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Happy Christmas! Did you ever think this day post would come?



Hazel reading one of the board books that Santa put in her stocking.


Haley checking out her new toothbrush (which she still loves, by the way). You’ll notice that her cheeks are super red in these pictures. Poor little girlie inherited her Momma’s sensitivity to cold, dry weather. We put vaseline on her cheeks a lot on this day and it looked much better the next day.


Hazel got bored with her stocking and moved onto the gift bags.


Daddy and girls playing with their musical instrument set. Haley was parked on Ken’s lap for a good part of the present opening. It’s always nice to get Daddy cuddles.


Alphabet blocks from Gramma!



Why do I feel like I’m going to be getting this look a lot from Haley in about 10 years?


The girls and Ken had their first experience with how long it takes to get dolls out of the boxes. Seriously, doll making people, what is the deal?!



This is all they do with the dolls right now. They sit in front of them and point to their eyes, nose, and mouth and I dutifully repeat the names over and over and over again.


Just to give you guys a reference of how much snow there was. πŸ™‚

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It’s almost like the Christmas that would never end, isn’t it? Well, get used to it. This is an H-blog world and you’re just living in it.


Don’t you love how they have the same zone-out face? It actually happens a lot. I love all the flashes of Ken I see in the girls. I love how they are an even mix of the two of us.


Christmas Eve has the same rhythm for us every year, no matter where we are. Momma makes shrimp creole for dinner (yum!) and we open one present which is always new pajamas. I might actually like Christmas Eve more than Christmas day. Maybe.


The girls had a very monochromatic dinner of mac and cheese and orange slices. Yup, mom of the year over here. AND I let them watch White Christmas while they were eating. Technically, everyone was watching it, but I purposefully positioned the highchairs so the girls could see the TV.


Look how cute her little feet are! Her feet are, like, half the size of Haley’s. It’s adorable!


The girls got to open their pajamas before they went to bed. First they opened the presents from Gramma and Grandpa (my parents).




Oh, the drool. It’s the teething that never ends in this house.


And then they opened the presents from Nanita and Papa Bear (Ken’s parents).



These p.j.s came with a stuffed puppy, which is only the girls favorite thing in the entire world. Do you see the excitement on Hazel’s face?




Those pajamas are so cute, but soooo big! They are size 18 months. They should fit perfectly next Christmas.


Clothing tags = endless fascination.


I think the real winner of the evening was the puppy dogs. Just wait until you see how excited Haley got over these.





Let the wild rumpus begin!





And then there’s Hazel checking out Rosemary Clooney. We watched so many musicals over the break (and by watch, I mean I had them playing while we played and went about our day. I like the background noise) that I now have Hazel trained to clap after musical numbers. Or clap all the way through musical numbers. It’s super super cute!

Shortly after this the babies went to bed and we had our dinner. I love my mom’s shrimp creole. We are most likely going to be in Alaska next Christmas and I want my mom to make me some shrimp creole to take with me so I don’t get cheated out of my yearly fix. I also drank, probably, a little too much wine because we had enough bottles to stock a small winery. I’m not exaggerating. Okay, maybe a little, but not much. And then we got to open our pajamas!


Ken said he felt like it was a game of one of these things is not like the other. πŸ™‚ Love my family! The one I was born into and the one Ken and I have created. I would be nothing without these people.

Next up, the finale! At last there will be an end to Christmas! Or at least to this series of posts. You know, just in time for birthday stuff. 18 more days, peeps. 18.


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Oh yeah… I was supposed to continue sharing my Christmas. Oops. My only excuse is that work started up again after a heavenly break. Blarg. Who thought up this whole you-have-to-work-to-make-money-so-that-your-family-won’t-starve thing? Boo on you, whoever you are! Boo, I say!

Christmas Eve dawned snowy and bright, much to my mom and Ken’s joy. They love the snow. But I think Charlie The Labrador loves it more. Seriously, there is no greater joy than a big puppy bounding through a foot and a half (at LEAST!) of snow. Except for baby giggles. But I’m biased. πŸ™‚


Evidently, coasters are a pretty awesome toy. I had no idea, but Hazel schooled me in the ways of coaster playing.



DSC_0112I love the big kid pajamas. I can’t believe they are in 12-28 months sizes already… except for Garanimals. Because the people are Garanimals think that all kids are a mile wide and therefore they never fit my kids. But these ones do and I think they are super cute!


Hazel’s best friend. I’m not even exaggerating. She loves Katy so much! And Katy, being ancient and blind and super sweet, is really gently and patient with my girls.



Oh yeah, and they discovered stairs. Let me tell you how many times I thanked my lucky stars that we have never lived anywhere with stairs.





It’s really nice to vacation with my family. It’s so much fun to have all of us in one house and to know that I have many, many hands to help with the girls and to have my mom cooking meals. My mom is a great cook and I always eat too much. It’s also so great to see the girls surrounded by so much love.

All that busy-ness, by the way, took place in, like an hour. Eventually, we wore the girls down, got them down for a nap, and when they woke up I got them dressed so we could go on our carriage ride! Yup, carriage ride!



Coming up next: Part 3: The Carriage Ride.

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