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Wowie! We were busy this weekend! I got some very sweet cuddles from the girls while watching Little Einstein. This is how we watch shows now, mostly so I can guarantee I get cuddles from my girls. Because otherwise I can’t get any cuddles from these busy girls. Well, I do get fly-by kisses. 🙂


We went to the beach on Friday afternoon with my parents to see my aunt and uncle.


3I love this picture! It’s getting printed and framed and I will pull it out when Haley is a teenager and brings over boys she likes.

4After we played and got lunch (OMG the girls were so good at the restaurant. I’m so relieved that we can eat out with them. You know, as long as we have the iphones, crayons, and paper to draw on), we took the girls on their first hike.




Then on Saturday, we had a really mellow morning at home, and after nap, took the girls on ANOTHER hike. Really, it was more of a walk. The girls didn’t even need to go in their carriers. And we even had to time to hit a local farm on our adventure.

8I couldn’t resist, guys. The little pumpkins were too cute and Hazel got really excited when she saw them and picked out one for her and picked out one for “ha-ee”. And she actually picked them out. I would hold out a pumpkin and she would say yes or no. It was too cute!

9Sunday, I was super exciting and went grocery shopping. BY MYSELF! Without pulling two toddlers along with me and trying to rush through all my errands before they get fed up with being patient. I even made time to do some Christmas present browsing.

10How cute are these? And one has brown eyes and one has blue! Like my girls!

12And I found these at Goodwill. $5 for a pair of Tiny Toms! And they fit Hazel! She finally has a pair of sparkly shoes that fit!

13No weekend is complete without some good ol’ rock throwing!


So, tell me guys, what should we do next weekend?



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*all photography credit goes to KKelly Photography*







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A couple of weeks ago my mom, sister, and I took the girls to the aquarium.  It was supposed to be a “hooray it’s summer” kind of thing, but it, of course, poured. Buckets. Because the rain follows me wherever I go. If my family wants to go on a sunny vacation, they don’t invite me. I’m kidding. They still invite me, but it does rain.

We still had fun, but part of the Oregon Aquarium is outside, so we got soaked while we had fun.


Once upon a time, this aquarium was home to Keiko. You know, this guy. Since then his habitat was turned into a series of underwater tunnels.


4I think the girls and I were equaled in our awe and excitement. Not that you can tell from Hazel’s Stone Cold Steve Austin face.


But it was pretty cool to be surrounded like that. I love sea life. I find oceanic life completely fascinating, but I like being separated by glass. I get a little nervous being submerse in a foreign ecosystem.

9 The first tunnel was a replica of a reef habitat. I can’t remember what the second one was, but there was a fake sunken ship in it and some beautiful fishes. And the third tunnel was the sharks! Little sharks, but shark none the less.


Is it wrong that I’m teaching the girls that a shark says “chomp chomp”?

1112There was also a sign that said that the otters were experiencing high hormones and to not antagonize them because they will then lash out at their handlers and fellow otters. And Ken thought my PMS was bad! 🙂

14We spent the longest with the seals. This torpedo of blubber kept swimming slowly towards the glass until his forehead gently touched the partition and his skin rippled up like an accordion.  He would hang out like that for a moment and then slowly swim away.


I’m choosing believe that he was playing and not so bored that he was slamming his head into the wall.


I wish you could hear the giggles. It was adorable.



18So here’s some craziness for you. These guys were in the shark tunnel when we went through a second time. The guy with the hose is cleaning the tank. See the guy just behind him? The one carrying the big stick? That is his body guard. Who answers that want ad? Shark tank cleaner sounds like a scary job all in itself, but then there’s guy who defends the cleaner in case the sharks decide the want a snack. I just hope they both have awesome health insurance and disability insurance. And please-god-don’t-let-a-shark-bite-me insurance.


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Weekend Recap

We went to the beach over the weekend, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea since we were all suffering from various degrees of sickiness. 253218_567814624566_1779874538_nSee? See how done she was with me already? We weren’t even there yet! The first night was pretty awful. The girls fought going to bed pretty hard and then Haley kept whining in her sleep and waking me up and then I would stress that she was going to wake Hazel up. I finally got up around midnight and crawled into the other bed with her. Ugh. Co-sleeping is so not my jam. I would love for it to be, because I love the cuddles, but there is so cuddling in sleeping with Haley. She tosses and turns and kicks and punched me in the eye at one point. Also, she woke up at 5:30am! Cue me curling into a ball and whimpering and wondering what I did to make the universe lash out so cruelly.

970868_567814644526_9817148_nAt least my aunt and uncle’s house has cable and I could watch Food Network. And thank god for coffee!

