snow. Except for baby giggles. But I’m biased. 🙂


Evidently, coasters are a pretty awesome toy. I had no idea, but Hazel schooled me in the ways of coaster playing.



DSC_0112I love the big kid pajamas. I can’t believe they are in 12-28 months sizes already… except for Garanimals. Because the people are Garanimals think that all kids are a mile wide and therefore they never fit my kids. But these ones do and I think they are super cute!


Hazel’s best friend. I’m not even exaggerating. She loves Katy so much! And Katy, being ancient and blind and super sweet, is really gently and patient with my girls.



Oh yeah, and they discovered stairs. Let me tell you how many times I thanked my lucky stars that we have never lived anywhere with stairs.





It’s really nice to vacation with my family. It’s so much fun to have all of us in one house and to know that I have many, many hands to help with the girls and to have my mom cooking meals. My mom is a great cook and I always eat too much. It’s also so great to see the girls surrounded by so much love.

All that busy-ness, by the way, took place in, like an hour. Eventually, we wore the girls down, got them down for a nap, and when they woke up I got them dressed so we could go on our carriage ride! Yup, carriage ride!



Coming up next: Part 3: The Carriage Ride.

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Christmas was wonderful this year! Absolutely wonderful!

Christmas has been done at my parents house for years and years, ever since my grandmother passed away. When my grandpa died a few years ago, my mom began to mutter and make noises about wanting to shake up our normal routine. We finally managed it this year. We went to Black Butte Ranch, which is somewhere my family has been going during the summer for years. We spent, I think, one Christmas there when I was much younger (Mom, correct me if I’m remembering this wrong), but we hadn’t done that in a very long time.

It was horrible getting there though. There was a downed tree in the pass, and stop and start traffic, and long story short it took us 5.5 hours. With two babies. Who aren’t fans of long car rides. BUT we made it and lived to tell the tale. And I only had maybe three heart attacks.


By the time we got there it was 5:30 (the girls eat dinner usually at 5), so I shoved food into them as quick as I could and then the girls got to play and explore.


Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend got it wrong. A girl’s best friend is the remote control.






Like Haley’s dancing feet? I do. I have dreams of future prima ballerinas. Or Rockettes. Or Riverdance. Or hoofers. Just nothing with the word exotic in front of it.






It’s the attack of the Haley-Monster!



Hazel’s new best friend, Katy. She loves my mom’s dogs so much. And Katy is so sweet and patient with her. And Charlie is just a spaz.


Part 2 coming soon!

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47 Weeks

Happy Christmas, everyone!!



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This was our first full week on winter break and can I just say that it has been glorious to be home every day with the girls? I think it’s so sweet that people are offering to watch them so I can have baby free time, but I don’t want to be away from the girls. I have this block of time where I don’t have to share them with anyone (other than their daddy, of course) and we can do whatever we please and I just want to soak in every single moment! Especially since I only have a few short months left of having babies. They will be toddlers soon and then what will I do?!

We have been kicking it at home most of this week, just playing and goofing around while Christmas-centric stuff plays on Netflix. Did y’all know The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is on Netflix? Well, it is and you should watch it. Especially if you have a toddler. or a baby. Or a grown woman who gets really excited when she’s watching musical numbers and is libel to fake tap dance in her living room when only her 10 month old twins can see her…

ANYHOO, so we’ve watched that and The Grinch (3 times), Rudolph, Frosty (twice), White Christmas (I’ve lost count), Miracle on 34th Street, Babes in Toyland, The Nutcracker. You get the idea. This has been spread out since Thanksgiving, by the way. We haven’t crammed all these in one week. I did that last year when I was a whale. 🙂


She was looking down the hall and laughing at Hazel. They have started doing that now. They don’t actively play together, but they will look over at each other and if they make eye contact they will giggle. It kills me every time!



Oh, the face! And those pretty, pretty eyes! Don’t mind the runy nose. We are doing some serious teething and I’ve almost given up on wiping them. I think Hazel’s outside bottom front teeth are coming in and I suspect Haley’s working on a molar.


My wallet was the fun toy this morning. I took it out to buy a birthday present (!!!!) for the girls and then used it to talk Haley out of chewing on the remote. It’s all about bartering in this house.


I must admit that I giggle a little bit that Herbie the Dentist is a chew toy in our house. Anybody? Please tell me I’m not alone in my Christmas dorkiness.




Elvis face.


I’m trying to get video of Haley walking, but the little stinker refuses to perform at me. I’m hoping maybe when we’re with my family next week I can be sneaky about it. But she’s standing unassisted her and chattering away to herself. Ken and I die when she does this. She’ll whisper to herself and it’s the cutest thing EVER!



Ignore the ridiculously unflattering shot of Hazel in the background, please focus on the beautiful baby having a conversation with her hand.



This tug of war ended peaceably. Haley ended up getting the wallet and Hazel played with a receipt.  Just a typical morning for us. I pop in and out of the action. They need me less and less. I’m still there if they want me to play with them, but I’m finding that I’m not always necessary. I’m okay with that, I could watch them play with their sister forever. I’m so happy we had two babies. It can make life challenging, but there are so many joys that I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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