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Change. Can you feel it? I love this time of year, the transition from summer to autumn. It’s so smooth and subtle until all of a sudden – BOOM – it’s fall and you are standing in a pile of fallen leaves looking around bemusedly wondering how that happened. Wasn’t it just the beginning of summer? Wasn’t I just stocking up on sunscreen and coral colored nail polish and debating whether a new swimsuit was absolutely necessary even though the swimsuit from last year was looking a little worn. Weren’t we just rejoicing at how long the sun stayed with us in the evening? I don’t know about anyone else, but I can only abide drinking white wine in the summer. I love it in the summer, it’s cold and crisp and a little sweet, absolute perfection at the end of busy, sweaty, fun summer day. Soon I’ll have to say good-bye to white wine and go back to drinking red. Not that I’m complaining. I mean, I’ll drink whatever I can get my hands on! Twin mommas can’t afford to be picky. (y’all know I’m joking, right?)

The fall/Halloween decorations came out today because if I don’t decorate two months in advance I will completely forget until it’s a week before Halloween and then what is the point in decorating?

We have another lady in the house starting today. I’m watching a little girl during the week while her own momma is at work. Miss Pumpkin Pie is only 13 months older than the girls and an absolute sweetie. Haley has already started following her around and wanting to do whatever she is doing, while Hazel is having some jealousy issues. I also get to use Miss Pumpkin Pie as my homeschooling guinea pig, to see if it’s something I am cut out today.

Anyway, I’m excited for all this transition from happy, positive things to more happy, positive things!

What changes do you guys have coming up this fall?

PS. I am having the hardest time focusing on anything because I still don’t have a place to put my sewing machine and I am literally spending every waking moment thinking about sewing or looking at sewing blogs at all the cute things I could be sewing. It’s ridiculous. I will have a table in my sewing corner by the end of next weekend. This must end!… or else I’m confiscating the dining room table and moving it into our bedroom.

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Dear Summer,

I just want you to know that I still love you. You are still my favorite season. You have done nothing wrong this year but be beautiful and warm and lovely. You have given my children hours of fun playing in the kiddie pool. You have given me ample opportunities to wear my favorite dresses. You have even helped give me the boost I need to be healthier. However, I find myself thinking frequently, and fondly, of Autumn.

It wasn’t something I set out to do. But somehow I found myself Google-ing for images like this,

And sighing over outfits like this,

and this,


And then, like a fan to the flame, I unpacked the 2T things I had stored away for the girls. Which included sweaters, and long-sleeved shirts, and flannel lined jeans.

I have also been thinking about soup, chili, and being able to turn on my oven without raising the temperature inside the house to 90 degrees.

I apologize if I have caused you any grief or pain, Summer. It simply can’t be helped. But I will enjoy every last day we have together, even though I will be thinking of Autumn all the while.


All my love,



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Beer Fest

The Saturday before we moved went to a Brew Fest at Oaks Park, which is a small amusement park right next to where the girls took their swim lessons. Clearly, the girls couldn’t actively participate and I couldn’t either cause I was taking antibiotics and the pharmacist warned me that if I mixed alcohol with my prescription the result would be violent vomiting. :-/ So Momma didn’t get any beer. But honestly, it turned into a train fest instead.

There is a rinky dink little train that goes around part of the park and since the rest of the amusement park was closed they had the train operating for free. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, naturally, we had to take the girls on their first ever train ride!

Train seats are really interesting when you’re 8 months old.

Daddy, Gramma, and Haley rode in front while Hazel, Aunt Kathleen, and I rode behind them.

Ignore everyone else in this picture and just check out Haley’s blue steel stare.

Grandpa was a trouper and stayed with the stroller for us, though I think he would have been to long for the train anyways. Ignore that he looks like a creeper in this photo, he’s not, Aunt Kathleen just likes to make him look like one.

Can you tell how perfect the weather was from these pictures? I miss it so much.

I love this picture of the three of them with their heads together. I had such a close relationship with my maternal grandmother and I’m so excited for the girls to have a similar relationship with my mom.

Is it just me or is there something sad and beautiful about an empty amusement park?

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We took the girls to a pumpkin patch in my parent’s town right before we moved, mostly just so I could get 5 million pictures of the girls surrounded by pumpkins. We didn’t actually get any of the said pumpkins because we didn’t want to have to pack them. ๐Ÿ™‚ But pumpkins will be had! I want to get two mini pumpkins, tape out the girls’ names in painters tape, paint the pumpkins black and then peel away the tape so that their names are there in orange surrounded by black pumpkin-ness. Yes, I’m crazy, thanks for noticing.

This is basically a photobomb. Turn away now if the thought of adorable pictures of adorable babies makes you want to go running towards the nearest cliff.

Did we have a perfect day or what? It was beautiful! I love autumn. The colors, the clear blue skies, the crisp air. Don’t get me stated on soups, sweaters, boots, pumpkin flavored everything… It’s a great season and so, so pretty in Oregon.

That pyramid is where all the pumpkins are and since we were there for purely photographic reasons, that is where we headed.

Can you stand the cuteness? Cause I can’t. I squeak whenever I see this picture.


Gramma and the grand-babies.

I will have you know I was ludicrously tired that day. Haley is just not an easy night sleeper and we had been having some major sleep issues which usually involved both of us being up for approximately two hours every night, miserable the entire time because we both wanted to sleep, but Haley just can’t figure out how to get back there. Those two hours usually ended with me crawling back into bed almost in tears and having Ken go and get her to sleep because I was too angry/tired to deal with her anymore. Thank the lord for big sunglasses and coffee.

I color coordinated all of us on purpose. There are times when I want to be Martha Stewart so bad it’s not even funny… minus the whole insider trading thing.

We had a conversation in my twin group a couple of weeks ago about how most of the moms aren’t in any pictures with their kids either because they don’t like pictures of themselves or because they are the ones taking all the pictures. The blessing/curse of having a photographer for a sister is that I am in far more pictures than I would like to be, but I want the girls to see pictures of us together and of how much I love them. This series of pictures is great example of how, while I may not love how I look, I love how we look as a family and that makes me happy enough to ignore my tired, puffy face and focus on how perfect my family is.

Poor Daddy and Hazel. Momma and Haley are so crazy.

Anyone else pumpkin patch-ed it up this month? I’m so excited for it to be Halloween for the girls to (FINALLY!) wear their costumes.

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