971322_567814759296_2003026568_nThere was lot of laying around and cuddling and letting the girls watch far too much tv.



309938_567814904006_1578664933_nAnd you know rain puddles make everything better.


943130_567814958896_4152254_nMonkey see, monkey do.

The weather was pretty wretched too and going to the beach is really frustrating because the girls just want to play in the water and it is way too cold for me. I tried. I thought my feet were going to fall off in the first 5 seconds. Haley didn’t have any such concerns.

Thank god they have each other! When Momma and Daddy are super pathetic, it’s awesome that they still have someone to play/be a goof ball with.






970084_567814869076_338944773_nOf course, sitting on mom is always still fun.




And cleaning the carpet is fun too.


I hope everyone else had a fun and decidedly less snotty weekend than we had. I’m just about jumping out of my skin because I only have 2 weeks left of work and then I get to see a very, very dear friend and meet her little boy, and then we move! Ah! So excited!


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Spring break is over! I’m heartbroken! It was a great week and so much fun to spend the time completely and totally absorbed in my girls. I have so much to tell you guys about that I might get to have to make a list in order to remember it all! We started out the break by escaping to the beach for the first weekend. The instant the hour hand hit 5, we were in the car flying down the hill.


Have I mentioned that we now live only an hour from the beach? A freaking hour and we’ve barely gone since we moved. It’s a travesty! …. Um, I may be a tad over-dramatic this evening.

The last time the girls had been to the beach was back when they were 5 months old. Which was actually kind of a wretched weekend because they got on opposite nap schedules and napped like crap and I was practically, okay probably actually, in tears by the end because I was so exhausted. This time was so much more fun. Toddlers pretty much rock!


We didn’t even really DO anything. We walked on the beach. We played. The girls ignored us. We cuddled on a bed watching Babe (ba ram ewe). We went out for lunch and to buy some fresh crab. It was a super mellow weekend.


The wagon was only fun on the first trip to the beach. Haley no longer likes to carted around and if Haley is free Hazel must be free as well. Also, Hazel is STILL not walking.



I love pictures of the girls in the middle of open spaces. I love their smallness in the big world. And how fearless they are in the face of their smallness. I was telling my mom a couple of days ago that I’m always disappointed in myself for not being braver (read “Emily is a big, fat chicken”) and I want to raise the girls in such a way that their fearlessness continues. I don’t want them to carry around the same fears that I do.



All she wanted to do is go into the water and she got so mad that I wouldn’t let her. Don’t let the sun fool you, it was still cold.







This was the parent’s dinner Saturday night. Yum! I mean, really, is there a more perfect meal?



I can’t wait until this summer when the girls can go out in their super cute swim suits. This summer is going to be the best!

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Beach, Please.

The weekend after the Fourth of July we took a quickie family vacation to the beach.  The thing that I didn’t fully grasp is that mommas don’t really get vacations if they have their kids with them.  They (we) usually end up working harder while on vacation.  At least I did.

To start off with, the girls actually did pretty well, all things considering.  They napped okay (considering we were in a totally new environment), but they did need to be rocked to sleep and were on totally different schedules, so one would wake up as the other fell asleep.  That is really where my exhaustion came from.  I was “on” all weekend.

Also, not that you can tell from any of our pictures, but the weather kinda sucked.  I mean, it was the Oregon coast so it’s to be expected, but seriously weather.  It’s July. Get with the program already.

It was nice to spend so much time with my family.  And to have all the extra arms and hands to help with the girls.  Though as my mom pointed out, it took an entire house to do what I do almost every day all by myself.  My response was something along the lines of a moment or two of silence followed by wondering how the heck I take care of two babies all by myself?!

Aunt Kathleen’s first time holding both girls at once.  It’s getting to be an arm workout.

My mom is such a good cook.  Seriously, I always overeat on vacations with her.  And Ken would want you all to know that he wrapped the silverware like they were babies.  That’s right.  They are swaddled in napkins. 🙂

Gramma bought the girls new toys while we were there and Hazel seems to prefer the elephant over the cow.  The cow kinda freaks her out.  I keep telling her hamburgers are the best, but she’s not convinced yet (and don’t worry, Ken was sitting right in front of her the entire time she was sitting in the chair).

The girls got to meet a whole bunch of my extended family while we were there.  Unfortunately, it was pretty close to bedtime and they were kinda cranky.  I fantasize about the days when I only need to put the girls down for two naps instead of 3/4.

Oh! And Hazel’s bottom teeth finally came in! Now we’re playing the waiting game with Haley’s top teeth (I swear it’s going to be any day now).

So, while it was nice to be with family and to eat lots of good food and drink some yummy beer, all four of us were really happy to come home.  And I swear Puzzle missed us… maybe.

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