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Six Month Stats


Length: 27 inches

Weight: 16 pounds, 3.5 ounces


Length: 26 inches

Weight: 16 pounds, 8.5 ounces

For those of you playing along at home, Haley grew two inches in two months!  Don’t assume this means anything though. She is not going to be a tall girl considering her Momma is only 5’4” and her Auntie (Ken’s sister) is 5’4″? 5’3″? Something like that. We’re a pair of shorties, to say the least, so there is not much hope for the twinks.

Oh, before I forget:


Weight gained during pregnancy: 72 pounds

Weight left to lose: 7 pounds!

However, thanks to Miss Hazel’s head, my ribcage is now entire 1 inch wider, so we’ll see how that factors into my clothes fitting. I have a feeling that there is an adorable button up shirt that is going to be bound for Goodwill because itjustbarelyfit pre-pregnancy, so the odds of it fitting now that Hazel has used my ribs as a pillow… It’s from Anthropologie too.

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Six Months!!!

I know, right?!? It’s craziness! On their half birthday I did a little impromptu photo shoot, mostly cause they were crazy cute! Enjoy the photo bomb!

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I have a very good excuse for not doing a day in the life for when the girls turned 5 months: nothing had changed.  Our schedule at 5 months was exactly the same as it had been at 4 months.

  • 6:15am – Hazel is awake! And she proceeds to talk and coo until Haley and I wake up. I go into their room, open their blinds, and we do diapers and move into the living room.
  • 6:30am – The girls eat about 4 ounces of formula. Afterwards, I get my coffee and let them have some independent play while I check my email and FB.
  • 7:00am – Breakfast! The girls eat cereal mixed with fruit and water. Sometimes they’ll get a little more formula if they are still acting hungry. The girls get dressed after they are done with solids.
  • 8:00am – Diaper change and then first nap! This can either be their awesome nap (1.5 hours) or their stinker nap (30 minutes). For the sake of my sanity, lets pretend this is an awesome nap kind of day. I use this time to shower, dress, make the bed, fold laundry, check the blogs I follow, have more coffee, and crafting (if I’m working on a project).
  • 9:30am – Girls are up and we play out in the living room.
  • 10:00am – I offer the girls 7oz of  formula. They don’t usually finish them, but I keep offering. I figure they are going to need that much soon enough.  After they are done eating they get their diapers changed and we go for a walk.
  • 11:30 – 12pm – I’ll check their diapers again and then the twinks will go down for their next nap. By then there is usually more laundry for me to fold and I eat lunch.
  • 12:30pm -Girls are up! Their naps get progressively shorter as we go through the day. We play some more. The girls are pros at rolling and are working SO hard on crawling. I probably still have about six weeks before I’m in serious trouble. We sing a lot and read books. Hazel gets to practice standing (I predict she will be walking by Christmas).
  • 1:00pm – The girls have veggies for lunch followed by a 4oz bottle, a diaper change, and then it’s back to playing. I’ll try to give them some more independent play time so I’ll turn on a pandora station or the stereo and go do the dishes really fast.
  • 2:30pm – They go down for their last nap after a diaper check. This is the super short stinker nap.
  • 3:00pm – Up again! Usually, we’ll go play on my bed for a little while to just break things up a little bit. The girls really like looking out our bedroom window and playing peek-a-boo.
  • 4:00pm – The girls are offered 6-7oz bottle and after they are done eating (and having their diaper changed) I grab a blanket and some toys and we go hang out in the park for a while. The girls roll around, watch big kids play, I stop them from eating grass. Everyone has a good time!
  • 5:00pm – More veggies for dinner.
  • 5:30pm – If it is a bath night this is the time I do it and then I let the girls roll around in their diapers for a while. It’s been too hot lately for pajamas so when it’s time for bed they just wear their disposable diapers and their lightweight sleep sacks.
  • 6:00pm – We go into their room, pull the blinds, turn on the fan, and the girls will eat 9oz of formula. Hazel usually falls right to sleep and Haley will need to be walked a little to convince her she’s tired. Sometimes she needs to come hang out for a little longer before she will go to sleep.

They have both been sleeping through the night for the most part. Every once in a while, Haley will wake up around 3am, but it seems to be more from trying to figure out this whole crawling thing than from actually being hungry.

And that’s our day!

PS. check back later today for pictures from my impromptu photo shoot with the girls!

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