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#1. I am seriously on the fence about whether or not we will have more kids. There are times when I can easily picture another child in the mix and I imagine how sweet the girls would be with a little brother or sister. However, the further we get out of the baby phase, the more reluctant I become to go through the newborn process again.

#2. It’s only a week into December and I have already watched A White Christmas three times.

#3. Haley will call out “love you, Mama.” when I leave the room at nap/bedtime. Melts my cold, wicked heart every time.


#4. We discovered at Zoo Lights that the girls are highly suspicious of costumed characters (they had a some people dressed as a penguin, otter, and a cow). Now I’m nervous about taking them to see Santa. Anyone have any tips? I’ve been talking up Santa for a while now and they recognize pictures and Hazel says “ho ho ho” when she sees him.

#5. It’s been in the 30s for the last week or so. Cold weather makes me cranky. Is it wrong if I combat the crankiness by sitting on the floor with the girls eating candy canes all afternoon?

#6. Hazel now knows the words to Jingle Bells! LOVE!


#7. I need to start a workout routine again and Ken wants to as well. We are toying with the idea of saving up to buy a stationary bike. Does anyone have any recommendations?

#8. I am missing my April like crazy. This is her favorite time of year and I have her Christmas card up from last year. It has a collage of pictures of her son on it and now every morning the girls will point at it and yell “Caden!” Why is St. Louis so far away???


#9. I am brainstorming goals for next year. I finally feel like I’m ready to dive back into being Emily instead of just being Momma. It only took me two years, people!

#10. It’s not until next summer, but I am so excited that So You Think You Can Dance got picked up for another season!



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Snow Day

We got snow on Friday. Now anyone that knows me will tell you that I do not enjoy snow… at all. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s inconvenient.  I cannot drive in the snow, I will admit that I have absolutely no faith in my ability to drive through the snow, so I keep myself off the roads. No need to add to the madness. I stay home, which means any plans I have are instantly cancelled. It didn’t help that Ken left Friday evening to chaperone a ski trip for his students. Anyway, Ken loves, loves, loves the snow and Haley and Hazel were pretty excited when they woke up to snow already on the ground and more falling from the sky.

9The upside of all the snow was that it brightened up the house so much that I could take pictures without the flash on or rigging up my ghetto flash defuser.


The girls sat on our bed watching the Curious George Christmas special that is on Netflix right now while I showered and made some donuts for them to snack on. I also let them eat said donuts on our bed. Shhh. Don’t tell Ken. 🙂


I let the girls drag me outside twice, once when they first woke up and again after we gorged on donuts. Where is my MOTY award already?! Hazel seems to have inherited her daddy’s love of snow and Haley seems to have gotten my opinion: it’s perfectly fine until she gets cold and wet and then it’s no good.


5This picture is so blurry, but I love her joy!


6I don’t know what I’m going to do when we’re in Alaska for a week. Probably just avoid going outside at all costs.

8I think the girls will be overjoyed, especially if there are donuts to come back to when they are done romping through the snow.

10Puzzle’s on my side. She went outside for like ten seconds and then came running inside, super pissed off that it was wet and cold. And then she parked it on this window sill and meowed at the birds that were flying around our neighbors’ trees.

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Zoo Lights

On Tuesday we had an appointment in Portland and figured if the whole dang family was going to be piled into the car and shuffled off to the “big city” anyway, we might as well go to Zoo Lights while we were there. I know. It was so generous of us, right?

The last (and only time) I went to Zoo Lights I was very, very pregnant with two very busy little girls.

409127_2290661913270_1791723314_nAs it is with all things, wow, going with kids is TOTALLY different! I will let y’all know right now, I did not enjoy myself and I will tell you why: to start off with poor Hazel threw up in the car when we were about five minutes from the zoo. I think she just got a little carsick, but she emptied her stomach… and she had had a sizable snack before we had left our appointment (which was only 20 minutes from the zoo). It was gross and a little scary because it came out of nowhere and there was so much of it. I hadn’t packed any extra clothes because I haven’t needed to have a change of clothes for them in forever, it’s become the thing that slips my mind to pack when we’re leaving the house. So, the poor bug was shirtless and it was 30 degrees outside.

We got her cleaned up and back into the car. We got the zoo and I took Hazel into a cafe off the entrance while Ken ran into the gift shop with Haley and bought Hazel was waaay over-priced t-shirt and the poor guy was so flustered that he also bought a $30 hoodie because he was worried about her not being warm enough. After all that mess, we went into the zoo with my parents and brother and sister. I just never recovered. Between the barf, getting the girls bundled, unbundling Hazey so I could put the t-shirt and hoodie on her, and then bundling her up again, quickly followed by the go-go-go of two toddlers… I just never was able to get back to center and enjoy myself. BUT the girls had a blast, and Ken had fun too, which makes it totally worth it in my book.

IMG_2125Ga-grum (Gramma) is Haley’s favorite person. She raaaan into her arms when she saw her at the zoo. I love it. It makes me so happy that Haley and Momma will have the same love for each other that I had for my maternal grandmother (who Haley is partially named after).


IMG_2127She was so overwhelmed by the fish display that she couldn’t stand up. She had to crouch into poop position to take it all in. LOL.

IMG_2129Getting a non-blurry photo of Hazel with my iPhone is starting to get like seeing Bigfoot. It’s just not going to happen. Girlfriend cannot be bothered to slow down just so her momma can get a decent pic.

IMG_2130It was beautiful and so sweet to see the girls’ faces as they saw different animals and displays. We will go back next year, we will just be better prepared.


IMG_2133Um… how cute is Hazel is her overpriced hoodie? Best $30 ever spent if it means she walks around looking like a wookie. 🙂 And, yes, I have made her wear it the last two days merely for my own enjoyment.

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