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This weekend was all about this guy:


That’s MY daddy! We went and spent some time at The Farm so we could be with the birthday boy on his special day. To celebrate we drove into Portland to have brunch at an awesome little restaurant we use to go to all the time before we moved to the middle of nowhere.  Everything is always delicious and they make insanely good bloody mary’s. But I didn’t have any this weekend. Because I am a light weight. And Ken was with us to drive. Being responsible is a big drag sometimes.


The girls did great at the restaurant. Hazel got a little tired of being stuck in her chair, but just whined at little bit.


Haley was a dream! I was really pleased and surprised with how well behaved she was.


And they thought the pancakes were pretty awesome. Though the waitresses kept trying to bring me syrup for them. Yeah, sticky, super sweet syrup with 1.5 year olds? I don’t think so.


But Hazel did enjoy the rest of the sour cream from my chorizo breakfast burrito. YUM!

What did you guys do this weekend? Any birthdays? Outings? I saw Newberg had their Old Fashioned Festival this last weekend, but I didn’t know about it until I already had all of our plans lined up (story of my life!). Next year, I am going to find out about these things ahead of time!


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Happy Birthday Mood Board

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day of freedom! We are being so family oriented today it might border on ridiculousness. There is definitely going to be some cotton candy in the girls future today (speaking of processed foods).

And speaking of birthdays, I would like all my readers to know that my birthday is in 9 days and I put together a little somethin’ somethin’ of things that I would not be bummed out to receive.  Side note: I hope you all realize that this is really just for Ken to reference. I’m not actually expecting any presents from readers… but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t happily accept them!

  1. iphone. It makes me crazy that I don’t have one. I use the hubby’s for Instagram and a multitude of other things. It would be so nice to have one of my own. Please, oh, please, oh, please!
  2. Money for fabric. I have great intentions and plans of teaching myself how to quilt this summer, plus there are still sewing tutorials I have pinned that I would like to get done. Like this adorable dress. Or this darling skirt for next Christmas.
  3. Gift card to Ikea. I need a desk for our bedroom for the sewing nook/computer station, curtains for the living room, and lots of little odds and ends like picture frames. Plus, Ikea just makes me so happy.
  4. Wunder under pant by Lululemon. I love these leggings, but I seriously cannot justify paying $82 of my own money on leggings. But $82 of someone else’s money? Totally cool.
  5. Sabine pleated maxi skirt. The skirt makes me all kinds of happy. #1. It’s a maxi skirt and I am going through a serious maxi anything obsession. (Okay, not really maxi anything. Maxi dress? Yes. Maxi pad? No.) #2. It’s pleated. #3. It also comes in cobalt and kelly green. Did I mention the pleats?!?!

Anyone else have a birthday in July? It’s pretty awesome to be a cancer. Even if we are a little overly emotional. 🙂

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Today is my baby brother’s birthday. He is far away from us this year in Minnesota with AmeriCorps, but I’m sure he will have a great day as he turns a quarter of a century old!


You can rent a car now, Johnny!


Happy Birthday!!!

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My sweet, baby sister is another year older today.


The lady who takes a fair amount of the photos that end up on this blog.


And has been instrumental in helping me document the major events of my life.

It’s hard for me to believe that my little sister is in her early 20’s now.  That she is no longer this little baby.


Or a funny toddler.


But she is a grown person, with a ridiculous amount of photography talent (check out KKelly Photography’s Facebook page if you don’t believe me). She’ll be graduating from college next spring and I’m so excited to see where her career is going to go and all the opportunities she is going to have. She is an awesome example for the girls to see what you can accomplish with a little optimism and a whole lot of positivity and energy.

Happy birthday, Leigh! Love ya!


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I have too many photos from this party. Not even do I have too many photos, but I have too many cute photos! And I can’t post all 242 on the blog cause that would just be ridiculous. And I’m having a really hard time picking my favorites, but I will do my best!

We had the party at my parent’s house and the theme was pink grapefruit… and when I use the word “theme” I use it lightly. All that really meant was that we used pink and yellow as the colors. I was more interested in being able to enjoy the day with the girls than running around like a crazy person trying to have a pinterest worthy birthday party.

DSC_0045We did time capsules for the girls. I put in the hats they wore in hospital, the outfits my mom bought in Italy for them, their 52 week photos, birthday cards, and then asked everyone to write something about the past year for each girl. The plan is to give these boxes to them when they are 18. If I can wait that long.

DSC_0046I strung up my favorite pictures from the last 52 weeks.



DSC_0047And, of course, what party is complete without a little bling?

DSC_0104Initially, we gave them their cake on paper plates, but, believe it or not, the plates confused them! They were just picking at them and we all know from previous experience that my girls love themselves some cake!

DSC_0129Once we took the plates away and just put the slices on the trays they went to town.

DSC_0132And once the cake was eaten it was time for PRESENTS!




One of my beautiful, beautiful friends made these darling tutus for the girls. I seriously cannot wait for Val to have children of her own, so I can show the kindness and generosity to her and her baby that she has shown to me and the girls.



DSC_0196My momma saw these hats in Gymboree discounted down to, like, four bucks and she couldn’t resist. They are pretty cute! These hats now live on top of each girls’ Raggedy Ann.

DSC_0198But they look much cuter on my babies.

DSC_0217Babies and grandparents.

DSC_0229This was after the party. The girls crashed around 3 and then only slept for 30 minutes, because being up for too long doesn’t mean a super long nap for my girls, it means a ridiculously short nap and an earlier bedtime. But they were still super happy and I love their little birthday crowns.

DSC_0232The party was hard on Daddy too. Yes, the girls are still drinking bottles. We are down to only two of them: before their afternoon nap and before bed. The afternoon one I will phase out when they go down to one nap and the bedtime bottle… I don’t want to talk about it because phasing out the bedtime bottle scares the you know what out of me!

Anyway, that was our party! It was really fun and we only had one little meltdown from Hazel, which I consider a success! My favorite picture is the one of the girls sitting next to each other while opening presents. I just love to see their faces side-by-side. Anybody else have a favorite photo?

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This Week

This week was the longest and the fastest all at the same time. And the roller coasterest. Cause that’s a word. As of now. I started out so sad that my babies are growing up and getting bigger.



This first year has been so magical and wonderful and my life has such direction and purpose ever since these darling girls arrived. And then I moved on to being so proud of who they are and what they will someday become.


And then we had the birthday and I was so excited because I LURV me a birthday!


I love that there is one specific day that you get the celebrate the existence of someone. And then we had staff meeting that evening for work and I was so bitter and angry that I had to be away from my girls on their special day…. Guys, this went on all week. Up, down, up, down. Dear lord, it’s a miracle Ken still smiles when he sees me!

We had their well baby check up on Thursday. Haley weighs 20lbs 3.5oz and is 29.5 inches tall. Hazel weighs 19lbs 10oz and is 29 inches long. Raise your hand if your surprised Hazel weighs less cause she doesn’t feel like she weighs less!


We got the clear from the doc to turn Haley around in her car seat, but poor little Hazel has to gain 6 more ounces.


I’m so obsessed with being able to turn around and see her face without having to turn into a freaking contortionist to do it.  The vaccines have turned them into fussy monsters and blown our good naps to crap and I was super stressed out about it (we’re also slowly weaning them off of bottles. AKA kill me now!) and having a horrible Friday and then we got done with work, came home and they were happy and wonderful and funny and sweet.


It was one of my I’m-so-incredibly-happy-I-have-twins nights.


Birthday party is today. There will be cake and tutus and friends. All there to celebrate my babies. 🙂

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Let Them Eat Cake!

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